Summer 2011
Jat Airways

A look at Jat’s 2011 summer changes
As the 2011 summer season begins on March 27, Serbia’s Jat Airways will be making several changes to its list of destinations.

This summer, Jat will be increasing flights across its network. Substantial increases will be seen on services to Athens, Ohrid, Tivat and Paris. The airline will launch 2 weekly flights to Girona in Spain. Despite earlier announcements that the airline will be resuming several services to Croatia, at the time this post is published, Jat is so far only returning to Dubrovnik. On the other hand, unlike last summer, Jat won’t be flying to Ljubljana and Portorož, at the same time slashing the number of flights to Monastir in Tunisia with almost no travel agencies selling packages to the country which was recently gripped by an uprising. Jat will operate charter flights to Greece, Turkey and Egypt throughout the summer.

The table below displays flights from Belgrade. Note that this is a provisional list of summer adjustments and changes to both destinations and frequencies may occur in the next few weeks. The table displays the peak weakly frequency for each destination during the summer.

DestinationFrequency S2011Frequency S2010ChangeNotes
Amsterdam75 2-
Athens73 4-
Brussels32 1via Amsterdam
Copenhagen44-1 flight via Stockholm
Dubrovnik20 2starts June 17
Dubai43 1-
Dusseldorf75 2-
Gothenburg32 11 flight via Stockholm
Girona20 2starts April 23
Istanbul54 1-
Larnaca65 1-
Ljubljana06 6canceled
London - Heathrow99--
Monastir13 2-
Ohrid52 3starts May 01
1 flight via Skopje
Paris117 4-
Portorož02 2canceled
Skopje1514 13 flights via Ohrid
Stockholm64 2-
Tel Aviv22--
Tivat3528 7-
Tripoli22-via Malta
Zurich108 2-


  1. Aleks Nikolic USA04:53

    seems nicely planned..... they need more aircraft in fleet though! SRBIJAAA! JATTT :DDD

  2. Anonymous07:38

    This looks ambitious with the existing fleet...any plans for new aircrafts?

  3. Purger19:03

    In 2012 four brend new A319 will come to Croatia Airlines fleet.

    And Aleks. 1993 was 18 years ago. Please note that today is 2011.

  4. Aleks Nikolic USA20:13

    wow... and i know but still, with many new destinations and everything , JAT is using all aircraft and sometimes delaying flights because they cant get plane lol...

    and btw what happened to BEG - ORD / YYZ ?

  5. @ Purger,

    Will all four A319 be delivered in 2012 or will this just be the arrival period of the first aircraft and do you know if they will have leather seats?

  6. Doot11:01

    I don't know why JAT bothers serving any city less than once a day. I always have a look at JAT, and the NEVER fly on the day I need to.

    3 days a week to Berlin? Why bother when I can get there 7 days a week with Lufthansa, albeit indirectly.

    Why bother 5 days a week to Istanbul when Turkish flies daily?


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