Air India to the US via Ljubljana

Air India in Ljubljana from 2012
After Zagreb and Belgrade, Ljubljana will also be getting direct flights to the United States, to be operated by the Indian national carrier Air India. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will serve as a stopover for Air India’s North America flights under a memorandum of understanding that the Indian and Slovenian national carriers, as well as Ljubljana Airport, signed in New Delhi yesterday. The two airlines will soon begin to codeshare on each other’s flights. This will pave way for Adria Airways to access Air India's network by generating traffic beyond Delhi, and likewise, provide Air India with access to the East European market. It will also provide for better commercial viability, and contribute towards yield improvements.

Ljubljana Airport says that Air India’s flights to the US via Ljubljana would begin either at the start of the 2012 summer season in March or the 2012/2013 winter season which begins in October next year, depending on when the airline takes delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner whose rollout has been delayed by the aircraft manufacturer several times. There is also potential for cargo traffic between the two countries. The news comes as the Slovenian Prime Minister, Borut Pahor, met with his Indian counterpart.

Only a week ago news surfaced that Adria Airways would be taken over by Air India, although the management of the Slovenian carrier denied the reports saying only that cooperation between the two airlines would be strengthened. Air India will become a Star Alliance member this summer, joining Adria. The Indian carrier operates flights to Chicago, Newark and New York City in the United States. It recently closed its European base in Frankfurt from which it operated several US bound flights.


  1. Nesto se pribojavam da ce se ovo destiti, ali 'ajde, valjda hoce.


  2. Almost forgot!
    Blog now has its mobile version! Great job! :)


  3. Anonymous09:44

    Well done! Which asian airliner is next? LJU can get 2nd airport to use MBX!!! as Ljubljana 2 airport.

  4. Anonymous09:50

    sexy...kan i buy flight to ljubljana only, delhi is tu big

  5. Btw, for the winter season it shoule be written more carefully as it is meant winter 2012/13, but in your article it reads like this winter.

  6. Anonymous10:16


    Incident: Wizzair A320 near Budapest on Jun 11th 2011, suspected bird strike
    By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Jun 12th 2011 17:24Z, last updated Sunday, Jun 12th 2011 17:24Z

    A Wizzair Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LPB performing flight W6-4106 from Memmingen (Germany) to Belgrade (Serbia), was en-route at FL350 over Graz (Austria) when the crew decided to divert to Budapest (Hungary). The aircraft landed safely on Budapest's runway 31L about 30 minutes later.

    The aircraft continued the flight after about 70 minutes on the ground and reached Belgrade with a delay of 75 minutes.

    A passenger on board reported that the captain just announced they were diverting to Budapest without any further explanation. Nothing abnormal occurred in the cabin, no emergency vehicles attended the aircraft in Budapest. After the aircraft arrived at the stand the captain walked around the aircraft with a number of technicians, then the aircraft was refueled and departed again. The passenger was later told that the crew suspected a bird strike.


  7. What?

    I thought Belgrade was the centre of the world

  8. Doot,

    Your comment is not related to aviation and as such should be deleted by the administrators.

    There are forums where such comments are welcomed, this is not one of them.

  9. Dreamliner11:24

    I am a bit sceptic for this route, i am a not sure , but i think i saw in bru few months ago , jet airways fly to usa via bru to india. i dont think so will work , just simple doesnt make any sense for me. they fly non-stop to usa from india, why the f* need a stop over?

  10. Nemjee, neka, navikli smo svi na zajedljive i neljudske komentare. Politika i istorija su vecito bili prioritet u "diskusiji" na blogu koji se tice puke avijacije. Dugo ce tako i ostati :)
    A do tada, topla dobrodoslica za Air India, kao i Swift Air-u ovog vikenda u Beogradu i Zagrebu :)

    AIRBERLIN, welcome note too :)

  11. Anonymous11:30

    JU500, exactly as you said.i will believe it when is see it though, but on the other hand it could work!

  12. what's wrong with my comment?

    Is is related to aviation.

    Many people from the Balkans have this hilarious notion that Belgrade is somehow the cross-roads between east and west. Maybe true somehow 200 years ago, maybe, but with this news, we can see how ridiculous such a notion is.

    @JU500. Navikliste na sta? Da se smeju ljude a snesne stvai sto Srbe vole da pricaju medju sebe?

  13. Dreamliner,

    Actually Jet Airways is axing their Brussels base. It just didn't make them any money. With more and more direct flights to the US from India it doesn't make sense to have a stop. Not to mention that Air India's application to Star Alliance might be rejected if they do not get their act together.


