Jat dumps Trieste

Jat suspends Trieste service
Jat Airways has suspended services to the Italian boarder city of Trieste, citing low interest. The flights have been suspended as of immediately. Jat’s acting CEO said there was no interest to fly to the North of the Adriatic. Although it is no secret that the service has been struggling for years, it has been part of Jat’s destination network for quite some time and carried an Alitalia codeshare as well. The Serbian carrier operated flights to Trieste 3 times per week using its ATR72. Jat continues to fly to Rome and Milan in Italy. The airline has also temporarily suspended flights to Malta and Tripoli due to the NATO led intervention in Libya. With both air raids and civil war ensuing in the North African country, it is unlikely the Serbian carrier will be returning to Tripoli anytime soon, despite being the last European carrier to pull out of the city. The flights operated as a triangle service (Belgrade – Malta – Tripoli – Belgrade).

The Serbian carrier has today cancelled its service to Stockholm due to a spreading volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. It also cancelled yesterday's service to Copenhagen for the same reason. Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Europe as a result of the eruption. Germany has today closed its northern airspace. Most services originating to and from EX-YU airports remain unaffected. Meteorologists predict that this year’s ash cloud won’t cause mass havoc as the one last year.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    If they decide to use the free Atr for routes like Berlin or Athens then I gotta say that our worst nightmares will come true... We are finally going to get the proof that Jat is indeed run by morons.

    I have nothing against Jat dumpin Trieste if the Atr is going to be used for something smart. Maybe routes like Istanbul, Thessaloniki or some ex-Yugoslav destination. Anything besides that would not make any sense.

  2. Peter from Sydney09:35

    @ Anonymous 1, are there not the demands for Berlin or Athens? From what little I know, Thessaloniki would be an excellent route especially during the summer peak period.

  3. JATBEGMEL09:49

    nice to see TRS finally is dumped. VCE i assume would be a better Italian destination?

  4. Anonymous09:56

    Volcanic ash forced JU to cancell ARN and CPH?
    Why the same ash had no impact on Cimber or Wizz or Norwegian yesterday who operated/will operate their flights normally. Wizz to NYO and MMX and Cimber to CPH. DY to ARN late last night.

  5. Aero10:33

    A7 is obviously forced solution due to fleet shortage, obviously.
    In the today`s article in VN daily it is said that 5 B737 is currently in Jat Tehnika for general maintenance, meaning, that JU is currently operating only 8 A/C.
    In article below, you can read dynamic of their come back into the fleet:


  6. off topic:

    WizzAir starting 01OCT11 launches 2 weekly Venice Treviso – Skopje service on board Airbus A320 aircraft.

    During the month of Oct 2011, service operates Tuesdays and Saturdays. In the Winter 2011/12 season from 30OCT11, service operates on Thursdays and Sundays.


    till 29OCT11
    W67752 TSF0745 – 0925SKP 320 26
    W67751 SKP0955 – 1135TSF 320 26

    eff 30OCT11
    W67752 TSF1345 – 1525SKP 320 7
    W67752 TSF1610 – 1750SKP 320 4

    W67751 SKP1555 – 1735TSF 320 7
    W67751 SKP1820 – 2000TSF 320 4

  7. Anonymous12:59

    Congrats to SKP!! Any solid words on that rumor about a base at SKP? Or maybe new A320 at BEG?

  8. Anonymous13:05

    Dear @Aero

    Jat operating with only six A/C according my sources. If one B733 is on the ground thay means five planes in service!

  9. AirKoryoTU20406:55

    JAT fliea to Thessaloniki with ATR-72 and has so for many years. Also their services to Athens run along side the Olympic Air services on the route. From what I know the route is doing well for JAT.

  10. The problem wit Jat and Athens is that it is directly competing with Olympic. OA uses their Dash-8 which is more economical and faster.
    That is why Jat can not afford to downgrade the route from the 737 to the Atr. I am sure that once the 733s are back into service they will be back on the BEG-ATH-BEG route.

    Plus, I am not so sure that SKG is going that well since they were considering cutting the route some time ago.

  11. Last year JAT flew to LJU, TRS, PUY and POW. Do I need to say more?!

  12. Anonymous11:10

    I am sure the next move will be Wizz starting flight to Venice :-)

  13. AirKoryoTU-20412:47

    The first part is basically exactly what I said just a post before, although Thessaloniki services are not going that bad, usually their AT7 services seem to be leaving with a decent load or atleast it seems as though many Serbs are in the regional lot of the time

  14. Anonymous15:00


    I know, I was just stating the same thing.
    How do you know about the loads? Probably the passenger numbers have picked up over the last months as I do not see any other explanation for wanting to cut the route before.

