No US flights

No flights from US to Belgrade or Zagreb this summer
Ryan International Airlines, which announced it would commence flights from Chicago and Toronto to Belgrade, is unlikely to do so. The American based airline requested and received landing and departure slots at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport several months ago. However, the Serbian Aviation Directorate said, “Ryan International Airlines has handed in all necessary documentation except for one part. Since then we haven’t heard from them”. The airline was to have its first flight from Chicago to Belgrade on June 29. A spokesperson from the Serbian Government said it was difficult for such airlines to begin flights to Belgrade because they lack onward regional connections.

Similarly, despite earlier announcements, Zagreb is unlikely to see flights to the United States. Previously, Zagreb Airport’s CEO, Tonči Peović, said an airline from the US, rumoured to be North American Airlines, would commence flights from New York to the Croatian capital. However, Zagreb is set to see long haul services with 5 flights from Seoul this summer, to be operated by Korean Air.

Diaspora passengers travelling from the United States are set to soar this year after most cut back on travel in the past 2 years due to the economic crisis. For now, passengers travelling from the United States and Canada to any EX-YU country will have to transit through other European airports.


  1. AirKoryoTU-20410:10

    Why am I not suprised? I've said it many times and I will say it again, get a proper U.S. carrier to operat the routes, not a crappy charter mob because you know what? Things like this happen when you deal with these companies!

  2. good. both companies are shitty ones

  3. Peter from Sydney11:02

    I'm sure if scheduled correctly and at the right price the flights aimed exclusively at the diaspora would've worked.

  4. Dreamliner13:52

    Samo sto krevavte tolku mnogu prasina : ) : ) : )

  5. Anonymous13:59

    Ah who cares as long as there are other airlines adding flights to the region

  6. I live in the US and I fly to ex YU once or twice a year. Last year, I had my American friend with me and he loved it so much that he decided to come again and bring 2 of his friends as well. So, we just booked our tickets for this summer. It's been so frustrating as the offered routing didn't have a lot of sense and the prices kept changing. Would be so much more convenient if at least ZAG or BEG had a non-stop service from the US. We will be landing in ZAG with a weekend layover in LON and coming back from LJU. We booked separately LON-ZAG segment on Croatia Airlines for $100. It was a great deal. EasyJet was pretty competitive too, but I have heard their planes are cramped and they charge so much for luggage. Can’t wait to go :)

  7. Anonymous17:29

    It's never good seeing an airline pull out of new flights, no matter how shitty it is. But still I am sure that flights from USA to BGD will begin soon.

    I am not sure if anyone else heard about this, but I got a tip that Delta Airlines is struggling on Budapest routes due to American Airlines also starting flights. They are looking for another nearby market, and they are looking at BGD. I think they are still in the process of calculating the costs but they are surely looking at starting flights.

    @Ex-Yu Aviation

    Could you please look into the agreements signed between USA, China, Canada, Brazil, India, Australia, and Serbia regarding direct flights to Serbia from those countries. Thank you.

  8. Anonymous18:55

    Hahahahaha... "Delta is looking for another nearby market, and they are looking at BEG"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... one of the best joke here, and in that category concurenc is high!!!!!

    So many plans here, conections, more lines, growing... So many of you know that Ryan will also open BEG-JFK! As this guy know about Delta!

  9. Aleks Nikolic USA21:42

    I heard Swift Air charter service is supposed to commence flights from Beograd to USA... who knows anymore -_- i am so disappointed, along with most of other Serbs in USA and everywhere... lets hope Air Canada will do it and / or Delta like rumored out of Toronto or New York , so we will have at most 1 stop to make , because 2 is too much lol...

    last anonymous, people like you piss me off, along with LOT of people.. CHILL.... not 100% of these talks are false, not 100% are true either. so all you (we) need to do is CHILL and see... my gosh lol boze sacuvaj smiri se... Beograd WILL see flights to USA, its matter of time.

  10. Anonymous22:43

    Oh yeaaaah... it will star in June 2011. And you know what? Not just Toronto and Chicago, there would be JFK flights to BEG. And than to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and even to Alaska. Before end of summer ther would be at least 32 lines from USA to BEG. For sure!


