Wizz confirms new Skopje route

Venice Treviso to Skopje by Wizz Air
As was exclusively reported by EX-YU aviation news back on March 30, Wizz Air yesterday confirmed that it will commence flights from Venice (Treviso Airport) to Skopje. The flights will accompany the London Luton – Skopje service which will be inaugurated on June 20. The low cost airline will introduce the Venice flights on September 20 and will operate them twice per week, every Tuesday and Saturday (moving to Thursday and Sunday in the winter). Tickets can already be purchased via the airline’s website. Wizz Air decided on launching the Venice service after recording strong booking figures for the London Luton flights. The airline has already sold over 5.000 tickets from London to Skopje. According to EX-YU aviation sources, the airline’s next route to Skopje is likely to be from Charleroi in Belgium, since the airline is conducting a feasibility study.

This summer, Skopje Airport is seeing a boom in traffic and has managed to attract several new low cost airlines, the latest being Niki from Austria. Wizz has a strong presence in the region with a base in Belgrade and flights to the Croatian coast. To view details for the Venice – Skopje service click here.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    Great news for Skopje!!! Really great. Congrats Macedonia. I have already said that Wizzair is just to be seen. I think Skopje will becaome a small base too, BEG will get another plane, LTN will go daily. From the day ONE, since they announced they wil fly to Skopje I said I knew so many people already booking tickets to fly directly from London to Macedonia. Venice is a great tourist destination and I am suree it will be popular. All in all Wizzair a very postive thing. Lets see what is next :-)

  2. Anonymous11:08

    The only thing which is not correct is that the flight from Venice Treviso to Skopje start September 20th.

  3. Great news for SKP!
    Dont forget that BEG received 2 new routes in the beginning of S10 season with service to LTN and DTM, and soon after that BEG became a hub. Maybe the same thing will happen with SKP :)

    All Wizz Air routes from BEG will stay unchanged with the same frequencies as in S11 during W11/12 season (and some small timetable corrections). The only change is the operating days for Brussels and Eindhoven routes. Eindhoven from day 4 and 7 to 2 and 6 and Brussels from 2 and 6 to 4 and 7.

    Cimber Sterling will change flight numbers on all routes including BEG in W11/12.
    CPH-BEG will be operated 3 times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (the same as in S11) but the fl. no will be QI303/304, not QI3437/3438.


  4. Anonymous12:32


    Is Wizzair going to start the service between Belgrade and Milan (Bergamo) any time soon?


  5. Anonymous13:02

    Great news for SKP!!TAV does a really great job at the airport.I hope they will complete the new terminal until 8th of September.
    Btw. I think the next destination that can work out is Dortmud, Weeze or Eindhoven, but however in Germany.

  6. Anonymous13:16

    about the "exclusivity", dear ex-yu that info you posted here the day after you read it on the macedonian aviation forum...

    However, we still like your blog ;)

    btw. SKP-LTN continues in winter with 3 weekly. tickets are now on sale

  7. Anonymous15:47

    bravo makedonija... congrats!

    off topic -

    how come today in Belgrade a WIZZ AIR A320 came in from Budapest? I mean I have some guesses since that is their main hub, ali necu da pocinjem da lupam ;) ahhaa

  8. Dont know about Treviso/Marco Polo nor Malpensa/Linate, but my guess is that these are next two routes with the second A320 out of BEG.

    @Aleks :)
    Niko te nece streljati ako nagadjas bilo sta :) bar ja ne bih :D
    Juce je bio otkazan let za NYO, pa je taj isti danas "nadoknadjen" :) a na tom letu je danas leteo avion koji je dosao iz Budimpeste kao rezerva, kako ne bi ometali redovan saobracaj iz Beograda planiran za danas :)

  9. Anonymous20:14

    Didn't someone mention the possible routes that are going to be operated by Wizz with the second aircraft? All i remember is LCA and PUY.

    То није био први пут да је дошао лет из суседства. Ако се добро сећам недавно је дошао и авион из Софије због квара авиона кој је смештен у Београду.

  10. Anonymous11:00

    Great news for Skopje. Little by little the situation has started improving and that is very crucial for SKP airport and the Macedonian aviation as well.
    Good job one more time, and hoping for another new destination very soon.

  11. Igor S.16:06

    Due to politics I could not leave a comment on the proper story about the Skopje airport. I wanted to say that all that is happening in Macedonian aviation is the positive effect of solving the Airport management issue. Previous arrangement was prone to corruption, over-employment and personal agenda and greed. TAV may be the best thing that happened to Macedonian aviation but also to Macedonia. It shows that proper private sector management can and will yield results in the long run. More planes and more passengers will land in Skopje and Ohrid as a result. Also, what is good for one part of ex-yu is also good for all other parts. Many greetings to other commentators on this site.


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