Air Arabia to Tuzla

This summer from Sharjah to Tuzla
EX-YU aviation news can exclusively confirm that the low cost, United Arab Emirates based, Air Arabia will commence services to Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer. Air Tours Tuzla, the tour operator organising the flights, has confirmed the news for EX-YU aviation news. If all goes to plan, services between Sharjah and Tuzla are set to commence on June 10 and operate every Monday and Friday with the airline’s Airbus A320. Services will run throughout the summer. Sharjah is located some 15 kilometres from Dubai city centre, the largest Emirate of the UAE. Ticket sales for the new service are expected to commence soon and attract predominantly holiday makers. Flight details can be found here. Bus shuttles will be organised for passengers from Sharjah to Dubai.

B&H Airlines operates summer charters from Tuzla to Antalya in Turkey and Hurghada in Egypt. Although the national carrier hoped to operate a scheduled service from Tuzla to Frankfurt in 2009, the route was cancelled as it failed to secure a single booking.

Meanwhile, Sarajevo has also secured 4 special charter flights to the Middle East. Flights will be operated by the Lebanese national carrier, Middle East Airlines. The charter service from Beirut will commence tomorrow and operate every Wednesday until May 11 using the Airbus A321.


  1. Dreamliner09:59

    aaaaa ok , so thats the news : ) nice

  2. AirKoryoTU-20410:47

    All I can say is, such strange routes. Very odd UAE and Lebanon? Maybe they will be used to funnel pax onto Jeddah serivces.

  3. Purger11:06

    Why? I will be first to travel from Tuzla to Dubai (via Sharjah) for LCC price of ticket. And I am from Zagreb. Tuzla is very good positioned to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Osijek and Banja Luka and those are all potential passengers for LCC.

  4. Anonymous11:33

    Count me in!
    Zagreb-Tuzla-Sharjah-Dubai this summer.
    Awesome :D

  5. Anonymous11:35

    Good news for Tuzla...

    However I doubt that anyone would travel from Belgrade to Tuzla to catch this flight. Jat flies a few times a week to Dubai for an affordable price and a solid in flight offer.

  6. Intruder12:08 say hello to Peter, Sydney
    I just am back from Sydney and I flew Sydney-Singapore by SQ222 A380.
    I couldn't imagine that your town was so attractive and enjoyable, a real good place for young generations.
    Darling Harbour, Centennial Park, a great deal of places where to eat and spend FreeTime.
    I was at King's Cross...
    Back to the blog it seems to me that it's downgrading to childish messages and replies and counterreplies.
    I would like to suggest the Administrator not to allow anonymous bloggers, otherwise we have Anonymus #1 who replies to Anonymous #2 who relates to arguments of Anonymous #3 and so on...

  7. NezavisnaRS12:24

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  8. Anonymous13:04

    NRS - comes again...These flights are predominantly meant for reasonable amount of BiH citizens working in Iraq, Afganistan etc. If you would follow the airports in BiH you would know that pilgrimage charters fly directly to Jeddah, from both TZL and SJJ in times of Haj and Umra...but I of course you would not know what these are.
    As for Lebanese flight to SJJ, these are for Christian pilgrims from Lebanon and Syria ggoing to Medjugorje.

  9. Purger14:04

    BEG have flights to Dubai, but Air Arabia is LCC with very low price for ticket. Very low!!! All LCC's potencial passangers are around 300 km because of price which motivate passangers to take car to airport not so near.

    Regular practise is for passangers from ZAG to take road to Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Vienna, Budapest, Zadar and some of those airport is more than 300 km + you can not say that you don't have lot of possibilities to fly from ZAG, even with LCC.

  10. NezavisnaRS14:07

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  11. Anonymous14:26

    Yes but I do not see anyone going to Tuzla to catch a flight to *Dubai* when they can just fly Jat or go on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.
    Not to mention that Tuzla doesn't have proper long-term parking facilities.
    This will probably fail unless there is some tourist group that will fill the plane.

  12. Purger14:46

    Because of price.

    Beograd-Dubai-Beograd 25.8.-30.8. by Jat 705 EUR.

    Istanbul (the nearest airport to BEG)-Shajah-Istanbul by Air Arabia 248 EUR.

    So to Tuzla that can not be more than 350 EUR.

    Would you fly from BEG for 350 EUR more, or you will take care for this diferenties in price. And if you travel with family (3 pax) that is more than 1.000 EUR to fly from BEG!

