Summer 2011
Montenegro Airlines

A look at Montenegro Airlines' 2011 summer changes

With a week to go before the start of the northern hemisphere 2011 summer season, Montenegro Airlines has made several changes to its timetable.

The national carrier of Montenegro will be introducing new flights to Brussels and Milan and increase services on routes to Frankfurt, Moscow and Paris. The airline is notably trimming down on its flights from Podgorica to Belgrade compared to last summer. Montenegro Airlines will not be operating flights to Skopje and Priština due to debt owed to both airports. Furthemore, the airline has cancelled last year’s seasonal summer flights from Podgorica to Dusseldorf and Copenhagen. Montenegro Airlines will operate summer charters from Podgorica to Napoli and Bari in Italy.

From its second base, Tivat, the airline is also cutting the number of flights to Belgrade but will significantly increase its offer to Moscow. Unlike last year, flights from Tivat to Paris will only operate once per week and are currently listed as charter flights.

The table below displays flights from Podgorica. Note that this is a provisional list of summer adjustments and changes to both destinations and frequencies may occur in the next few weeks. The table displays the peak weakly frequency for each destination during the summer.

DestinationFrequency S2011Frequency S2010ChangeNotes
Belgrade1424 10-
Brussels30 3starts April 15
Dusseldorf03 3cancelled
Frankfurt75 2-
London Gatwick33--
Milan30 3starts April 08
Moscow65 1-
Paris43 1-
Priština08 8cancelled
Rome34 1-
Skopje07 7cancelled
Zurich147 7-

The table below displays flights from Tivat.

DestinationFrequency S2011Frequency S2010ChangeNotes
Belgrade2126 5-
Moscow205 15-
Paris14 3operated as charter flights


  1. Peter from Sydney10:59

    A very measly schedule. Lots of canceled routes or reductions with only a couple of increased frequencies. Things must be dire at YM!

  2. Nezavisna Republika Srpska11:19

    This schedule can be highly damaging to the airlines development. All the airlines in the exyu lack creativity, there are so many routes which could be profitable if they were given a go.

    e.g. Sofia, Budapest, StPeresburg, Bern, Klagenfurt, and many more. I for one am very sorry to say this but if exyu airlines do not wisen up they are all going to end up like MAT. They should all expand their routes.

  3. Eagles Airlines, 2 times a week on day 3 and 6 E3 5511/5512 Forli-Belgrade-Forli.

    YMs 2 daily to Zurich and 3 daily to Moscow... hm...?

  4. Anonymous22:12

    Last summer,YM had round flight TIV-ZRH-TGD-ZRH-TIV and two flights for DME,every day.There was also,another flight for DME,landing in Moscow late in the night,and starting back,early next morning...All flights for DME,were 99% full,starting early May,till late,we will see...

  5. Anonymous22:55

    I guess YM is again conceding the lucrative Ukrainian market to Ukrainian airlines. Too bad -- they could fill many plane loads on the Tivat-Kiev flights.

  6. NewRoutes04:53

    @unrelated news

    Niki is starting two weekly flights VIE-PRN beginning June 29. Air Berlin wanted to open this route less than two years ago, but since they own half of FlyNiki -- I guess -- they opted to have HG fly the route.

    Niki, welcome to Prishtina International Airport!

  7. Anonymous09:01

    @EX-YU aviation news:
    you mistyped Belgrade - Tivat route on your second table instead of Paris - Tivat

  8. AirKoryoTU-20412:57

    Nice to see Moscow DME services have increased, quite alot acutually. But I think I'll skip taking them down to Montenegro after all the carrier is on the brink of somthing ugly (as I gather from all the negitivity).

  9. Eagles Airlines flights aren't on sale on their website


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