  11. Anonymous01:21

    No surprise here!!!!!!!

    As if there would be direct flights. They would have run into the mob of travel agencies who are aligned with the existing carriers - eg. LH, Austrian, Swiss, etc.

    Besides, this story, like many others on this site over the last few years is just complete and utter propaganda and never sourced.

    EX-YU AVIATION: You are a F££king ar£ehole that runs this propaganda of a website

    Amazing coincidence that you manage to post 'articles' everyday (the only person in the Balkans who does anything 7 days a week) -like some good samaritan.

  12. Peter from Sydney02:46

    Surely though one of the big airlines could open a seasonal route to Belgrade or Zagreb. Surely there are the numbers to sustain 1 or 2 flights a week? I don't know...
    The Delta flights to Budapest, who are they mostly aimed at, business, leisure?

  13. AirKoryoTU-20406:05

    One or two weekly services can lose alot more money than daily services depening on aircraft utlisation and overheads including crew layovers etc.

    Also there is no doubt that Belgrade could sustain services to JFK directly more than Zagreb could ever, they just need one of the major carriers to begin a few services maybe 2 or 3 weekly onboard a 767 or 332, frequency depending on the market of course

  14. Anonymous10:08

    @Air Koryo:
    "Also there is no doubt that Belgrade could sustain services to JFK directly more than Zagreb could ever"

    - BEG has just some 20-25% more pax than ZAG

    - Belgrade BNP is same as Zagreb (more inhabitants but much lower standard and BNP per capita)

    - ZAG has more conections than BEG

    - Croatian diaspora in USA and Canada is much bigger than Serbian (some 300% more)

    - Croatia has tourism several dozent times bigger than Serbia

    - Croatia will not have visa to USA till end of this year, and even now does not have visa for Canada

    - Croatia will enter European Union in some 2-3 years.

    - CTN is member of alliance, Jat is not (so more chance for United/Continental, Air Canada or US Airways to star flying)

    So, how can you say that BEG have more chance?

    "they just need one of the major carriers to begin a few services"

    Just one of major carriers!?! hahahahaha "just" this. Ooooo, that is so easy. For sure it is "just"!

  15. AirKoryoTU-20411:00

    @Last clueless Anonymous

    Firstly, yes JUST one major carrier is all they need. By just I do mean only therefore BEG only needs one carrier.

    Serbia is a larger nation than Croatia full stop.

  16. Anonymous11:36

    Burkina Faso is two times bigger nation than Serbia!

    And what's your poit?

  17. Anonymous11:40

    And Serba have more inhebitants than Switzerland.

    Belgrade is 8x bigger than Zurich.

    Again what is your point?

  18. AirKoryoTU-20414:54

    So you can compare an impovrised West African nation to Serbia? And also comparing Serbia to a world economic powerhouse?

    All I am saying is that nations the size of Serbia have intrests in drawing direct services abroad, i.e. Czech Republic, Greece etc.

    Serbia has alot of home entities aswell manufacturing of weapons and products etc, which can draw limited business demand, not to mention the disporsa and onwards connections I guess.


  19. frequentflyer01:13

    And we will continue not to get direct N.American flights until proper business plans and investments are drawn up, services are offered to these tourists, and eliminating bureaucracy and government interference.

    Seriously, the 'Balkan' business thinking is more than partly to blame on this issue...

  20. Well guys I think someone did not do their homework. Tickets for non-stop flights are allready in sale for a week now. You can call any travel agent in US and they can sell you a ticket. Prices are 1232$ taxes included for Belgrade and 1302$ for Zagreb taxes included. Also Belgrade to Chicago 1147$ and Zagreb to chicago 1097$ taxes included. My friends, Ryan pulled out due to military contract, but another carrier allready got approved by US DOT. Officialy they are able to sell since March 29th. I personally called DOT and they confirmed that application was approved. also here is the official DOT link
    Funny thing, I allways love when AirKoryo is not right :) This guy never posted not one good thought about anything on thos forum. I read tons of his posts and all the time lame ass comments.
    Also anyone want to purchase the tickets here is the link

  21. BTW you will never get direct flights until Balkan people don't get used to the fact that it is unrealistic to fly home in summer for less than 1300-1400$.

