Summer 2011
Adria Airways

A look at Adria’s 2011 summer changes
With exactly 3 weeks to go until the 2011 summer season, it’s time to focus on what the national carriers in the former Yugoslavia will be offering their passengers.

Slovenia’s Adria Airways has made several changes, mostly in the form of cutting frequencies to several destinations when compared to the 2010 summer season. In the table below you can view the frequencies for the 2011 summer season and compare them to what was offered last summer. Adria will resume its seasonal flights to Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, Kiev, Manchester, Marseille and Stockholm but will not return to Madrid. Brussels, Munich and Vienna have sustained greater frequency cuts than others. Split will be a new destination Adria will operate to this summer.

From Adria’s second base in Priština, the airline will operate flights to Munich (7X per week), Frankfurt (3X), Dusseldorf (2X per week) and Ljubljana (as listed in the table below).

The table below displays flights from Ljubljana. Note that this is a provisional list of summer adjustments and changes to both destinations and frequencies may occur in the next few weeks. The table displays the peak weakly frequency for each destination during the summer.

DestinationFrequency S2011Frequency S2010ChangeNotes
Amsterdam79 2-
Athens33-starts April 21
Banja Luka44--
Barcelona32 1starts April 24
Brussels1319 6-
Dublin11-starts May 21
Kiev24 2starts June 05
London-Gatwick57 2-
Manchester22-starts May 04
Marseille42 2

starts March 27

Moscow98 1-
Munich2126 5-
Podgorica34 1-
Priština1214 2-
Sarajevo67 1-
Split10 1
flight times yet to be announced
Stockholm231starts April 07
Tirana1112 1-
Vienna2128 7-
Warsaw45 1-


  1. Anonymous09:32

    One question regarding Olympic's flights.
    Yesterday you published that they have not requested any landing slots whereas today you are announcing the times.
    Could you please give some more infromation regarding that?

    Thank you

  2. They requested the slots yesterday during the day.

  3. Anonymous10:28

    Well you should have informed us about that.

  4. It’s in the updated post below. I don’t think there was a need for a special article about their flight times.

  5. Wasnt there a rumour of JP opening a base at SKP?

    or was it axed because of the financial state of the company

  6. Anonymous11:58

    Few corrections.
    You have the springs timetable for 2010, they released the new one in may which has very similler freq. as the 2011 one.
    Btw BNX was started in July 2010!! so no freq change.
    Also you missed flights to MRS which are now actually flown to TLN, airport close by.
    Normaly twice per week, but in timetable 4 (usually morning return and evening to TLN are cancelled.
    There will be some schedule flts to SPU this summer.

  7. Anonymous13:10

    What's hapend with LJU-INI flights?

  8. Anonymous13:13

    INI doesn’t have any money anymore to subsidise JP. That’s why Wind jet stopped flying.

  9. Anonymous18:06

    Again correction =P

    I said, JP has flown to MRS till 28FEB, now they will fly to TLN, 4 times per week. In Summer 2010 they were flying 2 times per week, WI10-11 4 times per week.

    So it is a change +2 but now it is TLN airport.

    There was some talks about BEG and SKP base, but even with PRN they could not fill the A319 all year round, so I believe they gave up (as CRJs are needed in LJU anyway).

  10. JU520 BEGLAX08:43

    anonymous: they could have easely promoted MRS on public and get more than just the truck drivers business on this route. But as they are, the flights are paid with the drivers and that s it for them. Since they fly to MRS they have not mentioned anything on their website except from being in the timetable..
    Probably they go now to Toulon as it is cheaper for them to operate there....
    still Toulon is Cote d Azur as well so if they are smart they try to sell those flights they really fly (usually 2 per week). 2 flights are depending on drivers loads...

  11. Anonymous14:46

    Is it Adria still national airline of Slvenia? so
    Why Priština second hub?
    Yes money reasons but it's not national interest for sure.

  12. Anonymous14:48

    Priština will not save Adria.
    For Priština: Lufthansa and Austrian can easily come in instead of Adria in a moment if necessary.

  13. Anonymous05:41

    Why don't they start flying a Cessna to Banja Luka. It is more than adequate to handle the load.

  14. frequentflyer07:51

    An interesting list of destinations etc offered by the airline, but it has me thinking whether the fleet of 50-seat jets is *really* so economical given the enormous increase in the price of fuel.

    How many of the routes JP has cut back or cancelled are due to the fact they are not instead running efficient props such as the Q400?

    Despite all of OUs inherent problems, it has clearly been a successful move for them, and the time penalty on the short distances would be minimal at best.

    Also surprised to see BNX remain at 4-weekly, obviously the Republika Srprska funding is deemed to be worth it despite the abysmal load factor. But it is projects like this and doing LHs proving for PRN that are bringing in the money for JP.

  15. JU520 BEGLAX09:27

    Adria closed the following destinations after only short operations: Rome, Oslo, Birmingham, Bucharest, Madrid
    Kiev gets connected two summer months...

    It s good to see how capable there management and how good their new destination analysis are. I rather have the feeling they just start operate new destinations and if it works, fine, if not they close down again.

    Can t remember when LX had to close down a new destination.

    Over 90 Mio EUR loss in 10 years, I don t see how they ever want to compensate this again...

    Checked TLN loads:

    LJU-TLN 06MAR 057 Pax
    TLN-LJU 06MAR 135 Pax
    LJU-TLN 09MAR 080 Pax
    TLN-LJU 09MAR 080 Pax
    LJU-TLN 13MAR 130 Pax
    TLN-LJU 13MAR 131 Pax

  16. Anonymous21:38

    Is Adria actually receiving payments for BNX or are they still owed?

  17. Anonymous08:42

    OHD-LJU now that visa restrictions have lifted will adria ever return to OHRID??

  18. Anonymous08:47

    Will Adria ever return to Ohrid?

  19. Anonymous09:29



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