Wizz considers Skopje base

Wizz Air stretches its wings over EX-YU

According to sources close to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, Eastern Europe’s largest low cost airline, Wizz Air, is considering setting up a base in Macedonia’s capital. Wizz, which will commence flights from London Luton and Venice to Skopje this summer, is being lured by TAV Holdings, the airport’s owner, which is offering concessions to the no frills airline. TAV believes that the only way Skopje can expand is by having a scheduled airline based at the airport. The Turkish airport operator hoped, at one point, that Turkish Airlines would set up a national carrier in Macedonia. Wizz Air’s bookings for the new Luton – Skopje service are going well, which led the airline to increase its initial frequencies.

Wizz Air is already studying the prospect of opening services from Charleroi in Belgium to Skopje. Furthermore, in 2011, Macedonia will fully implement the European Free Sky agreement, which would allow Wizz Air to set up a base in Macedonia with ease. The airline will most likely open its base in Skopje sometime in 2012. Wizz Air opened its 13th base in Europe last week in Belgrade, with bases set to open in Lithuania’s Vilnius and Romania’s Targu Mures later in the year.

Skopje Airport’s brand new multi million Euro terminal is set to open in October 2011. Together with a brand new building, the airport’s runway has also been lengthened.


  1. Anonymous11:11

    From the moment Wizzair announced that will fly LTN-SKP I knew it would be doing well, so many Macedonians live in the UK and direct link is just great. I have so many Macedonian friends in London and ALL of them have already booked tickets with Wizair so that tells you something. Wizzair is a really positive thing happening. Well done SKP and well done Wizz. If they could only save other struggling airports in ex yu . Regards

  2. Anonymous14:06

    If it really come through "Kon Tiki Sky" only can abandon their plans in Macedonia for regular service to European destinations.

  3. AirKoryoTU-20414:32

    @last two posts

    Macedonians do not usually reside in the U.K. all that prominently rahter in Europe Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

    Kon Tiki Sky could still have quite a sizable market in terms of holiday destinations and charter which it is serving currently.

  4. Anonymous14:45

    I do agree with AirKoryo that MAT Airways will have its own market even if Wizz steps into.
    Mat Airways has allready a network and will be serving 8 destinations this summer.The market in Macedonia will get bigger cause many Macedonians use Belgrad, Sofia and Thessaloniki Airport now.If Wizz Air steps into these 3 airports will be the greaters losers of this decision.Not 6F(MAT IATA code).
    Wizz steps into because they probably noticed how many Macedonians flew with them to BEG, SOF, SKG.

  5. Macedonian emigration is not so big in Western Europe, as for example Serbian, Bulgarian or Romanian emigration is. Wizz Air mostly has success flying emigrants between the Western Countries and their homelands. Macedonia will need to find way how to attract tourists as well, that way this project can bring some success in long distance.

  6. Dreamliner15:09

    Wizz does not fly to SKG!

  7. Anonymous17:04

    @ AirKoryoTU-204

    I live in the Uk and I know that lots of Macedonians LIVE here, especially after Bulgaria has joined EU a lot of Macedonians got Bulgarian passport and live and work in the UK, especially London(I have worked for the recruitment agency so I am not just talking rubbish). Whoever is doing this in Wizzair knows the job and it has been a very good analysis done so I can only congratulate to that/those people.

  8. Anonymous17:45

    Great for MK and SKP. :)

    in SLO they stopped with LJU....

  9. I will believe this when wizzair will oficially anounce it.

  10. Anonymous21:05

    Maybe they sent also their B733 for an inspection and now they have a shortage on airraft:-)

  11. Anonymous21:31

    They don't have any Boeings based in Munich, and the MUC - BEG route is currently serviced by LH Regional Embraers. The arriving flight (MUC - BEG) seems to be arriving on time, but the return is delayed for some reason...

  12. Aleks Nikolic USA21:40

    it seems LH 1725 was supposed to leave at 17:00, instead got delayed 4 hours and 30 minutes later to 21:30, and was supposed to depart 10 minutes ago. it says "boarding" on Nikola Tesla Airports page. and this flight has been cancelled yesterday I believe or another day, idk whats up!!

  13. Anonymous01:26

    I cannot understand why people post questions on Belgrade every time there is an article on other airports. Although it's great to hear aviation news on all countries from ex YU, can people stop posting off the topic posts and post relating to the article and other material regarding Macedonia.

  14. Aleksandar01:41

    Great News for Macedonia!
    They should start now flights to Munich or Memmingen, Paris, Barcelona...

    I hope the best!

    And please no Offtopic! You have your Belgrade News where you can post this!

  15. How about some Jat news / Gossip? What will Jat do if all 737-300 aircraft are grounded world wide as a result of Southwest airlines flight 812????

    Sorry Macedonian friends but sometimes this blog could do with more than one news story per day and this could turn out to be a huge problem for Jat!

  16. yesterday LH1725 canceled, 2morro LH1727. God only knows whats going on with the mentioned flights...

  17. B77704:30


    How about a little respect and post Belgrade news somewhere else as there is news on Belgrade and Zagreb regulary and it's nice to enjoy news and posts on other countries like Macedonia for a change...

    Please no more off topic news, it's not interesting on posts which relate to a different article .

  18. Anonymous04:34

    Does Belgrad have a telephone number?!
    Then call the Airport and ask what is going on with this LH flight!!!!
    100 of posts are not needed for such a thing!

  19. This is EX-YU aviation blog. Anything related to that topic can be posted here (of course excluding politics, nationalism, racism etc). It happened today, not 3 months ago, so I don't see the reason why this is bothering you so much!? Belgrade and Zagreb have heavy traffic, at least heavier than other EX-YU airports so it is natural to have more news, more questions about unusual traffic etc.(I really dont want to make the two airports bigger or more important than the others, but that is the fact). Plus, the ones who comment here regularly are actually people from Croatia and Serbia mostly. At least I think so. Maybe I am wrong.
    And please, dont respond to this if you really dont need to. I dont want to make a discussion over this. :)

    Lets hope Wizz would make new Skopje base, and leave it at that. :)

  20. B77705:36

    JU 500,

    I dont think anyone wants nto make an issue of this but although it is great to hear news regarding all ex YU nations and airlines it is nice to enjoy news on other areas rather constantly discussing JAT Airways for a change as there a several posts where Dicussions can take place re: JU and BEG airport.

    Please do not take offense to this any news is welcome but it is nice to discuss and read something different for a change.

  21. AirKoryoTU-20410:07

    Why do these threads always get hijacked by stupid posts regarding to Belgrade or Zagreb. You know what why don't you people just get lost! Post in your own damn thread, how offten do we get to discuss Macednian aviation, and yet it happens to be hijacked by "JAT gossip" save it please! You and your irralevant posts can just take a hike!.


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