Honeymoon over for Montenegro Airlines

Problems mount for Montenegro Airlines
Montenegro Airlines has, up until now, been associated with increasing passenger numbers, new modern aircraft and destinations. However, the honeymoon seems to be over for the Montenegrin flag carrier after it was revealed the airline is in debt to various European airports, its pilots haven’t been paid since November and the airline’s CEO announced that Montenegro Airlines is financially struggling. Politicians say that Montenegro Airlines has been pulling the wool over people’s eyes about its financial performance.

Speaking to the radio station “Slobodna Evropa” this weekend, Montenegro Airlines CEO, Zoran Djurišić, said, “We haven’t received state subsidies for the past 4 years and we are struggling financially”. The Montenegrin Government was swift to reply. “Following recent revelations in regards to Montenegro Airlines, the Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs has written to the airline’s management for an immediate explanation of what is happening. After we receive their answer we will act in line with the law”, the Montenegrin Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs said.

Opposition politicians were quick to blame the government for the state in which the national carrier finds itself in. “We have no idea what is going on there besides the fact that members of the ruling oligarchy are in management positions”, Radojica Živković, a politician and member of the Parliament's Committee for the Economy, said. Other politicians say that Montenegro Airlines has kept its bad financial performance out of the public's eye, presenting itself instead as a successful company. “If we analyse the state in which Montenegro Airlines is in, we come to the conclusion that time is up for the terrible, state sponsored, management”, Zarija Pejović, another state politician told “Slobodna Evropa”.


  1. OT
    Sky Work Airlines is launching Bern - Belgrade route in W11/12. Flight details will be soon available.


  2. JU520 BEGLAX14:17

    KLM/JAT Airways launch codeshare service
    Posted: 01 Mar 2011 12:29 AM PST
    KLM and JAT Airways has entered a codeshare agreement which KLM is displaying “KL” code on JAT’s Amsterdam – Belgrade service.
    However, KLM does not have local traffic rights between the two cities. It can only be booked when connecting to/from another KLM flight.
    Codeshare flight numbers:

    Route KL Codeshare JU Operating
    Amsterdam – Belgrade KL2821 JU263
    Belgrade – Amsterdam KL2820 JU262
    Belgrade – Amsterdam – Brussels – Belgrade KL2823 JU272

  3. @JU520 BEGLAX
    That codeshare agreement already existed :)

    Here are the flight details regarding Sky Work Airlines service on Bern - Belgrade route.
    SX700 1130BRN - 1335BEG D38/DH4 26
    SX701 1405BEG - 1610BRN D38/DH4 26

  4. Anonymous17:38

    so what?!?!
    the comments doesnt matter with the text!!

  5. Anonymous19:02

    well it's far more interesting than the text!

  6. Bosnian22:53

    So whats the point in hiding the stats and figures of debt when they would come to surface sooner or later?!

  7. Anonymous05:51

    What's going on with Illyrian airways that was to start up in Kosovo

  8. Anonymous07:01

    I actually do not know... Maybe the government didn't want them surfacing so that the public doesn't start bitching as they are doing in Serbia and Croatia.
    By keeping the public away from the truth and presenting them YM as a perfectly functional airline with brand new planes and a good network they will be happy and quiet.

    Which routes are profitable for YM besides Belgrade? I have a feeling that is their only route where they can make a decent profit.
    And maybe something like Vienna or Frankfurt which offers connecting possibilities.

  9. I think YM should co-operate with Jat Airways. With a joint fleet of 22 planes they could make a strong and effective network in the region and with good transit connections as a result they will attrack a lot of (new) passengers outside ex-SCG.

    Furthermore, by together being the regional leader they can start thinking about leasing wide-body planes and opening intercontinetal routes.

    The recent developments in air-traffic agreements between Serbia and Croatia will also be in favour of this idea.

    The whole problem with this idea is the fact that mr. Djurisic and the people he is working for consider Montengro Arlines as their private company and one of the state symbols. No one can deny that a flag carrier is one of them, but at this moment we are a few years behind the independence and one should start think in terms of business. The way of thinking that co-operating with someone will result in the loss of own identity is something that has been proven to be wrong.

  10. ANONYMOUS13:15


    Jat cooperate with YM!! HAHAHAHA - Yeah right. Only in your dreams. There is Zero trust between those two. Zero.

  11. Anonymous00:17

    Two eyes in head do not trust each other! C'mon, I can't belive that!

  12. Anonymous12:04

    Journalists made from fly-ass.
    Normally today that each company has financial difficulties, but Montenegro Airlines has a great young company and it will not be a problem. The governments of Montenegro and could be a little financial help for people from companies invest in new planes .....


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