September opening for Morava Airport

Morava Airport
Serbia’s newest airport, based in Kraljevo, will see its first passenger aircraft land in late September, the Serbian Defence Minister Dragan Šutanovac announced yesterday. Work is ongoing on the construction of the civilian part of the airport. The other part, known as Ladjevci, is a military air base and was mostly destroyed in 1999. Minister Šutanovac said that the construction of Morava Airport is one of the top infrastructure priorities of the year, stating that aircraft with a capacity to carry 100 passengers will be able to land there. He also noted that the airport will have a lot of potential since some 2 million people live within a 70 kilometre radius. Furthermore, many Bosniaks living in the area often travel to Turkey and use Priština Airport instead. The Minister says that the idea is to get passengers to use Morava Airport. Serbia’s Prime Minister is set to discuss about future investments into the airport with his Turkish counterpart on a visit to the country today. Meanwhile, the Serbian Minister for Public Administration and Local Self-Government talked up Morava Airport’s cargo potential, since a lot of industry is located in the area.

The price tag of the project amounts to 22.2 million Euros, not including the control tower equipment which will be provided by the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency. Construction of the airport’s terminal building will begin in April and will be partly financed by the government and partly by Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    Oh wow... Our prime minister is in Turkey today? That troll just travels on the expense of the serbian tax payers. I want to see his results, not just we are going here, we are going there... morons.

    Just like this, who is going to pay for the 22 million euros? The IMF didn't give us money for that!!

  2. Phoenix21:34

    Want to see his results? You ought to live in a cave not to see all the armaments contracts he made. Since he came to the position of defence minister military exports jumped from 20-30 million $ per year to more than 300 million USD per year (3 years continuously).

    Most of that is ammunition (both small and large callibre mortar and artillery ammunition), but among that are more complex things lige the Lasta 95 training aircraft (20 to Iraq with good prospects for more), Nora self-propelled howitzers, artillery rockets, military factory and hospital construction... I may not like him politically, but the results are obvious and have returned the taxpayer money he spent for these trips thousands of times.

    And for those 22 million euros, they will pay for themselves, I believe than in a few years both Morava and Nis can be profitable, three airports are not too much for a country like Serbia.

  3. Anonymous00:09


    I will not even bother replying to your post. Mostly because I know what I am talking about and you don't.

    Especially that last part proves how right I am.


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