Four digit growth for Osijek

An April to remember at Osijek Airport
It’s not every day that an airport records a 4 digit passenger percentage increase but that is exactly what happened to Osijek in April. Airports across Croatia recorded substantial passenger growth when compared to April 2010. Granted, April of last year saw most airports across Europe close due to the volcano ash from Iceland but the airports also recorded respectable increases compared to April of 2009.

Croatia’s main airport, Zagreb, handled a total of 190.751 passengers, an impressive 35.2% increase. For the first four months of the year, Pleso is up by 17.6%. A similar increase in passenger numbers was recorded in Split where figures jumped by over 37%. Despite having only 10 flights more, Dubrovnik’s airport handled 77.046 passengers and recorded an increase of 22.2%. An impressive passenger boost was also seen at Pula Airport, which plans to end the year off with an increase of at least 10% compared to 2010. Rijeka is still waiting for flights to pick up this summer. It recorded an increase of “only” 17.7%. Finally, Osijek with 2.122 passengers sees its numbers grow by 3.286%.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in April 2011. Overall, Croatian airports handled 371.127 passengers, an increase of 36.5% compared to April 2010. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers APR 2011Passengers APR 2010Change (%)
Zagreb191.751141.053 35.2
Dubrovnik77.04663.033 22.2
Pula11.5386.915 66.9
Split63.55046.188 37.6
Zadar23.01312.305 87.0
Rijeka2.6812.277 17.7
Mali Lošinj312131 138.2


  1. Intruder09:23

    The trend of the impressive increase in the croatian airports would likely expect a record arrival of foreign tourists.
    My forecast for the year 2011 is:
    Zagreb airport. : 2.300.000
    Dubrovnik airport : 1.500.000
    Split airport. : 1.400.000
    Pula aiport. : 430.000

  2. @Intruder - this sounds about right.
    However, I am truly hoping Zagreb gets some of the summer season effect of the total increase that is expected in Croatia. In that case one'd hope the total growth rate would be around 13-14% for the maybe, just maybe it come close to 2.400.000 -that would be sweet...this may be achieved by a additional rotations o the existing routes, as there are only 3 more new routes coming up:
    1.OU's Zagreb-Istambul (17.5)
    2.Zagreb-Chicago (20.6.)
    3. Zagreb-Milan... (september)

    And for Zadar, which you forgot here, I forecast about 330.000 to 340.000.

  3. frequentflyer13:51

    Wow - that is an impressive statistic for OSI. But look at the number they started from!!

    Would anyone know if that is the best-ever figure for April in 50 years of ZAG?

    @ Intruder/Petar

    If ZAGs 17% growth rate continues, the airport is looking at close to 2.5m pax... that is surely enough reason that the terminal needs upgrading!

  4. Anonymous17:47

    Osijek infrastructure and number of passengers is absolutely the same as Nis as I can see from the fist sight :)

  5. @frequentflyer,
    you are almost on it...BUT don't forget 17% increase rate is largely due to a 35% increase in April, which is the way it is due to Volcano acitivty last year when the airport was shut down for 5-6 days at the very least. The first 3 months had 10% growth, and so... it all depends on how well it does in the following months...
    but yes, the new terminal is needed, you are right. asap.

  6. Anonymous18:17

    And of course this is thanks to FR mainly I would say. I a sure FR would do absolutely all right all year around from/to OSI and another destination would be great too with them.

  7. Anonymous20:44

    Will ZAD really break 300,000 pax this year?
    FR seem to have gone from 11-7 routes dumping EDI, BRE, PSA and BRI. 4U have dumped Hannover and Czech Connect seem to have dumped Brno and Ostrava. The new OU routes to MUC and ZRH will not have that many pax to cover the loss.


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