Good start for EX-YU airlines

Croatia, Adria and Jat record passenger growth
In January 2011, EX-YU’s 3 largest airlines reported passenger growth compared to the same month last year.

Slovenia’s Adria Airways carried 65.600 passengers, an increase of 2.4%. The airline’s load factor was the best of the three, standing at 60.9%. Adria also recorded more flights and more capacity compared to January 2010. However, financially, Adria is still struggling. Last week, the national carrier completed its financial restricting plan and distributed it to banks in hope of securing more loans. The airline had a 12 million Euro loss in 2010.

Croatia Airlines reported the largest passenger increase in January. It handled 95.500 passengers, an increase of 4.8%. Its average cabin occupancy stood at 56.5%. The number of operated flights was up, although capacity was down.

Finally, Jat Airways reported a 2.9% increase in January. However, its February results were more notable, handling 67.635 passengers, an increase of 24%, as was reported here last week.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Adria adds two morning rotations to BEG as JP808/809 in the summer period.

  2. Anonymous11:45

    07:00 Ljubljana (LJU)
    08:05 Belgrade (BEG)
    Adria Airways (JP)
    1:05 0 stop(s) E
    flight details

    14:45 Ljubljana (LJU)
    15:50 Belgrade (BEG)
    Adria Airways (JP)
    1:05 0 stop(s) E
    flight details

  3. FlyingJack12:30

    Good move in order to fill the gap left after Jat's decision to dump LJU flights. But having in mind that BEG LJU route is more for OD passengers rather than for transit ones, if JP wants good LF they should take care of good fares. If they keep fare range 250 to 450 € for a return, just like today, they can count on poor loads, as the average cost of a 5 hour drive between these two cities is approximately 140 euros including fuel and road taxes.

  4. INTRUDER12:44

    After late rumors Rijeka will be connected by air, during the summertime, with Beograd, Spain and France soon.

  5. Adria adds 808/809 flight, but only operated on day 2 and 4!? LJU-BEG now has 8 f/w, but why 2 more flights only?

    Where did you get that info? Which carrier is in question? :)

  6. INTRUDER13:51

    I read the news on NOVILIST from Rijeka.
    BEG-RJK-BEG flight likely either Croatia Air Airlines or JAT.
    From Spain and France, you do not know yet.
    Ryanair? Vueling?

  7. :)
    imagine RYR on RJK-BEG-RJK route :)))) but of course, in our dreams only :)

  8. Unrelated news.

    Helvetic is opening BRN-PRN line beginning April 18th, see:

    I would love to be on one of these flights and land at Bern airport.

  9. From July, Adira will fly PRN-CDG,BRU,CPH,DUS directly.

  10. Anonymous19:06

    ^^Where did you get that from? It's not in the booking system anywhere.

  11. Anonymous20:11

    I also got the confirmation of the direct BRU-PRN route this afternoon from ADRIA Brussels office.
    Direct flight Brussels-Pristina from the 27th of March onwards.

    BRU 20.50

    PRN 23.15

  12. Quite booming summer 2011 for Belgrade :)))

    Tunis Air charters (14.6-16.9.): Enfidha - Belgrade, 3 times per week on day:
    2 - TU6180/6181
    3 - TU6184/6185
    5 - TU6190/6191

    Spanair Mallorca - Belgrade (23.6-18.8.) 1 flight per week on day 4 JK3501/3502.

    (One possible mistake): Spanair Sarajevo - Belgrade (23.6-18.8.) once per week, again, every Thursday JK1001/1001.??!

    Astra Airlines Thessaloniki - Belgrade (23.5-10.10.), one flight per week, every Monday AZI162/163.

  13. It appears that OK is reducing BEG flights to only 6 per week.

  14. Anonymous22:58

    yes OK will reduce their flight to one daily ( 1-2-3-4-5-7 )

  15. Anonymous01:19

    Looks like pristina is the one booming with all these new routes... Now only if they would start work n the new terminal

  16. Why do these carries not then reduce prices to fill these empty seats thus bring more revenue to the airline???? Are we missing something here!

  17. Anonymous17:23

    Finnair will resume Helsinki-Ljubljana with march 27th. 3 weekly flights as it was in the previous summer seasons. AC: E90/A32X

  18. Anonymous17:27

    mistake, AY will fly 4 weekly flights to LJU


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