Low cost onslaught

Heading to Montenegro
Montenegro could see a flurry of new airlines operating to its airports this summer. The Montenegrin Government has successfully completed preliminary talks with no frills airlines Ryanair, Wizz Air and easyJet, the portal Analitika reports. The Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism said talks were held in Dublin, Geneva and London. According to them, all of the abovementioned airlines are interested in commencing flights to Montenegro this summer from the United Kingdom and Germany. The Ministry said the list of airlines and destinations will significantly increase next summer. The arrival of any of these airlines would mark the first true low cost flights to Montenegro.

However, Montenegro Airlines is less than happy with the upcoming competition. Recently, CEO Zoran Djurišić said that if low cost airlines were to come to Montenegro they should operate an all year round service and as a result, struggle. “Montenegro Airlines struggles for 8 months while low cost airlines will operate for 3 months and fill their aircraft to London, Paris and Moscow, services which we have nurtured for 8 months”.

The semi low cost airline Air Berlin has already confirmed that it will commence flights to Tivat on May 18. Flight details for the service can be found here. In the first 2 months of 2011, Montenegro’s two airports handled 95.175 passengers, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year.

Tripoli flights resume

In unrelated news, Jat Airways has resumed scheduled services to the Libyan capital Tripoli, only the second European airline after Air Malta to do so. The service was suspended when violence broke out in the country a few weeks ago. However, the future of the service is uncertain as the Libyan crisis continues. Tomorrow, visitors of the blog will be able to review Jat Airways’ 2011 summer changes.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    I hope wizzair fly from beg to montenegro!

  2. I agree with the CEO, lowcosts would fly the high season, distroy LF of the MGX and leave them just the winter months.
    On the other hand, MGX has quite low prices, nice planes etc, goverment should support them and not LCCs.
    Quite dissapointed how things are run in Montenegro.

  3. Anonymous12:12

    But in other hand.. @Sky it is obvious that MGX is too expensive for Montenegro government. This summer season will be much different from previous years because of North Africa upraising. They only wish to keep pace with changes on Adriatic.

    I think that prices on BEG-TIV route is duopoly agreed for decades. Plane is only reasonable option for travel to Montenegro.

  4. Anonymous13:45

    @sky why do you sympathise with these "national carriers" they are a joke. They are incredibly expensive, these national carriers seem not to care about their diaspora. Montenegro is a new independant country and serves some recognition from the european community nevermind the world community. It needs a increase in tourists from the west thus increasing profits and peoples understanding about montenegro.

    P.S whoever supports these national careers I feel sorry for you.

  5. ANONYMOUS00:09

    I can't see Ryanair staying in Montenegro - thay have no idea how to behave themselves in the Balkans.

    Wizz are the only way forward for flights to/from Titograd.


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