    Знам, само што је још горе то што је он Србин пореклом из Америке кој пљује свој сопствен народ. Јадник.


    Many people in the Balkans? I have not heard Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians... talk of Belgrade as the crossroad of anything. I guess that some people claim it to be, but I do not really bother with such statements.
    This piece of news doesn't prove anything but a desperate airline working with a desperate airport.Air India is one of the worst airlines in the world. Their loses are massive and their inflight product is way below the industry standard.

    And just inform you, Air India was considering opening up a base in Belgrade a couple of year ago but went in favor of Frankfurt since it was hoping to become a Star Alliance member sooner. So there, we can still claim that we are the centre of the world.

  14. Anonymous12:48

    btw JAT thought about connecting Chicago to Delhi, but they instead focused on connecting Dubai to Western Europe

  15. AirKoryoTU-20413:48

    @Last Anonymous

    "btw JAT thought about connecting Chicago to Delhi, but they instead focused on connecting Dubai to Western Europe"

    Do you suffer from a case of retardation?

    JAT to connect pax onto Delhi even though they never flew to either destination in the past 15 years. Last time I checked JAT would be up against Air India and American who both serve Delhi from O'hare. Etihad would be one of the bigger connecting carriers from ORD to India, JAT that would have been the least of the concern to operate as a connections carrier, rahter cater for the Serbian community and Serbia itself.

    Dubai to Western Europe. Not too much competition there is there?

  16. "Many people in the Balkans? I have not heard Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians... talk of Belgrade as the crossroad of anything. I guess that some people claim it to be, but I do not really bother with such statements. "

    You're right. It's only Serbs that believe this nonsense and love repeating it to each other.

    I should have been more specific.

  17. @Nemanee

    Who cares if I'm of Serbian decent.

    Being Serbian doesn't prevent me from saying black is black and white is white. Being Serbian isn't a form of brain damage, at least for me it's not.

    Believe it or not, I only want the best for Serbia. I do love poking at the things that hold Serbia back, but why should that bother anyone. After all, we both want the best for Serbia, do we not?

  18. @ AirKoryo

    Actually, Continental flies non-stop to India as well. I believe they serve both Delhi and Mumbai from EWR.

    Not exactly sure, why Air India needs to make a stop in Europe at all. They operate B777s (the same aircraft type as CO and AA use), which should have enough range to reach NYC without a stop. Once I read somewhere that the US government requires from Indian and Pakistani airliners to make a stop in Europe for additional security check. The US officials don't really trust Pakistani and Indian security procedures. That's why PIA also makes a stop in MAN before they proceed flying to the US. Correct me if I am wrong.

  19. Sam, think you are right. Heard it somewhere too but cannot recall where. Ill try to google it. If I find anything, Ill post it here.

  20. 1. Air India (aircraft material)CAN'T carry passengers on the Ljubljana - USA route (or viceversa) only! Air India can't get the rights for that. Ljubljana can be only a technical stop. With proper agreements passenger travel India - Slovenia and India - Usa (via Slovenia) are only options.

    2. Air India is joining Star Alliance in summer 2011.
    Air India has a codeshere with many airlines: Turkish airlines is among them.
    I can't see any reason why someone will fly from India to Europe -not to Ljubljana itself but- via Ljubljana.
    AIr India service is just soo soo Adria the same.
    Only reason to choose Air India, Adria combination would be a better price compared to other operators.
    As Air India will be in Star Alliance too prices can't be just random dump low. So why choose Air India Adria instead of Turkish, Austrian or Lufthansa etc.?

    Smaller airport maybe? But what connections and operator (Adria) from Ljubljana further to other destinations in Europe? Quality and service of Adria not matching the competition.

  21. Anonymous16:07

    It is so funny how this is gonna fail. Belgrade and Zagreb are larger cities, bigger markets, and have more routes not to mention intercontinental travel to Asia and North America. Ljubljana really does not compare. Air India should maybe think about moving to Belgrade as it is really looking for a decently sized market, and I am sure no one will travel to Ljubljana to go to USA when they already have flights operating to USA.

    Also Ex-Yu Aviation, there are many rumors going around that there will be flights from Belgrade to Chicago, New York, and Toronto. Air Canada apparantly wants to conduct flights to Belgrade while some unidentified US airline wants to start Chicago-NYC-BEG route.

