Air Berlin to Skopje

Soon in Skopje
Germany’s second largest airline, Air Berlin, will commence operations to Skopje. The semi low cost carrier will begin flights from Dusseldorf to the Macedonian capital on June 25 with the service operating every Saturday. Flights are set to depart Dusseldorf in the evening hours with the return flight from Skopje taking off every Sunday morning. A Boeing 737-700 will be used on the service. Flights details can be found here. In the region, Air Berlin flies to Tivat, Priština and several cities on the Croatian coast.

Air Berlin becomes the latest in a string of airlines to commence flights to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport which recently secured services from Wizz Air and Niki. Meanwhile, Pegasus Airlines from Turkey has announced it will begin seasonal summer flights from Istanbul and Izmir to the Macedonian capital. The airport’s management believes that with more competition ticket prices will continue to decline and air travel will become more accessible to people in the country. Skopje’s new terminal is scheduled to open on September 8.


  1. one way flights in August 229€, going down to 149-169€ after

    very "semi-low cost" ;)

  2. Hmmm either they really do not care about the SKP market, or they do not have enough planes to provide normal times or they are aiming at offering connections in Dusseldorf.
    I hope it's not the last one as they will fail miserably...

    So onworld is getting bigger in SKP with Air Berlin, Niki and Malev.


  3. straya12:16

    I am so happy about Pegasus;) if it will conect sabiha gokcen airport and skopje you will see me as a frequent user of Skopje airport. Best regards from Belgrade.

  4. Niki to Skopje is probably not gonna happen

  5. Anonymous13:34

    How come?

  6. Anonymous16:12

    Another airline begins flights from SKP-The italian Eagles Airlines and will serve bothVen ice and Rome.
    It seems to me that Niki wont happen.No booking is possible till yet.
    Skopje Airport will experience a renessaince this summer and rellistically both airports will reach 900 000 pax!!

  7. Anonymous17:48

    I'm wondering how much of a factor is the proximity of Priština airport to Skopje, in terms of catchment area and competition. After all they are less than 100 km apart. For someone from southern Kosovo it is closer to travel to Skopje.

  8. Anonymous18:25

    HATE FLYING AIR BERLIN! They are more expensive then Lufthansa man!

  9. Anonymous19:39

    JAL start to fly from Japan to Zagreb with 777.

    Bravo Zagreb! Bravo Hrvatska!

  10. straya22:58

    Hey guys I have some off topic news which I've heard from a friend of mine who works in Montenegro Airlines...
    As you all know, 2 more embraers are suppose to come, but they are letting go some people, and also, reduced drastically salaries, and some of the previous Jat workers now wanna come back to Belgrade. Their CLF to London is catastrofic, he told me that in one point there was 5 pass total in the aircraft. But the good thing (at least for Niš), that they have plans to transfer one of their fokkers to Niš and reinstate Master Airways... So, if that happens it would be very good for the south...
    And I was thinking, what do you think about getting atr42 for JAT, so that in the fuuture it would cover on a lowcost basis domestic airports... For example to keep its business methods for international flights, and in national (Niš, Užice, Kraljevo..) to behave like a lowcoster (charge checkins, baggage etc... Would it work?

  11. Anonymous01:09

    except for Kosovo, people from south Serbia (Vranje and area) or even Leskovac can use this flights Becouse Skp is 100 or maybe more km close than BEG.

    As for the vienna flights with Niki, they anounce that this flights will start in late Sept. so I think is early to comment anything about Niki so far.
    Also Finnair start flight to OHD, Mistral Air ROM-SKP, Corendon SKP-AYT, also increase from 2 to 3 weekly flights from OHD to AMS, and one flight SKP-BJV-AMS, MAT from SKP to Vienna, Copenhagen, Venice and Brussels, Sky airlines to Antaliya, Belair to Zurich, Borajet and Pegasus to Bodrum, Eagles to Rome and Venice, Turkish Increase from 7 to 11 weekly flights To Istanbul, Air Europa to Barcelona, BELLE AIR to Ancona, and thats all i find:))Most of the Flight are charter or scheduled but only for summer season.
    I'm not sure if There'll be pax. for all this flights but what to say except good Luck to SKP, OHD and TAV.

  12. Anonymous01:45

    @straya They are not going to reinstate Master Airways because of the South of Serbia. They will reinstate so it can be Serbian registered meaning it can fly from Belgrade to any city they want to.

  13. Anonymous03:19


    do you know when they will be doing this? and have you got any other information on these plans?

  14. wow Turkish increased IST-SKP to 10 weekly

  15. Dreamliner13:35

    Just checked on sabre

    ist: 18:15 - skp 18:35
    skp: 19:30 - ist 21:55

    the flights are perfectly timed for all passengers travelling on qr,ek,ey to/from australia/nz ,

    at least this cam make flying time around 20 hours to/from skp to mel/syd/bne

    good news :)


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