  22. Anonymous13:48

    Swift Air (US charter carrier) will be operating on Sunday and Wednesday to BEG and ZAG Effective June of this year.

    They've applied for runway and gate slots at ORD and were given approval. You might want to check your contacts on your side to confirm this.

  23. Purger14:18

    I just finish interview with Mr. Peovic, general manager of Zagreb airport, and he told me that there would be no flights from Zagreb to USA this year.

  24. Additionally the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said that no one else has applied for a license other than Ryan

  25. Purger14:30

    This page is like April 1st joke!

    My 10 year old daughter can make page better than this.

  26. Well Purger is is good that you have smart daughter. But regarding your and Mr. Peovic talk, you guys need to call Croatian CAA and check with them if they recieved anything. Because nobody has DOT approval or goes with SLOT ARRANGEMENT with ORD if they are joking. And Purger shouldn't you be happy that you are finally getting flights to Zagreb instead of BS-ing? Call Kompas in Zagreb and ask them when can you purchase the tickets... I heard they are the one that will sell tickets in Croatia.

    Call Serbian CAA and ask for MR.Radovic, he is the person responsible for foreign traffic rights applications. Ask him the question you just answered without checking. After debacle with RIA no one will talk about anything until everything is finished. They finally learned that you do not brag until everything is set and done. SO last time you had everyone in Serbia and Croatia saying RIA is operating and they pulled out. Now Everyone there denies Swift is operating, so trust me it is happening for real. You and Purger, wanna bet it is happening? I win Purgers daughter signs contract as my web designer. If this kid can make websites better than this with 10 years, i want her in my company!

  28. Purger17:20

    CCAA did not get any application for flights USA-ZAG.

    Aministrator of this blog also mentioned:
    "Additionally the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said that no one else has applied for a license other than Ryan"

    In same time DOT listed this line as possible one.

  29. Purger17:23

    dusan, sorry my daughter is already reservet for my company. She is the only inheritor... :-)

  30. Purger17:29

    Kompas Zagreb doesn't have this information. They will check that for me and I will call them tomorrow morning.

  31. Don't worry. It is happening. But this time, people are keeping quiet until everything is finalized. FINALLY!!! NO PREMATURE STATEMENTS AGAIN PLEASE!!! Regarding Croatian CAA ask MR. Simunovic and Mr. Simasek i think they are responsible for traffic rights. But neverthless, I can bet you 1$ Mr. Peovic will be happy to hear this news. He was bragging so much with his failed attempts that this is only chance he does not end up stupid again. And I can also bet you one more dollar, this will turn into another "who has bigger dick" contest between, Zagreb and Belgrade, Serbs and Croats, Ushtashe and Chetniks, Zvezda and Dinamo, Partizan and Cibona etc... And same way they got this, same way they gonna lose it. There is tendency in Balkan that both Serbs and Croats think they have 6 pairs of balls each and like allways that will destroy any good thing that could happen there. And I will bet you one more dollar on top of it, that OU and JU will not know how to use it and will consider this their competition instead of interest and they will fight against this. Because they would rather be LH garbage disposal than profitable company. In profitable company you dont have time for bullshit. There goes three of my dollars... Any one care to join the bet so I could make some money on this?


    Dude you are delayed again!

    @ Purger

    You made a smart choice with daughter, only family business is good business. I hope two of mine will do same for me. If not I will have to work for my sons in law whole life. That sucks.

  33. Purger09:12

    Hahahahaha... To work for sons in law whole life... Boze sacuvaj!!!.... Hahahahaha...

  34. @ dusan

    From what I've seen (, flights to BEG and ZAG are still pending approval.

  35. Feel free to contact DOT, they will confirm application is approved. It takes time to update this list.

  36. Anonymous19:54


    Anyone knows this company?

  37. i think they are just company doing sales for swift or something like that. they are promoting swift too much...

  38. Anonymous09:56

    in total it seems that about 400 tickets have been sold ex ORD to both ZAG and people, unfortunately, it seems that no flights this summer.


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