    Also, do we know where these Atrs will be deployed to? It has to be somewhere in the region in order to fit into the schedule. My guess Montenegro, Skopje or Ohrid.

  15. Anonymous17:37

    @ Lento

    "LJU, TRS, PUY and POW."

    Ljubljana - ok JAT was doing ok but their load kept decreasing everyone is using ADRIA, so they codeshared on ADRIA's flights which now fly 7 / weekly.....

    Trieste - it was non profitable route, planes were lucky to be 50% full..... 3 weekly and was cut, its no biggie its not end of world, anyways now instead of Triest people can use Ljubljana - Belgrade route, Ljubljana being right by Trieste...

    Pula - I heard and saw some facts that Pula - BEG was doing good w/ pax and had good profit. I do not know why it isn't continuing, but it should start back up soon, as things get rolling with Croatia - hopefully flights to Zagreb too. We need to trust in this new CEO , he is smart and restructuring the company in a positive way.

    Portoroz - hhahahhh. this never even got going, they never had a first flight. no interest, only 14 tickets were booked on all flights so they stopped them from commencing.

    ok so I do not get your point? even with these "cutes", JAT has many NEW destination with MORE frequencies. Many more people are flying with JAT, look at the statistics for god sakes. A 33% increase was recorded for April. here this is for JAT:

    Month PAX Change (%)
    JAN 68.600 ▲ 2.9
    FEB 67.635 ▲ 24
    MAR 79.408 ▲ 20
    APR 88.597 ▲ 33

    So what is your point, were you trying to say JAT is loosing PAX? Because you are really wrong there lol.

  16. Anonymous19:13

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Anonymous19:16

    cuts* not cutes lol ^^^

  18. Jat's policy of keeping the random frequencies would make sense if they were planning on adding new aircraft anytime soon.
    Since any additional aircraft in the fleet are not going to come any time soon it makes much more sense to offer frequency over ...well... over a weak wide network.
    For Jat it's crucial to keep frequent flights to its most profitable destinations simply because if they do not offer the adequate frequencies then other airlines will via their hubs!

    Also the fact that their numbers are on the rist proves that they gotta be doing something right.

  19. Anonymous19:31

    ...bleh sorry for the mistakes. Can't be bothered to fix it now.

  20. Anonymous20:54

    ^ correction, it is possible they will add new aircraft soon. they are planning on purchasing new version of ATR.... 72-500 ... I believe they will be working to replace their fleet, but they need more aircraft to because every time one needs repair in BEG their whole schedule gets effed up. They are operating over capacity.... and with the rise in pax / destinations, JAT needs new planes! the CEO acknowledged this and hopes in 2012 the aircraft should be in.

  21. Anonymous21:25

    Getting the Atr72-500 would be the most stupid thing Jat can do.
    Getting new generation aircraft should occur only when the airline is ready to replace its entire old generation fleet.
    In case that they do get it they will need spare parts for both old and new, additionally unnecessary training for teh crew and so on.
    Jat can get some affordable second hand Atr-72's in order to boost its regional network.
    Only when the airline fixes its regional fleet and filles the gaps in its European network can it think of adding new generation equipment.
    The fact that they are even considering new generation shows how competent they are.

  22. Anonymous21:29

    Just look at Lot, their core fleet consists of E-jets while additional capacity is covered with old generation Boeings such as 734/735. Their regional routes are operated by old generation Atrs which are doing their job more than fine.

    If they can operate profitably with so many old generation aircraft then I see no reasons Jat can't.
    Another great example of this is Norwegian. After several years of operating the 733s they have decided to switch to the 738s.

  23. Anonymous21:51

    Does NRS or anyone know when the Jat flight to RTM will take place?

  24. RTM!? When? Where? How? What are you talking about? :)

  25. Anonymous02:55

    As far as I know there will be a BEG-RTM flight in the next few days. I figured Jat might fly it as it would likely be good money.

  26. Roterdam?? Is it a charter flight they are going to be operating?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. @ AleksNikolicUSA

    I did not comment on passenger numbers. I only said that last year JAT had 4 destinations close to each other in that area. We wouldn't have this discussion if anyone at JAT counted money instead of heads. At the end of the day, it's the financial results that count. That's why all airlines try to lure high yield passengers.
    What you said about those 4 destinations only reaffirms my point. JAT cannot sustain any competition (LJU), cannot market the flight even without competition (TRS), cannot take advantage of high demand (PUY) and cannot plan its traffic according to technical and market requirements (POW).

  29. Anonymous20:54

    Charter flight to RTM probably on Monday.

  30. Anonymous21:40

    @ RTM flight: he is talking about the Mladic transfer.


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