Berane Airport overhaul

Planned new look for Berane Airport
Turkey will head the reconstruction project of the rundown Berane Airport, located in North-Eastern Montenegro. The Minister without a portfolio in the Montenegrin Government, Rafet Husović, said that Turkish investors will head the reconstruction of Berane Airport which will commence before long. An official agreement regarding the airport’s overhaul will be inked soon. The investor hasn’t been named although various government ministers have recently hinted that the Turkish airport operator Limak Holding (which runs Priština Airport among others) might be entering the Montenegrin market with Turkish Airlines rumoured to be eyeing a takeover of the struggling national carrier Montenegro Airlines. The goal of the investment is for Berane Airport to be used by commercial airlines for civilian flights.

Berane is one of Montenegro’s poorest municipalities and the prospect of an airport could kick start the economy. Berane has both a paved runway and a derelict terminal building which have seen better days. The runway is closed but is often used for motor racing by the locals. In the 1960s and 1970s JAT Yugoslav Airlines operated flights from Belgrade to Berane, then known as Ivangrad. Plans to develop Berane into an international airport were devised several years ago with a visualisation of the future terminal made.

Berane Airport in the 1960s
Turkey’s influence over the aviation industry in the EX-YU region is ever growing with investments in Bosnia, Macedonia and Priština and interest in both Serbia’s Jat Airways and control over Montenegro’s airports and national airline.


  1. Peter from Sydney09:50

    Yes, a country of 600,000 people needs a billion airport, honestly!

  2. Intruder10:50

    I also am thinking about short haul flights within ex-Yu countries whether they are feasible by small aircrafts, i.e.:
    Beograd-Niš-Beograd, Niš-Tivat-Niš, Rijeka-Dubrovnik-Rijeka, Osijek-Rijeka-Osijek, Zagreb-Osijek-Zagreb.
    In Europe you can find many routes in a distance range
    of 250-350 km.
    ATR-42 and Q400 could be fit for this purpose.

  3. Anonymous11:28

    I totally agree with “intruder”, what about small planes and short haul flights BUT with reasonable prices, to work as LCC principle, no meals, no drinks etc(exactly what OU is doing on domestic routes), lower the prices as much as possible and ADVERTISE those routes. I think that BNX-LJU is a great idea but the cost of that ticket is just ridiculous. So many routes could be open there BEG-RJK, INI-LJU, INI-ZAG, BEG-BNX, and so on......

  4. Anonymous11:33

    @Peter from Sydney

    Why not?
    How many the population has Luxembourg , and they is the richer the "your" Australia.
    Montenegro is a tourist destination and of course it should be invest in the infrastructure, such as working to Croatia (6 airports of which 3 work very very well)!

  5. Anonymous12:35

    Last anonymus:

    Croatia has 9 active airports:
    Mali Losinj

    The order is according to the annual number of passangers

  6. Anonymous12:49

    It is not commonly known but in 1960's Berane Airport was an integral section of Belgrade Airport and the picture of Berane Airport in 1960's covering the text is from monograph called "10 years of Belgrade Airport".

  7. Peter from Sydney14:08

    Montenegro doesn't have the infrastructure let alone the capacity to become a major tourist destination. Building/renovating new/old airports is ridiculous when your active airports are no where near capacity let alone been expanded. What's the point of having obscure airports in the middle of nowhere when your main hubs aren't even up to scratch? I'm not saying you shouldn't have airports in every suburb I'm saying that money should be spent on increasing capacity, modernising your existing hubs, before wasting it on airports that won't become feasible for atleast another 20 years.


  9. JU520 BEGLAX15:22

    @peter from sydney:

    fully agree with you, i like your comments, they are heading into the right direction.....
    just arrived at kent street in sydney.
    have a good sleep.


  10. Peter from Sydney16:38

    Thanks Danny and JU520 BEGLAX for your support. It must be a local Balkan mentality thing, you know your city is on the map when it has got its own airport servicing a total of 0 destination. What's the point of an airport when the local region just doesn't have the economics to support everyday things like a thriving retail sector etc.