  13. Peter from Sydney15:37

    @ Purger, that's an absolutely outrageous prices from Jat to Dubai, ridiculous!

    @ Intruder, I'm so glad you enjoyed Sydney, how long were you here for?
    How did you find Singapore Airlines? For all the hype I wasn't that impressed flying with them last year on the A380 to London. Service was fine, I was in economy so it's not like I needed personal service, but the big thing that people crow on about is their inflight entertainment, Krisworld. For me it was a huge let down. I much prefer Emirates and their ICE inflight entertainment.

  14. FlyingJack16:14


    You have taken to compare the last week of August which coincides with the last three days of the month of Ramadan when all flights are packed, and when all airlines have a reasonably higher ticket price. That time of the year in Muslim world is comparable to Christmas time in the Christian world, when we speak of travels and flights.
    If you choose to fly only two or three days earlier/after the selected days by yourself, you will notice that price is around 390 euros return which puts JAT's price to be very reasonable and among lowest on the market.
    Secondly Sharjah apt is 20 km from downtown DXB, but not necessary 20 or so minutes by car or bus. Sharjah road is one of the bussiest with often traffic jams which means that bus ride or car drive can take hours sometimes a fact that can turn the pleasure of travel by airpline into opposite thing.

  15. @ Blog Administrator

    I really like this blog but people like Nezavisna RS try so hard to change everything here into a political battle and shift other people's attention on things that don't have anything to do with aviation. It would be much easier if you allowed only registered users to comment and remove those who don't comply. I am sure there are plenty of political forums and blogs where users such as Nezavisna RS can express their oppinion and political asspirations.

  16. Back to the topic...I am really glad that Air Arabia is going to start those flights. At first, I was shocked to see they chose Tuzla over so many other destinations but as some of you mentioned it might be its geographic location to attaract nearby residents from Croatia and Serbia as well. I also hope that those flights will bring some tourists and money from the other side too. I wish them the best of luck.

  17. If only we could read more news like this for all ex-Yu airports.
    I wish Tuzla good luck and all the best with these flights.

  18. JATBEGMEL17:50

    The reason why JAT has high prices on the DXB route as apparently there is a limited amount of seats left available during july and august. i am off to DXB next month and saw that TAROM had an excelent deal via OTP for EUR300, where the flight time was 10 minutes longer than JAT's flight via LCA.

    Interesting Air Arabia would go for TZL over say SJJ or BEG, but wish them luck.

  19. for NezavisnaRS17:52

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  20. Intruder18:45

    I had a business trip to NZ and AUS, so I was 7 days in Sydney and 2 days in Brisbane.
    I think flying Singapore Airlines was not bad, the service and entertainment was fine but it was the first time that I flew by A380.
    Flying in a Suite Class would be great but it's just a dream now...

  21. Anonymous18:51

    Anonymous mentioned that the Lebanese flights are for Medjugorje pilgrims. Shouldn't Mostar (OMO) try to attract those flight as Mostar is much closer to Medjugorje? Although as we have come to know the operators of airports and airlines in ex-yu don't always do what makes business sense.

  22. Can an A321 land in OMO at all?

  23. @ Sam.

    That is an extremley ridiculous assertion, to state that Tuzla airport will attract visitors from Serbia and Croatia. If they had any common sense then they would fly to Sarajevo. In the meantime the best thing smaller exyu airports could do is focus on gaining regional flights to larger cities


    Tuzla-Belgrade, Tuzla-Zagreb, Tuzla-Sarajevo, Nis-Belgrade, Nis Ljubljana, Banja Luka-Belgrade, Banja Luka-Zagreb.

    I don not see how my comment is politically motivated in any way, I have not expressed my desire for the route to fail I am only making a clear and evident point

  24. Anonymous20:13

    HDZ ist standing for Mostar Airport, and they would rather like to view Middle East Airline landing in Dubrovnik or Split instead of Mostar which is not long from Medjugorje.

    Infact HDZ is all ready doing it, just look how many pilmgrimi flights they have!

    HDZ is a croatian political parti in Bosnia

  25. Purger23:19

    There is no ticket with price of 390 EUR in Jat web pages. The best price (even in end of October) is 420 EUR.

    And Air Arabia price goes from 190 to 250 EUR, depending of part of year.

  26. zrak00:03

    It is obvious to everybody that certain people on this blog have only one reason for being on this blog. To spread xenophobic remarks and poison the atmosphere here (either with their comments or nicknames).

