Priština Airport project delayed

New Priština Airport terminal postponed
The takeover of Priština Airport by the Turkish-French consortium Limak Holding and Aeroport de Lyon has once again been delayed upon the request of the consortium itself, the daily “Koha Ditore” reports. A 30 day delay has been requested by the consortium. The airport’s new owners were supposed to begin the construction of a brand new terminal in late January, to be completed by June 2012. However, no work on the new terminal has begun. The price tag for the new terminal is estimated at 140 million Euros, together with supporting infrastructure. The planned investments foresee a 27.000 square meter terminal building, a 77.000 square meter apron and runway, a new traffic control tower, car park facilities with a capacity for 1.750 vehicles and fuel tanks and the refurbishment of airport access roads.

Meanwhile, low cost Albanian airline Belle Air, faced with mounting debt, has suspended services to Priština. As a result, Priština no longer has a scheduled service to the Albanian capital. Montenegro Airlines also suspended flights to Priština recently as it faces its own financial problems. However, it’s not all bad news. Jetairfly will commence 2 weekly flights from Brussels to Priština on June 10. Flight details can be found here.


  1. Aleks Nikolic USA14:25

    What happened to Belle Air from Tirana to Belgrade? Now after the talks, might it come true for flights from Beograd to Pristina?

  2. Anonymous15:38

    Shame. With anything dealing with Serbia, when something goes well (Belgrade Airport) something else must suffer (Pristina Airport).

    Hopefully the Pristina will recover and still be the second largest airport in Serbia.

  3. Anonymous15:54

    Smijesno isforsirani politizirani komentar Anonymus 1

  4. Anonymous18:16

    Well is belle air Europe still flying from pristina?

  5. Anonymous19:09

    Has Illyrian started service from Kosovo yet?

  6. Aleks Nikolic USA21:40

    Anonymous 1, Pristina is in Kosovo.. fi you didnt hear.. IS NOT SERBIA ANYMORE! So Pristina is airport in Kosovo, not Serbia..

  7. Anonymous21:53

    Good to hear about those numbers despite them being the only territory in Europe requiring visa to almost everywhere. Guess that a lot of people living in Kosovo have either Serbian or Albanian passports.

    Who was the Albanian guy from Kosovo that killed the two US marines btw?

    On a side note, Qatar Airways is introducing a 4 times per week flight to Sofia! The flight will be a tag-on to the Bucharest flight, while the Budapest flight will become a daily non-stop!

    Good for the region!

  8. Anonymous22:14

    Adria has quite hight LF from PRN now on CRJ2 (Mon-Tue/Wed) and than on CRJ9 (Web-Sun), specially during the weekend numbers are quite high.

    But A319 was planned for all this so it is sad that it cant be filled.

  9. How much of the numbers at Pristina have to do with the KFOR mission in Kosovo and will we therefore see a decrease in the number of passengers through Kosovo once KFOR ends it's mandate or does the airport serve a decent populated size are?

    If the numbers have nothing to do with KFOR then they are doing really well!

  10. JU520 BEGLAX00:14

    Visit Kosovo:

    pls find enclosed the PRN-Germany figures for JP:

    10MAR PRN-MUC 27 Pax CRJ2
    10MAR MUC-PRN 29 Pax CRJ2
    11MAR PRN-MUC 59 Pax CRJ9
    11MAR MUC-PRN 33 Pax CRJ9
    11MAR PRN-FRA 77 Pax CRJ9
    11MAR FRA-PRN 72 Pax CRJ9
    12MAR PRN-MUC 71 Pax CRJ9
    12MAR MUC-PRN 63 Pax CRJ9
    13MAR PRN-MUC 57 Pax CRJ9
    13MAR MUC-PRN 56 Pax CRJ9
    13MAR PRN-FRA 80 Pax CRJ9
    13MAR FRA-PRN 67 Pax CRJ9
    14MAR PRN-MUC 47 Pax CRJ9
    14MAR MUC-PRN 28 Pax CRJ9
    14MAR PRN-FRA 18 Pax CRJ2
    14MAR FRA-PRN 37 Pax CRJ2
    15MAR PRN-MUC 34 Pax CRJ2
    15MAR MUC-PRN 28 Pax CRJ9
    16MAR PRN-MUC 69 Pax CRJ9
    16MAR MUC-MUC 54 Pax CRJ9
    16MAR PRN-FRA 33 Pax CRJ9
    16MAR FRA-PRN 76 Pax CRJ9
    17MAR PRN-MUC 26 Pax CRJ9
    17MAR MUC-PRN 19 Pax CRJ9
    18MAR PRN-MUC 42 Pax CRJ9
    18MAR MUC-PRN 42 Pax CRJ9
    18MAR PRN-FRA 74 Pax CRJ9
    18MAR FRA-PRN 71 Pax CRJ9
    19MAR PRN-MUC 81 Pax CRJ9
    19MAR MUC-PRN 73 Pax CRJ9
    20MAR PRN-MUC 56 Pax CRJ9
    20MAR MUC-PRN 59 Pax CRJ9
    20MAR PRN-FRA 69 Pax CRJ9
    20MAR FRA-PRN 81 Pax CRJ9

    CRJ2 - 48 seats
    CRJ9 - 86 seats

    15MAR the CRJ2 ex PRN flies back to LJU and a CRJ9 from LJU-MUC goes down to PRN

  11. Anonymous01:27

    How come when you go to book a flight on Adria it say airbus A319 not crj 200-900?

  12. @Q400

    These are stats for civilian pax only. There are separate stats that include KFOR personnel. Approx. there is one military pax for every 9 civilian ones based on previous years' stats.


    Thanks a million for possting these stats. Considering that it's a new line then it's not too bad. During the summer season I'd expect them to be close to fully booked for MUC and FRA.

  13. JU520 BEGLAX08:38

    anonymous: the Adria booking system is unfortuantely not always accurate. Planned were A319, also DUS was planned, but after a couple flights they realized that A319 is not used (except for the holidays season) and DUS they ll try in S11 schedule again.

    Visit Kosovo: that s right I think the figures are OK for a new line, of course LH is selling too and in Summer these flights will be packed, especially now as Montenegro Airlines and Belle Air don t fly anymore to PRN....
    Then I m sure we will see the A319 again more often in PRN, eventhough the latest rumours say, they want their old A320 make fit again in order to fly these routes (another rumour was that they would rent 737s)

    I hope that they focus on what they have and fly with their own equipment.

  14. Zrak15:03

    I was on DY flight few days ago and noticed that they plan to open Gothenburg - Pristina this summer.

  15. @Zrak

    DY will essentially resume it's summer flights to PRN as they have flown the route for the last two summers and prior to that FlyNordic was serving the route.

  16. Zrak22:49

    @visit kosovo

    Ok. Didn't notice that route in the new routes tab so I thought it was new.


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