  11. Small terminal building and runway for 1 daily JUs ATR72 flight from/to Belgrade. And 1 more YMs daily flight on board Fokker 100. Is that all?

    BTW - Whats going on with JAT Airways flights involving ATRs today!? Every single flight inbound and outbound is canceled or heavily delayed. Any clues?

  12. Anonymous17:18

    ^One of the ATRs probably had a technical difficulty and had to be taken out of service to be fixed. That’s what happens when you don’t have enough planes.

  13. Anonymous17:34

    NIS has population half much as Montenegro and they can´t find not even 1 airline to operate flights without subvention , so the future of Berane airport is more than obvious..
    Anonymous you are right LUXEMBOURG is smaller but one of the richest EU country and MONTENEGRO IS NOT. I do agree with Sydney that plan is ridiculous. How many airports Belgrade should have then on 2 milion people 9?! Cheers. Alex

  14. Anonymous17:45

    Ccc..When I see that in the 21st century JAT operates routes like Amsterdam or Milan with 737-200 I wanna cut off my throat..
    737-200 is only operated DOMESTIC routes in Sub-saharian Africa.
    The rest of Africa phased out this birds.

  15. Anonymous19:30

    @Peter from Sydney

    It's nice you said, Croatia has 9 active airport, and Montenegro can 3, which do not.
    Of course it has the capacity to develop tourism as one of the few countries in Europe where you can be on the beach during the day (for example in hotel Splendid) and dinner and a pleasant nights sleep in Durmitor at 2600 meter.
    This will of course be much easier to build a highway from the coast to the north of Montenegro.
    Montenegro is a small country, but the Airports of Montenegro had welcomed about 2 000 000 passengers per year, almost as Belgrade (read entire Serbia - because it is the main airport).
    The Croatia was twice smaller than Serbia, but twice the richer.
    The size of the country is not a prerequisite for a number of airports,highways,hotels... but its position, its potential and natural resources yes.
    And Montenegro have it in unlimited amounts.

    Our Serbia is now the poorest country in the Balkans except Macedonia (a country with no prospects)
    And the GDP per capita and average salary ranking is as follows:

  16. Please do not trust the Turks, Montenegro as well as Serbia have been Naive recently. Whatever the governments think of selling they sell, this is just a trap, the Turks will probably use this as a make weight deal to take over one of Montenegro's more prosperous companies.

    @ last anonymous

    I disagree with your post this is the actual ranks

    1) Slovenia
    2) Croatia
    3) Serbia
    4) Bosnia
    5) Montenegro

    Oh and at last

    cmon Novak

  17. Anonymous22:38

    If someone/anyone wants to take the risk and invest money in Berane airport, let them do it, as long as taxpayers do not pick up the bill in the end. I'd offer them 30 years concession (better yet,make it 50) Government should focus resources on roads.


  18. Anonymous23:35

    @ NRS
    Average wages in EX YU republics in March 2011:

    1.Slovenia 1041 euro
    2.Croatia 756 euro
    3.Montenegro 515 euro
    4.Bosnia and Herzegovina 400 euro
    5.Serbia 340 euro
    6.Makedonia 337 eura
    7.Albania 300 euro

    Net salary!

    Checking the accuracy of these data can be seen on and looking.


  19. Anonymous00:36

    To Anonymus May 8th 7.30 p.m

    Can you tell me what is your professional position?
    You are very good at making analysis Macedonia country with no prospects:-)
    I have a vacanancy in my grocery.If you want you can apply for the job.I need a person with such extraordinary ability of making analysis:-)

  20. Anonymous11:22

    @Anonymus 7.30 pm

    These are facts.
    Macedonia is a country that became independent very soon after Slovenia and Croatia, and look where they are today and where is Macedonia.
    Average salary see the above two comments above.
    After all that is visible everywhere.
    No airline, no strong company, there's no good sports club, very bad tourism but a little Ohrid. Only agriculture is not bad and of course Tikveš red wine is good -:)

    I accept another job even though I have a very very good mine job.

    POzdrav from Serbia.


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