Strike threat for Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines union unhappy
Last year, unhappy Croatia Airlines cabin crew launched industrial action which affected the carrier’s operations for 48 hours. The crew protested against lower pay, increased work hours, slashed holiday leave and discontinued bonuses, which were outlined in the new collective agreement. During this week, a peace meeting between the management and the union was held but ended without the peace being achieved. Despite lowering their demands, the union doesn’t want to sign a new collective agreement with the management. “Workers are aware of the difficult position our national airline finds itself in”, the union says, adding it has dropped demands for a 5% pay increase, increased holiday leave and annual bonuses and awards, all of which it gave up last year. However, the union insists that its workers are in a constant fear of losing their jobs and that Croatia Airlines employees have the worst terms and conditions out of all the government owned companies in the country.

The union is now threatening with a new strike if the airline’s management doesn’t offer severance pay packages. The management has stayed quiet on the issue. Last year it suspended crew pay which led to a strike 24 hours later.


  1. Purger10:37

    Strike is just one of the options they think about. But Union leaders didn't take any legal steps to start strike. It was not even in board meeting.

    So chance for strike in this moment is 20%. If there would be strike it will be at beginning of summer. Personally I will be against strike, but if management will not cooperate at all and will stand on their position that is only way.

  2. frequentflyer07:59

    They won't strike. Yet.

    This story still has a few more interesting turns in it...


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