Mostar to get flights

B&H to commence Pescara service
Mostar Airport has announced it is finalising an agreement with B&H Airlines to commence seasonal summer charters from the city to Pescara in Italy. Mostar Airport’s managment is visiting Pescara in order to finalise the flight details. The project is being propped by a local tour operator. This is welcomed news for the airport as it has been struggling to attract airlines for years. If all goes to plan flights could commence next month, local media reports. In April, Mostar handled 2.193 passengers thanks to charter flights from Italy and Lebanon. It is believed Mostar Airport could attract airlines offering flights to religious pilgrims visiting the nearby Medjugorje.

On the other hand, Tuzla is anticipating the start of Air Arabia’s Dubai service, which commences on July 1. The airport handled only 54 passengers last month. Meanwhile, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city, Banja Luka, saw 719 passengers pass through its doors. Finally in April, Sarajevo handled 49.489 passengers. In total, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s four airports handled 52.455 passengers in April.


  1. AirKoryoTU-20409:22

    B&H Airlines has a very strange ethic of work that's all I know. They can't operate flights from Sarajevo to Frankfurt and Vienna yet want to fly Mostar to Pescara as charters too.

  2. Anonymous10:54

    Totally agree, VERY STRANGE indeed. If they can't fill the planes tyo two major cities and airport like Vienna and Frankfurt, how they gonna do it for Pescara. God sense for busniess in the Balkans is just non existing.

  3. Anonymous11:28

    Off topic:

    Since it was mentioned that Belgrade airport will report a spurt in growth of 20% in May we can assume that we will start the summer months with 1.000.000 passengers.

    Last May Belgrade airport handled 219.000 with 20% growth this month it will handle 262.800. This will bring the grand total of 1,032,800!

    If this happens to be true then Belgrade will pass the one million mark one month early when compared to last year!

  4. Doot11:31

    Well, if the airlines and airport can make a few bux from the snake-oil salesmen and their customers in Medjugorije, why not.

  5. Anonymous11:51


    What do you mean snake oil??

  6. OT
    A charter airline from Egypt Air Memphis is starting 3 routes from Egypt to Belgrade. Hurghada with 2 weekly flights and Sharm el Sheikh and Taba with 1 weekly each. The operating days are variable:

    MHS3864/3865 HRG-BEG: every Monday or Thursday, plus every Saturday
    MHS3844/3847 SSH-BEG: every Monday or Thursday
    MHS3846/3845 TCP-BEG: every Monday or Thursday.

    Note: When the airline operates flights to/from Hurghada on Mondays, then the flights to/from Sharm el Sheikh and Taba are operated on Thursdays. When the flights are operated to/from Hurghada on Thursdays, then the flights to/from Sharm el Sheikh and Taba are operated on Mondays. The Saturday service to/from Hurghada is operated on a weekly basis without any change throughout the whole S11 season.

  7. Anonymous14:16

    BH Airlines will get paid for this flight from the tour operators. You will not could book the flight on their website or the internet.

    So, it's very good.

  8. Anonymous14:19

    What aircraft will this Egyptian carrier use? A320?

    It's good to see that even if there were unrests in Egypt that people are still going there..

  9. Flights to Pescara will be the charter ones, I suppose.

    Their fleet is consisted of A320 and MDs, so my guess is that theyll operate with A320... ;)

  10. frequentflyer11:39

    Mostar *isn't* getting flights, as the service is not a scheduled one the title is actually misleading.

    The fact remains that JA is operating charter services from the airport. Charters are normally fully booked in advance and therefore a money spinner, which is good. We all know the situation the airline is in...

    Let's ask the real questions!
    * which plane?
    * does it fit into their (rapidly-emptying) schedule?
    * is this likely to result in OMO getting regular flights again??
    * which tourist operator booked?
    * when will JA operate numerous charter routes as they previously did to places like Turkey?


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