    Anyways back to the topic.

    On Beirut:
    MEA actually had flights to Beirut even last year. Them coming back is a good sign, as it appears they have enough pax. Btw nice city, warmly recommended.

    On OMO:
    Last month there was newspaper article on Mostar municipality and entity government putting money into OMO (for some infrastructure, they didnt specify what it was exactly). Now Bosnian journalists have tendency of being un-educated and not very knowledgable about the topics they write but what I could understand there was some kind of technical deficiency that was limiting OMO in some way. So it is very possible that A321 cannot land at OMO at the present time.

    On TZL and Air Arabia
    Wow. This is actually kick in the face for SJJ & OMO (and maybe even other airports in ex-yu). Shows how agile airport management can pull in airlines. It is still a mistery too me how OMO management fails to attract even single lcc to Mostar. It has perfect location for acting as LCC airport to Croatian coast.

    As anonymous mentioned it is well known that the OMO airport has been hampered by being run by incompetent politicians. We'll see if new HSP/SDP cadre that is likely to take over will change situation (although they will probably be as incompetent as the present ones)

  27. frequentflyer01:51

    I congratulate the move and whoever has been behind getting it to TZL, my questioning would be how much is being given in subsidies etc to operate this route.

    It has much potential yes, but it is the connectivity beyond TZL which raises eyebrows (comments about driving up to 300km are interesting especially given BiH topography - 300kms can be almost 7hrs driving, and all to save 50 euros??).

    The airline already operates to an impressive list of destinations, and many flights are timed to connect (theoretically anyway) with the morning wave arriving at DXB and AUH. Is there no justification to operate this route to larger airports in the region, or is this just testing the waters?

    Finally, if this isn't the wake-up call that OU has to start its direct full-service route to DXB then I don't know what is...

  28. Since Medjugorja has been mentioned here, I always wondered why Mostar airport could not be renamed Mostar / medjugorja airport to attract pilgrims. Also, on that point a twice weekly Split or Dubrovnik - Mostar by OU service designed to accommodate pilgrims could be handy too. Croatia Airlines could even market the final destination as Medjugorja and not Mostar.

  29. Anonymous07:04


    Have you considered that maybe Air Arabia is cheaper now because their plane is still empty? I am sure that passengers coming from Australia have already booked their seats on the DXB-BEG segment and with that taken the cheapest seats available on Jat.

    It's a fact, Jat Airways is quite cheap when it comes to the service to Dubai. If the first cheap option is in October then that makes me happy coz that means that their bookings are going well.

    For example now, one can not find a seat in Jat on the Larnaca-Belgrade segment until the 05th of May!!

  30. Puger09:00

    Where did you read that? Now read it again:

    "There is no ticket with price of 390 EUR in Jat web pages. The best price (even in end of October) is 420 EUR.

    And Air Arabia price goes from 190 to 250 EUR, depending of part of year."

    Jat almost all summer have same price of 420 EUR, exempt in same part of top season where price goes up to 705 EUR. Air Arabia have price from 190 to 250 EUR.

    LCC which have bad load factor? And Jat with good load factor? That I want to see.

    OK let me give you a lesson:
    LCC = 85% and more load factor for very low prices
    traditional companies (let as say like Jat) = low load factor with high prices (in Jat case one of the lowest factor in Europe)

  31. Anonymous09:11


    Well let me educate you about something then. Apparently Jat's pricing system is quite diffrent from other airlines as I know for a fact that their Dubai flight has over over 50% load factor during the low season. So even if their prices are mostly 420 that doesn't mean that their planes are empty. Then again Jat flies to Dubai from Belgrade where both airport have higher taxes than both Tuzla and Sharjah. Naturally this will bring the prices up.

    Also, i am sure that these are promotional prices until the number of passengers rises. Then expect a major change.

    Enjoy your flights with this lowcost, I prefere to stick with Jat which offers good service to Dubai, decent legroom and so on...

  32. Comparing the fares in this case is a bit tricky. Most of the JAT passengers to DXB are transit passengers, while Air Arabia will clearly target o&d passengers. To get a clearer picture, one should compare for example the fare between BEG and SYD via DXB (JU & EK) to the fare from TZL to SHJ (G9) plus the fare from DXB to SYD (EK) and the transfer between SHJ and DXB.

