Croatia Airlines to introduce new seats

Lufthasa’s Recaro seats to be rolled out on Croatia Airlines jets
At a launch party in Zagreb for Lufthansa’s new look economy class cabin for inter-European flights, Croatia Airlines revealed it too will introduce the Lufthansa Recaro designed seats (pictured above) on its Airbus fleet in 2012. Lufthansa began refitting its short and medium haul aircraft in December 2010 with the new slimline seats. Georg Lazzari from the airline said that Croatia Airlines’ technical division has been authorised to fit the Europe cabin on several of Lufthansa’s Airbus A320s, thus making Croatia Airlines the only other airline authorised to do so on Lufthansa jets. The refitting will be done at Croatia Airlines’ relatively new hanger at Zagreb Airport, opened in 2008 in cooperation with the German flag carrier.

The new seats are both more comfortable and economical, according to the two partner airlines. They provide passengers with more legroom but also allow the addition of another 2 rows of seating. Croatia Airlines will roll out the new economy class cabin on selected Airbus A320s in time for the 2012 summer season.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    Good stuff because their (nice and calming) blue seats are already worn and (sometimes even) broken!

  2. Interesting, less weight will result in savings but I wonder what the passenger impression of these seats will be. They look cheap and uncomfortable to me. I also wonder if business class seating will have these seats installed.

    Two extra rows so I wonder if that means OU's cabin load factor will get worse. :)

  3. frequentflyer11:33

    Does this include changing the seats on:
    1) the birds earmarked for replacement with brand new 319s (2 of which are due arrive next year in April and May), and
    2) on the 20-year old 9A-CTF (whose lease expires in December next year)?

    Seems like a waste of money to change seats on planes which will be no longer in operation for the airline within the next 18-odd months!

    @ Q400

    Early reports of changed seats on OS indicate passengers like them. My concern is how they will look and operate not new (as they are now) but in 5-10 years time where there is *less* to wear away...

  4. Anonymous13:28

    we have the Recaro seat in the Swiss fleet, aswell on Avro RJs.

    In the Business class are the same seats, but the middle seat is kept empty. No other difference.
    The biggest problem that we have with those seats are the tables.
    They are braking very fast.
    We are replacing them very often and have problems that they are zero stock, so we set the priority for C-class seat tables.

    Regards from Basel

  5. JU520 BEGLAX14:13

    BSL anonymous.

    I hope the Avro RJs are finally out by 2014... don t like that plane....

    Gruäss us Züri und hopp FCZ

  6. @ frequantflyer,

    I hope it's not a step backwards for the airline but based on what anonymous just posted; it looks as if there not made to last!

    Just on something unrelated, I noticed Dubrovnik’s A320 at Dubrovnik airport on the webcam being loaded, looks like she is in use.

  7. Anonymous14:58

    This is just a nice way for Lufthansa and its partners to spin the idea of squeezing in additional pax in a single plane. Extra leg room is only a fiction, as due to some structural elements, one can no longer stretch legs below the seat in front.
    Additionally, due to the increased number of pax, there is now significantly less storage room for the cabin luggage, which made boarding on the over-booked flights a true nightmare. Anyone who has flown Lufthansa recently, knows what the mess it is.
    For C class, it's even worse, as there is no wardrobe service anymore, seat rests cannot be shifted out over the middle seat, and there is no coffee table in between the seats.
    Lufthansa has actually put in so much seats in its A321, that they had to keep 5 seats in the first rows completely blocked, as due to regulatory reasons they cannot have more than 200 pax on board (and they have 205 seats installed)

  8. Anonymous15:54

    To JU520 BEGLAX

    the RJ´s gonna fly minimum till 2020.

    The new C series from bombardier is just on papers.

    FCB Schwitzer Meister 2011

  9. I don't like Lufthansa's new seats at all. I was on their A340-600 last sumemr flying from ORD to MUC, which is also fitted with those new slim seats. Less padding, les leg room makes the flight very uncomfortable. This year, I am back to United. The US carriers might not have that sophsticated EVOD as LH, but their seats are much more comfortable.

  10. Anonymous20:40

    Lufthansa Recaro designed seats are only for inter-European flights. Slick and with more leg room. Like it.