  22. The only question is - are those rumors true. I dont think that such a great airline as AC would go around and brag about starting new route. Plus LH wouldnt be happy with that route launch...thats for sure... but I am not saying that the route wouldnt work. With correct timing with maybe 1-2 weekly flights with their 763...maybe via ZAG... :)

  23. I thought Belgrade was the AVIATION centre of the world. Ok now it is relevant.

    Seriously though, anytime any of our airports get new flights, especially long-range flights that is a good thing. I really hope that one day LJU, ZAG, BEG, SJJ, SPU, SKP, TGD all have direct flights to the US, but that is a dream and not reality.

    Now if this is a technical stop, then the comments about which city is bigger, better, etc. are not valid because it just doesn't matter. The other thing we all (Serbs, Bosnians, Croatians...) need to realize and come to terms with is that while we were busy pushing nationalism the rest of the world was progressing. We need to catch up to Slovenia and the rest of Europe economically. Part of that is learning how to run a successful business and from personal observations that means getting rid of incompetent management. It also means keeping nationalism and hate out of business, it is not a good mix. The success of one country does not bring doom to the rest.

  24. Anonymous16:47

    This actually might work well. Adria can connect Skopje, Podgorica, Belgrade, Tirana and Sarajevo with these flights and put an Air India codeshare code on them. Zagreb is close and with the right marketing these flights could attract passengers from Croatia as well.

  25. Doot,

    Yes, it seems to me that we both want the best for Serbia however there is a clear differnce between just wanting and doing something about it.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I probably do more than you.

    I employ 5 people full time at better than average wages and pay 1000s a month in taxes to the Serbian government.

    What do you do? Write 'nice' things on the internet? Get your panties in a knot when someone make a critical but true observation online?

    you go girl!

  28. @Doot

    So you pay taxes to the Serbian government so that they can pay Mladic's pension and the politicians can divert the money for personal uses. Great.

    In reality the only way to fix this entire region is to get the people to realize that nationalist and extremist politics and rhetoric are there to distract people from the money being used inappropriately every day.

    The aviation industry is suffering in this whole region because there is little to draw in investors. Investors won't come while they are being nickle and dimed by every level of government via payoffs and bribe requirements. Once the economies get going the passengers will follow.

  29. Doot,

    Actually no. Right now I am bringing 27 Serbs to Cyprus for an international conference, their trip is paid by Cyprus.
    In addition to that I am helping in the organization of an international confernce in Belgrade scheduled to take place this November.
    I have secured around 70 foreign participants who have already confirmed their participation.
    Tomorrow I am going to a meeting before my flight for a talk about a new company entering the Serbian market.
    Plus, I bet I am half your age so..

    No matter what you do it will always be overshadowed by your bitchy attitude and your exploitation of Serbia. If you hate it so much just leave, when there is a will there is a way. I guess you just od not have the balls for it. You just prefere to sit there in Belgrade, hate it yet take the money...
    I am a Serb and I am proud of it, I see nothing wrong in that.

  30. Anonymous19:48

    Haha Doot is totaly right. Just because he is Serbian, doesn't mean he can't criticize his own people. As a matter of fact, that should be encouraged, maybe we turn up better in the end.

  31. What I meant by investors is not investors into the airlines, but investors in general. Business travel is vital to most airlines around the world because the pockets are deeper, the tickets are bought closer to the departure date and therefore a higher fare typically, and some buy business or first class tickets. Few tourists do.

  32. Purger20:49

    Air India can take passengers onboard in LJU if they get 5th right or if Adria sell ticket on leg LJU-USA (like Croatia airlines sell ticket on leg Bologna-Zagreb in TAP flight Lisabon-Bologna-Zagreb). In statement of Ljubljana Airport they notice that there would be 2 flights per day from LJU to ORD and to JFK + to Delhi and that there will be connections to SJJ, SKP, PRN, BEG, TGD, TIA.

    This idea is superb one. I try to influence managers of Croatia Airlines to do something like this, but they did not want even to talk about it.

    Chicago-Zagreb-Belgrade first flight is CANCLED! For sure! I told you that is not a serious company.

  33. Purger20:53

    To explain:

    1 flight per day LJU-ORD
    1 flight per day LJU-JFK
    2 flights per day LJU-DEL

  34. @ Purger

    From what I understood in the news article on TV Slovenia's website, it says that Adria would be code-sharing in both directions (US and India). Where did you hear that there would be both flights to ORD and JFK stopping in LJU? I thought they would start maybe only with one. I am a little bit skeptic about it, but if it really happens, I will be more than happy and might try the route as well since I fly to LJU from the US every summer.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Purger23:09

    Information from Poslovni dnevnik 15.6. which report from signing of MOA between Air India and Adria Airways and Airport Ljubljana. Poslovni dnevnik quote Mr. Zmago Skobir president of board of Airport Ljubljana: "...Plane from India will two times per day fly to USA via Ljubljana, one to New York, and second to Chicago, and twice per day to India. We aspect around 500.000 new passengers per year with this lines."