  33. @ last Anomymous

    You cannot compare JAT's aircraft to Air Arabia's A320s, which are brand new compared to JAT's 737 oldies. Also, the legroom with Air Arabia is quiet generous with 32". It's also important to note that Al Arabia's flight will be a non-stop one, while JAT has to make a stop in LCA. In any case, I wish both airlines the best of luck and let's hope that more airlines follow their steps.

  34. Dreamliner16:02

    @ Lento,

    From SYD/MEL/BNE to DXB is same price like traveling to ATH, CDG, MXP, ZRH, FRA, MAN, LHR, VIE, FCO... With EK. The difference can be + / - $100 depends of the arriving city, already checked on sabre, it's cheaper to travel on EK and JU to BEG in this case rather then to change planes or airliners, DXB like final destination of the trip has 90% of the ticket price to any euro hub.

  35. @ Dreamliner

    My point exactly! That's why TZL-SHJ flights are targeting only O&D travellers, while BEG-DXB flights are mostly for transits.

  36. @RS

    First you bring political garbage to the forum and then you suggest Banja Luka-Zagreb for a flight. That is the stupidest idea I have heard here yet. The LJU flights only get a few passengers and Zagreb is much closer. It is cheaper and quicker (if you account for security, baggage check...) to drive to Zagreb than fly there from Banja Luka.

  37. Purger08:51


    "Also, i am sure that these are promotional prices until the number of passengers rises. Then expect a major change".

    No, it is not!!! To Tuzla prices should be even lower for promotion, because we compare prices on flights which are on market for ages.

    "I know for a fact that their Dubai flight has over 50% load factor during the low season"

    If that is so, that is disaster, and that lf make flight nonprofitable. It must have at least 65% lf to be profitable this days.

    "Jat flies to Dubai from Belgrade where both airport have higher taxes than both Tuzla and Sharjah. Naturally this will bring the prices up."

    So, what is your point? Most of LCC fly to secondary aiprorts because of cut costs. We just compare prices, and try to see will potential passengers use Tuzla instead of Belgrade because of low price. And of course to use Tuzla is one of the way to cuting prices. If this price is low enogh passengers will use tha line, even with 300 km driving to airport.

  38. Anonymous09:06


    If that is so, that is disaster, and that lf make flight nonprofitable. It must have at least 65% lf to be profitable this days.

    Please, do some research before you speak. All Dubai-bound flights are packed to the last seat. The majority of passengers disembark in Larnaca. The average price for Larnaca is 320 euros which means that they are making more than enough on the route. With 50% lf on the Larnaca-Dubai they can do ok. These days DXB-LCA sees the lf at around 70% which makes it hard for the people in Cyprus to get a place to Belgrade.

    So, what is your point? Most of LCC fly to secondary aiprorts because of cut costs. We just compare prices, and try to see will potential passengers use

    and I told you that Serbs will NOT travel to some remote silly airport to catch some cheap flight to Sharjah. Austrian is constantly advertizing their service to Dubai for around 327 euros with constant promotions. There is also Turkish Airlines and not to mention that one can travel on Tarom now as well.
    So tell me, with so much competition why would anyone sane go from Belgrade to catch a flight to Sharjah when he needs to travel to Dubai later?

    Enjoy you cheap service, I will stick to my carriers flying to my own country.

  39. Anonymous06:31


    You are in the minority. If you are so hell bent on your "own country" why go anywhere at all. Stay home.

    For the most part people will travel a bit further to save money. People in western Serbia may actually find Tuzla to be closer than Belgrade as well.

  40. Anonymous18:11

    I am not going to travel for hours to catch some random flight when I can fly from my home airport directly or via Istanbul, Kiev or Bucharest.
    The fact that I do not want to travel for hours doesn't mean that I do not want to leave Serbia. Please read before posting, or just do not make silly comments.

    Right, western Serbia is a major market when it comes to Sharjah! Come on, if there are going to be ten passengers on that flight originating from Western Serbia then shoot me!!
    If it was Tuzla Dusseldorf then we could talk about Western Serbian passengers.

  41. Anonymous16:44

    i think this is a good route u can reach dubai in 5.30hrs ,,even if u drive from sarajevo it is still lees in hours than traveling via istanbul

  42. Anonymous19:01

    What is the price of ticket?

  43. Anonymous21:46

    its dubai tuzla dubai , and ive heard that ther will be first class bus service to belgarde for this flight , not bad for direct 5hrs flight ,and a new a320

  44. Yes it will fly Dubai-Tuzla and not from Sharjah, service is under contract, once weekly for one year only.

  45. delayed till 1st July now.


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