  11. Anonymous22:28


    What are you talking about? I am flying on LH's 747 between Washington DC and Europe all the time. Eveytime I happen to be on anything else in LHs fleet (that doesnt have the old seats its like heaven).
    US airlines might have better seats but hell, I don't want to be stuck on UA for 9:30 hours!

  12. Anonymous22:29

    I flew FRA-LIS-FRA in March A321. On the way to LIS old product, on the way back the new one (200 pax -full). Both flights delayed 45 mins.The new chairs are very hard an uncomfortable, they remind me of camping chairs with some fabrics on it. The leg room is less then before. LH is advertising it in Germany as "gefühlte Beinfreiheit" which means "feels like more legroom"....nothing but a way to squeeze more pax in that plane. The crew needed 1,15 hour to serve the meal and collect the dishes, since they reduced the number of staff...waited with the meal on my table for 25 minutes for the drink.
    I can only recommend whenever avoid LH, it is always among the most expensive and offers almost low cost product!

  13. @ Last Anonymous

    Completely agree with you.
    LH sucks.
    2 years ago flew LH ZAG-FRA on 733, almost broke my teeth with stone hard sandwich, and couldn't get both juice and cofee, had to choose.
    Last year flew LH TIP-FRA on 319, with new seats which are VERY uncomfortable, HAD TO WAIT 1 hour and 5 minutes before cabin crew gave first glas of water in economy class. Little over 100 passengers, FOUR cabin crew, extreme heat in Tripoli, DELAY, small children and old people on board, and 4 of them worked in business class and didn't even enter economy. Such humiliating experience, I'll fly LH only when there is no other option. Only 2 things they are very good at, are overcharging passengers, and destroying and controling their "partner" airlines.

  14. Anonymous02:51

    When talking about LH we must admitt that their product is getting worse and worse.National carrier prices-below low cost service.EasyJet is more comfortable than LH at the moment.Recaro seats are a marketing brain wash lowering their image as an airline.
    Had also quite disappointing experience on LX ZRH-MIA-toatlly rude crew and seating next to the toilets was a nightmare-the half of the cabin smelt disgusting because of their appaling condition

  15. Anonymous08:08

    Hmmm interesting I must say... I flew Belgrade-Frankfurt-Helsinki-Munich-Belgrade about a month ago.

    On the 06:15 flight out of Belgrade it was a 733 which had decent legroom and the product on board was decent enough. Nothing worth ranting about.
    The flight to Helsinki was on board one of their A320 which had amazing legroom. The meal served on this two hour flight was a HOT piece of pizza.

    Return to Munich it was again an A320 with again great legroom and we got a hot sandwich.

    To Belgrade we had an Embraer 195 which was brand new but there wasn't that much space, well, it is a regional after all.

    Overall I would say that I enjoyed flying on Lufthansa.
    They are more than decent and their product is good.
    I fly them at least once a month and I have not experienced anything like that.

    Pozdrav iz Rijeke,

    Maybe you had a bad experience flying from Zagreb since Lufthansa doesn't need to impress their customers that much, since we all know it, Zagreb is a Star Alliance stronghold!
    Out of Belgrade they have far more competition hence why they need tricks to keep their passengers come back.

    By the way, for those who care, my BEG-FRA had 100 passengers and the MUC-BEG was 100% full.

  16. Out of curiosity: are these seats the same as the Austrian ones?

  17. Dreamliner09:21

    I just wander when they going to introduce “bench” on the planes. Looks like not long to go …..
    The new seats are shit , I like the seats from the old planes, like someone mention in above comments. I agree with the person , I will fly UA rather then LH , surrounded by plastic . I don’t care much about the entertainment system , for me is more important the comfort. Be realistic if you are on 20+ hour flight, believe me , last thing what you will worry is “what’s on demand on tv” , I reckon you will move on that stupid plastic all the time, because your bum got num.

  18. I was looking at booking my flight LAX->>>-BEG and one of the cheaper options was Lufthansa with their shitty B747-400.
    I decided to pay $76 more and fly on Air France's B777-200 via Paris and then on the A319 to Belgrade.
    I don't really mind since I have both Star and SkyTeam ff programe.


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