    But no one notice my second news:

    I told you Swift is not a serious company. Now, what about those few that buy tickets for 60-70 EUR less than on Lufthansa or BA? Did they profit on flight which is canceled now?

  37. Anonymous02:02

    CANCELLED, what!?!?!? where did you hear this?!

  38. Straya02:31

    Btw did you see that the flight price is reduced to 1099USD.. Hmm I guess this is the way of them to become more competitive :)

  39. Anonymous02:33

    @ Straya,

    no they ended that promotion, they had limited number of tickets and were bought very quickly. they just do not update their website very often.

    @ Admin,

    where did you see for flight changes a week later?

  40. Anonymous02:35

    @ Purger,

    no you are way off. it is around 200-400 $ saved flying with charter, and it is still worth is having direct flight.

  41. Anonymous08:01

    DEL-LJU-JFK and DEL-LJU-ORD v.v daily is very ambitious...weekly sounds more reasonable, don't know but having 4 times a day heavy a/c on airport without regular/scheduled widebody traffic experience is really a task! Good luck!

  42. To Purger:
    like Croatia airlines sell ticket on leg Bologna-Zagreb in TAP flight Lisabon-Bologna-Zagreb)-

    This is another story because it's: EU - EU - candidate for EU flight. Rules are different (even with Ukraina).
    Air India can+t get 5th right can't take passengers on the Ljubljana - USA or viceversa only.
    No way. That would be possible if the segment Slovenia - USa is done ON Adria MATERIAL (read aircraft). Codesharing don't count.
    This agreement is bullshit.
    Both Adria and Air India have problems.
    Agreement is just proposal for further blabla infact is just
    1. an excuse to justify the trip of the Minister of Transport of Slovenia to India and
    2. This "agreement" (VERY IMPORTANT) will be shown as an achievment (lets say "we are doing something" or "we try hard") to justify additional 50 million thrown RUBBERY in Adria from the Slovenian tax payers.

  43. Purger12:33

    Aleks Nikolic:
    Listen to me: you can buy ticket ORD-FRA-ZAG-FRA-ORD for 1.170 USD! It is very easy to find that, OK? First you have to try than you can speak about it.

    OK from LHR to USA 2 comapanies can sell ticket with 5th right:

    Air New Zeland - Los Angeles
    Kuwait Airways - New York

    I thing that Air India had this right till last year.

  44. Anonymous15:32

    That is Zagreb my friend, what about Beograd? And I still do not know where you got these prices, it is summer LOL they are high.

  45. Purger15:42

    O my god... it is really impossible to discus with you because you can not see arguments.

    OK Swift was not wrong, they made the best job in the World, Belgrade was full of passengers, they have the best prices much lower than LH or BA or AF... but black forces of antiserbian imeprialisam-masson-vatican-arab-israel-marchians conspirasy did not allow them to succes.

  46. Anonymous15:55

    haha! why are you turning this into a nationalistic thing? i am saying it how it is alright. they promised zagreb flights too, people bought tickets with them, not a lot, but a good amount.... so what do they do? they put the flights together.

    however, i do agree that they are not very professional, with many things including they do not have an up-to-date website and a truly 24/7 phone service which they claim they have. and canceling inaugural? fully booked? something smells fishy here.

  47. Under the EU–U.S. Open Skies Agreement, London Heathrow Airport is opened to full competition.
    This right also exists for third country carriers with incumbent fifth freedom rights to carry passengers between London Heathrow and the United States.
    I don't think (as now) Ljubljana Pučnik airport have these rights.

  48. Purger16:07

    I don't thing they will go into this deal without 5th freedom.

    Air india
    The hub (Ireland proposal)should have a potential of its own, so that flights reaching the hub should have at least 20 per cent passengers for the hub but Dublin does not have that potential," Bhargava said.

  50. Anonymous16:10

    HELLO, THE FLIGHT IS STILL SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW! I just talked to Air Plus, they said they are the ones to listen to. The 767-200 is parked at Rockford airport, the Air Plus people told me to call the airport and ask if I would like.... :))) YESSS


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