Dubai – Tuzla

Sharjah – Tuzla replaced by Dubai - Tuzla
As was exclusively reported several weeks ago on EX-YU aviation news, Air Arabia, the low cost UAE based airline, will commence flights to Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the airport’s tour operator. With the deal between the two sides now finalised, there have been some changes. Instead of flying into Sharjah (as was initially planned), located 15 kilometres from Dubai, the flights will now originate and operate directly from and to the United Arab Emirates’ largest city – Dubai. Instead of the planned June 10 start the service has been pushed back to July 1, however, both the operating days and times have stayed the same. A total of 31 flights will operate until October 24. Although Air Arabia is based in Sharjah the flights will operate out of Dubai as agreed between tour operators and the operating carrier.

Tickets for the Dubai flights can be booked via several local travel agents. Prices for a return ticket with all taxes included vary with prices running between 460 and 700 Euros. Tickets will not be sold via Air Arabia’s website.

Tuzla becomes only the second city in the former Yugoslavia to have flights to Dubai after Belgrade. Jat Airways operates 4 weekly flights to the UAE’s most populous city. Flight details for the Dubai – Tuzla – Dubai flights can be found here.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Air Arabia flies from Sharjah only and cannot operate from Dubai - something in this story does not add up - perhaps the flights will be operated by flyDubai?

  2. Anonymous09:35

    LCC? I fly from SKP via IST to DXB with Turkish for 500 EUR. So LCC is 700 EUR from Tuzla?

  3. Anonymous09:45

    I agree with the both anonymus, first of all Air Arabia can't fly from Dubai as they simply don't adn there is nothing LCC in that price, rip off, the same as Air Berlin with the tickets Nunberg-Tivat, absolute nonsence.

    People can really talk all sort of rubbish and negative aboyt F, but they are doing amazing job, just found a ticket from STN to RJK for £1, together with the booking fee is going to be around 6£, with hand luggage only, which is enough, so I will be flying there for less than coffee and sandwich in London, really don't care if the staff are rude or anything else, as long as they tranport me from point A to pint B safely I coudln't care less, they can even shout at me, I will shout back :-)

  4. Anonymous09:46

    Previously wanted to say FR (ryanair)

  5. Anonymous10:13

    From what I’m hearing this has nothing to do with Air Arabia. They will just be using their aircraft and staff to the flights to DXB which are being chartered by Tuzla Airport and operated as seasonal summer flights.

  6. AirKoryoTU-20412:15

    Dubai - Tuzla with Air Arabia must be a charter service operated by Air Arabia like a wet-lease, I don't think Air Arabia has ever flown into or out of Dubai as a scheduled carrier, don't quote me on that though. Although Dubai - Sarajevo would be a better fit than Tuzla. I think Sarajevo would have the obvious advantage over Tuzla for a number of reasons not hard to think of a hand full I would say.

    None the less, good luck to the carrier and the other firms involved always good to see an expansion in operations as such.

    I remember this carrier used to fly into Russia quite offten at Vnukovo and Samara then they pulled out actually they used to serve Athens too I recall seing one there once.

    Does anyone think these services could funnel onto Jeddah for Hajj? Or does Sarajevo have it's own Jeddah charters during the period of Hajj?

  7. Zrak13:03

    @Air-Koryo TU-204

    There are charter flights from SJJ to Jeddah during Hajj season (at least have been last few years). I don't see actually why there shouldn't be direct charter flights to Jeddah even from TZL as north-eastern Bosnia is the most populous region in the country.

  8. Anonymous13:29

    These prices are ridiculous. You can fly to DXB from BEG for less than 400 euros if you're lucky and for only a little more with a reputable world-class airline. I really don't see a point!?

  9. AirKoryoTU-20415:56


    Good point, I am curious which carriers fly Hajj services to Sarajevo? Has B&H ever flown a direct flight with the 737 or A319?

    Also I'm not from Bosnia so I can't really tell if there is enough demand for charters directly to or even scheduled services to Jeddah for the Hajj period. Since Bosnia has a smaller sized Islamic community I'd say the demand isn't that huge. Although Albania seems to have little pull on this topic too.

  10. Anonymous16:09

    Maybe there aren't that many coz probably Turkish Airlines and Air B&H have a good offer via Istanbul.

    By the way, the other day Turkish Airlines had sent their brand new A321 to Sarajevo with the PTVs in each seat!

  11. OT:
    Looks like NouvelAir is back on track again this summer with 3 weekly flights from Monastir to Belgrade on days 2, 3 and 5. Tunis Air will have 3 weekly flights as well, only from newly opened Enfidha airport, 2 weekly from Tunis Carthage airport and Jat will have 2 weekly flights to Monastir. Summed up, Tunis and Serbia will be linked by air 10 times per week. Not bad at all :)

    The interesting thing is that all those flights by Tunis Air and NouvelAir will be operated on:
    Tuesdays and Fridays - 3 flights a day (one BJ to MIR, one TU to TUN and one TU to NBE); and Thursdays - 2 flights a day (one BJ to MIR and one TU to NBE).

    I hope that the political situation in North Africa will be much better by the beginning of June/July.


  12. JATBEGMEL10:15

    Dubai is not 15kms from Sharjah, Dubai Airport which is close to border of Dubai and Sharjah is more than 15 kms away from Sharjah.

    Highly doubting the flights will go ahead.

  13. Anonymous13:17

    I wonder where are those people who advocated that these flights would be a success just coz they are CHEAP.

    Not to mention thta they bashed Jat so much but now Jat actually offers a better deal!! HA!


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