Iran Air to Belgrade

A new frequent visitor for Belgrade Airport
The national carrier of Iran, Iran Air, has commenced flights to Belgrade, albeit as a technical stop only. Most of Iran Air’s services originating from Western Europe to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport now land in Belgrade in order to refuel. This is because most companies at European airports have refused to sell fuel to the Iranian flag carrier, the latest being Austrian OMV which refused to renew its contract with Iran Air yesterday. Upon the request of Iran Air, Belgrade has cleared the airline to commence flights to the Serbian capital.

The technical stops commenced last Friday with 2 Iran Air Airbus A300s landing at Nikola Tesla Airport. Once an Iran Air aircraft lands in Belgrade they are parked at platform B, across from the Terminal 1 gates, where the refuelling is conducted. No passengers are allowed to enter or leave the aircraft. Following the refuelling, the flights continue to Tehran. Belgrade is an interesting choice as fuel at Belgrade Airport is far from cheap.

Recently, an Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said, “Unfortunately, some Western companies have adopted inappropriate policies”. Iran Air said that passengers could expect an additional 90 minutes to their flights due to the refuelling. Iran Air is having the biggest fuel supply problems at London Heathrow Airport. The European Union imposed sanctions against Iran last year due to controversies over the Iranian nuclear program. They have been described as the toughest sanctions ever to be imposed by the European Union onto another country.


  1. Aero09:16

    @ ex-yu aviation admin

    Is it possible to get confirmations for the following announced flights:
    JK from BEG to Sarajevo and Mallorca, and
    Eagles Airlines form BEG to Forli.


  2. Is Serbia a member of JAA?

    Is it not against JAA regulations the fuelling of aircraft with passengers on board?

  3. epasada00712:18

    good news for airport shareholders. I think, personally, that for them should be slightly lower fuel prices so they could continue in the future pouring here @ beg when (if?) west lift the ban.

  4. Anonymous12:25

    @Q400 I don’t know but I know that on JU’s flights to Dubai and Tel Aviv via Larnaca passengers that are continuing to DXB or Tel Aviv don’t leave the aircraft in Larnaca while refuelling is done. They just tell you to sit down and unfasten your seatbelt.

  5. Anonymous14:48

    According to French press agency AFP, the Austrian oil refinery OMV stops fuel supply to the Iranian carrier Iran Air, deeming its contract uncompatible with the regime of sanctions against Iran. So, BEG/Serbia doesn't care.

  6. Anonymous15:26

    I don't see this as a move for Serbian pax. This is more of just a way to get more money. I do not mind Iran Air using BEG to refuel as a technical stop. The more planes use BEG, the better. I just hope there is not a political backlash because of this.

  7. BusinessIsBusinessRight?15:55

    This is yet another one of those moves by the 'West' that hurts ordinary people (higher fares and longer journeys) and provides more excuses for anti-Western propaganda by the Iranian regime. It's a regretable move in my opinion.

    On the other hand, I would like to hear the reaction of certain Serb commentators who would jump on the anti-"you-know-what" bandwagon if these stops took place in SJJ or PRN. When it comes to Serbia 'business is business' but elsewhere it turns very political very quick.

    In any case, this news falls more under 'fuel and gass' category than aviation, but then BEG will get an increased number of landing and take-offs as well.

    I wish safe journeys to all.

  8. Anonymous16:19

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Anonymous17:10

    Out of curiosity, do per passenger airport fees get charged in this case or does this just benefit the airport by takeoff and landing fees and fuel profit?

  10. Anonymous17:16

    I do not get the point of certain comments on here. I guess that some people like to play it smart so we should just let them be.

    I am happy that Iran Air will be using Belgrade as a refuelling stop. Iran and Serbia have been enjoying rather good relations since 1926 and this is just one of the usual things the two countries do for each other.
    I guess that this is Serbia's thank you to Iran's refusal to recognize the self-declaration of Kosovo's independence.

