Zagreb continues impressive run

Bumper month for Dubrovnik Airport
For a second consecutive month, Zagreb Airport reported a strong passenger increase. In February the airport handled 125.871 passengers, an increase of 11.4%. Zagreb was not alone in reporting passenger growth. Similar statistics were recorded by Split and Pula. Dubrovnik did particularly well, seeing its numbers rise by 25.1%. It handled 17.157 passengers. Although the airports in Rijeka and Mali Lošinj saw their figures increase by over 100%, the small number of passengers the two handled should be taken into consideration.

Last year’s star performer, Zadar, saw its passenger numbers slip for a second month in a row. The airport also saw the number of flight operations drop by 8.2%. Osijek remained steady with 80 passengers.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in February 2011. Overall, it was a good month for Croatian airports with 167.112 passengers handled and a 11.5% increase compared to February 2010. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers FEB 2011Passengers FEB 2010Change (%)
Zagreb125.871113.042 11.4
Dubrovnik17.15713.725 25.1
Pula1.167998 16.9
Split21.44220.387 5.2
Zadar1.1901.516 21.5
Rijeka7326 180.7
Mali Lošinj13265 103.1


  1. lh172109:58

    Wrong data in text (2010)

  2. Anonymous10:20

    wow Dubrovnik terminal looks great

  3. When will they attach the jetways at DBV? Anyone knows?

  4. frequentflyer12:55

    And these are the sort of numbers ZAG should have been constantly striving for in previous years.

    Now imagine if the home carrier was serious about its growth and (possibly with additional aircraft) expanded destinations to allow that annual figure to be closer to 3m?

    Any further word on the new terminal for ZAG? With these enormous increases one can only guess the overcapacity problem will escalate...

  5. I know I know I should not jump the gun here but I think we should start seeing some real progress with work on the new terminal at Zagreb because this time we have private investors and not the government expected to fit the bill. As long as investors remain interested that is.
    If Zagreb continues to grow at this rate they will have 3 million by 2014 and 5 million by 2020 so a new terminal should be a priority now and has been left in the too hard basket for too long!

    Just on a side note, there are media reports that Zagreb may host Formula 1 from 2014 with foreign investors looking to build a 250 million euro formula 1 standard track in Zagreb. Another reason why Zagreb needs to improve its airport infrastructure asap!

  6. Korean Air confirmed first 5 flights Seoul-Zagreb-Seoul, operated by B777, on weekly bases, every Saturday, from Apr 30, to May 28, 2011. There is possibility that flights will continue on weekly bases throughout summer timetable, which is still not confirmed. This will definitely contribute to further growth of ZAG numbers.

  7. Aleks Nikolic USA18:57

    what happened to BEG - ORD / YYZ ?

  8. With Korean Air starting so early with weekly charters, it is safe to assume that these charters will continue through the whole summer!

    I wonder if JAL will return this year considering the tragedy which is unfolding in Japan.

    @ VXO,

    I think the terminal is only half complete at Dubrovnik and will be extended towards the left as shown on the picture provided. Once this is complete the jetways will be attached.

  9. @Q400

    That was my thought too, will it be completed this year? Hvala btw :)

  10. Anonymous07:54

    This is not data from Statistic Bureau. CCAA published information a week ago.

  11. @ Q400

    JAL is not returning to ZAG this year. But not because of what's happening in Japan at the moment. Namely, JAL is getting rid of it's B747-400's which used to fly to both ZAG and DBV, and suspending all of it's charter flights.

    Instead, portuguese charter operator Hifly will be operating Japan-ZAG-Japan charters this summer, by A340-300.

  12. This is a good news for ZAG Airport. I hope we see more competition and more new airlines serving this airport. Croatia Airlines should really start focusing more to the East. With its current equipment thay can easily cover Moscow, Belgrade, Istanbul and Dubai as well.

  13. Anonymous14:18

    Is it possible to buy a ticket for Korean Air flight: Zagreb (start!) - Seoul - Zagreb too?
    If yes where to buy ticket in Croatia?

  14. @ VXO, not sure if they have an exact date on when the further expansion will start at Dubrovnik but it is supposed to start this year.

    Thanks for the info Pozdrav iz Rijeka. Will be great to see A340-300 parked next to a 777 at Zagreb!


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