Niki coming to Skopje

Soon in Skopje

After securing the arrival of low cost airline Wizz Air, Skopje Aleksandar the Great Airport has another new high profile arrival. The Austrian low cost airline, Niki, will commence flights to Skopje this summer with 2 weekly flights from Vienna. A promotional flight is set to be operated on Thursday when a press conference is also scheduled to take place in Skopje, where details of the new service will be revealed. On Thursday, the public will be informed of the launch date of the new route, flights information and ticket prices.

Niki recently requested for a permit in order to operate flights to Skopje. A month ago, when the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency made public the airlines that are set to operate flights to Skopje this summer, Niki was not listed as one of them. The Austrian no frills airline has been lured by Macedonia‘s airport operator TAV Holdings, local media report. This summer another low cost airline, Wizz Air, will launch services from London Luton and Venice to Skopje.

Currently, within the EX-YU region Niki only operates flights to Belgrade. From June 29, the airline will launch flights to Priština.


  1. Anonymous10:00

    According to their web site they also have scheduled flights to SPU, DBK, RJK.

  2. ^ Those are operated by Air Berlin

  3. Anonymous10:48

    Wizz and Niki, high profile airlines??? Come On!

  4. Like it, this is good when this happens!
    however i think it is better that these 2 weekly flights to be from OHD , it will be for sure good load.
    there are plenty of flights daily from SKP to VIE.


  5. Anonymous15:19

    i agree with you Aleksandar we need something in OHD, there are over 20 families that i know in Sydney on hold for OHD this summer hoping something will open up.

  6. Anonymous17:48

    I am so happy because I hope the monopole of Austrian on this route is over.350Euros RT SKP-VIE-SKP!
    TAV does really good work in Macedonia.This is an evidence for all those that never believed this could happpen.
    Btw. Skopje will have the new airport by 8th of September, the independence day.

  7. Anonymous19:55

    @ 2nd Anonymous
    " Wizz and Niki, high profile airlines??? Come On!"

    Yes! Wizz is only the 3rd largest low cost operator in Europe;carried almost 10 million passengers.


  8. Anonymous21:26

    Congrats to SKP. I hope the rest of the ex-yu airports get them as well.

  9. Anonymous08:15

    Photos of Niki Lauda himself flying the aircraft to Skopje yesterday


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