  11. @NSR: Your comments will be deleted until you change your politically motivated nickname which other users are finding offensive.

    @Aero: You can find more about the Majorca flights here

  12. grobari ma to su puzevi sundjerbobevi00:00

    I think its cool that Iran Air will use BEG even if its for a tech stop. I think its silly for anyone to worry of political concequences for allowing such airlines to fly in BEG. If it means more widebodies, than the more persians the merrier!

  13. I wonder why Iran Air doesnt include Belgrade in its schedule at least once per week. Maybe someone would fly from/to Tehran to/from Belgrade. Who knows. Landings and takeoffs are there, parking spot available also, why not transporting few passengers too?:)

  14. Eurolet00:26

    Really bad news for Iran Air and its passengers. I sympathize with the fact that this new arrangement will simply result in an inconvenience to passengers. This policy will increase travel time and increase operating cost. I suppose that the "embargo" serves as an indirect subsidy to non-Iranian airlines flying to Iran.

    Ultimately this is a nice opportunity to earn a few bucks at BEG.

    This arrangement should not have any political objections from Western Europe. Keep in mind that Iran Air operates to Western Europe after all.

  15. Anonymous05:48

    I think there could be some political backlash not particularly from Europe, but the USA which is trying to force Iran's hand. Serbia is being forced into submission in any way possible, and that includes aviation. Unfortunately, politics could easily make its way through here.

    In terms of the actual technical stops, it means more flights to BEG and more money to BEG. This is a refueling stop in the center of Europe so from BEG the widebodies could go anywhere, a good and smart move from Iran Air. Nonetheless, this gives money to Belgrade which is good.

    I cannot see Iran Air operating for passengers until the issue with the Kosovo province is is settled. Once they allow Pristina and Belgrade to become connected, and Albanian Airlines begins its flights, then such flights from Iran Air would make sense (because B&H, Albania, and Serbia's Muslim population have access to Belgrade and can be a market, but not a good one).

  16. Anonymous09:00

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. frequentflyer11:32

    If this is purely a business proposal for BEG, then I wish them well. They gain money from an aircraft landing, refuelling, and taking off.

    This will surely be an interim measure, so BEG should enjoy the situation while it lasts.

  18. AirKoryoTU-20414:02

    @last Anonymous

    What the heck are you rambling on about? You make zero sense.

    I guess this works out perfect for Belgrade Airport, allow the aircraft to land, get fuel, slots and parking fees paid to you and not have to deal with any baggage, catering or customs support. Quick and easy cash for them

  19. Anonymous14:57

    "B&H, Albania, and Serbia's Muslim population have access to Belgrade and can be a market, but not a good one"

    Anyone flying to Iran from the ex-yu will not be doing so for religious reasons, but rather business reasons. In that case it doesn't matter what their religion is. It doesn't matter anyways because no passengers can board or deplane this flight through Belgrade, but perhaps I am missing your point?

  20. I don't think that granting refueling rights to Iran Air in BEG should have any political backlash from the USA. The US trade agreements tend to be very complicated as they prohibit companies doing buisness with Iran to do any business with the US. basically, you have to decide either Iran or the US. That's what exactly happened to OMV. In order for them to engage in the US oil business they had to say good by to Iran Air. Currently, I don't think any Serbian oil company is doing any business with the US, so this move should be fine for the moment.

    PS: @Administrator - thanks for removing nationally oriented posts from people, who try to take every possible opportunity to "enlighten" us with their words of wisdom.

  21. AirKoryoTU-20422:48


    Exactly my point, plus the Muslims of Serbia/Kosovo and Bosnia are not even the same as the ones from the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranians are Shia Muslims were as the ones in Serbia and Bosnia are Sunni. I don't know what the relevance is with that anyway. Plus wouldn't Istanbul-Belgrade, Istanbul-Sarajevo and Istanbul-Pristina deal with any "Islamic" flights etc??? Why would you need Tehran.

  22. Anonymous23:51

    @AirKoryo, he's just a stupid schmunk. :)


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