Belgrade continues positive run

Belgrade breaks million passenger mark
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 262.974 passengers in May 2011, an increase of 19.7% compared to the same month last year. The airport handled 3.844 arrivals and departures. By the end of May the airport has already welcomed over 1 million passengers - 1.033.627 to be precise. Compared to the same period last year, Serbia’s main airport has recorded a 21.1% passenger surge. This June the airport will see an increase in the number new routes offered as Spanair begins services from Mallorca, Jat Airways and Croatia Airlines to Dubrovnik, Air Memphis from Hurghada and Tunisair from Enfidha. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines will introduce an additional 2 flights to the Serbian capital, on top of its daily service.

You can review all the results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN178.732 14.2
FEB162.813 19.2
MAR188.826 12.8
APR240.282 38.9
MAY262.974 19.7


  1. Anonymous09:05

    really nice to see this. Any news how Wizz is doing o its routes, I know for sure that LTN is packed, I a sure they will go daily with that one, I am curious to know how are Malmo, Skavsta, Gothenburg, Eindhoven, Rome,..

  2. Anonymous09:19

    Wizz had 28544 PAX in May (101 return flights). Best average was for EIN (154), worst for NYO (131). Not so bad, what do you think ?

  3. Anonymous09:52

    You haven't quoted Nesma Airlines - 2 weekly to HRG and Nouvelair - 3 weekly to MIR.

  4. Anonymous11:37

    Bravo Belgrade, Bravo Serbia!!!

  5. South Serbia12:38

    @ Last Anonymus

    Bravo Beograde .... Come let's all to live in Belgrade, to fly from Belgrade to engulf the whole town, wait over at bridges to be 10 hours,expand Belgrade to Vrsac if we can and the rest of our beautiful country perish.

    What hurts the introduction of Belgrade as people in Jagodina Nis, Kragujevac, Vranje, Leskovac, Pirot Uzice and Kraljevo.

    If this continues the practice of not investing in the rest of Serbia, specifically in the Nis airport and a better standard of people south of the Sava and Danube Belgrade is doomed to fail sooner or later.
    But the Serbia unfortunately.

    Razmisljate i o tome Beogradjani

  6. Anonymous13:16

    ^ South Serbia I’m really getting bored with this anti-Belgrade crap that has engulfed our country recently. Firstly much of the problems that everyone south of Belgrade has are entirely their own fault – electing corrupt politicians, bad economic management and so on. What is worst is that some politicians have released that a good way to campaign for the next elections is by trashing Belgrade and once again you will choose those politicians to represent you who are also corrupt and should be in jail. Secondly, Belgrade has become overrun by everyone except Belgraders. I think true Belgraders have left Serbia a long time ago. I presume you would be happiest if Belgrade had 3 passengers per month. Don’t know why since Belgrade is your capital city and if it wasn’t for Belgrade the rest of Serbia would be in an even worse place than it is now (it is precisely BEG airport that payed for INI's millions in losses and secured for INI to stay open in 2011). Finally, I would always wish for an airport like INI to have huge amounts of passengers but you are going to have to blame the CEO of INI Airport for not managing to secure a single new airline this summer rather than Belgrade. Wasn’t it him that said that hundreds of airlines want to fly to Nis? I’m not seeing his results. But if he says “its Belgrade’s fault” you will probably say that he is the best CEO in the world who has been sabotaged by those evil Belgrade devils.

  7. South Serbia13:43

    @ Last Anonymus

    Allow phonetic typing
    Serbian to English translation

    Friend, the problem has been going backwards tenth year and consists in the fact that this year almost nothing is invested in southern Serbia.
    So is not it obvious indication that the first highway finished around Belgrade and to the north and ay south begins here every year but not to start construction?!

    Bridges are being built in Belgrade, all factories have to this year open or in Belgrade or in the north (Vojvodina.)

    Airport Belgrade only gives a low gear to the Stone Age when the unit to land in fog (old), which was dismantled when they bought a brand new, not the gifts are not like that it is not Serbian airport and our company.

    Thus the sag not only in fair weather, and who will then fly there.???
    Only Montenegro Airlines still has an ear for southern Serbia and painstakingly maintained daily traffic struggling with bad weather, although there are planes with the latest electronics to land in poor visibility.

    Each sporting event has been organized in Belgrade.
    What do you think?
    That is happening in Rome or Berlin only? No friendship, both are pushing the second largest city (NIS) and third (Novi Sad) and fouth and so on ...

    Politicians are all the same but the central government and all parties in Belgrade and care for the rest of Serbia, they do not live there. Come down just before the election. S why and perish like the hindquarters are in the Balkans by all including the salaries.

    A Belgrade airport wish that passengers from the south, west and east are coming to Belgrade, spending money on taxis, pay airport taxes Airport there, and various other services on it. And to brag that they have 2.3 million passengers.
    And Belgrade is great.

    See for example of Croatia has 7 or 8 airports including two of three very strong and same.

    And we are not the only alternative, call it an international let it lapse, because it hurts our ears. Batajnica will open a second runway for the airport Belgrade, and goodbye Serbia!
    Sad and sad !!!

  8. Ah last anonymous, I completely agree with you.

    In short, everyone outside Belgrade is just lazy or incompetent. They want to sit around, not do anything and complain that it's Belgrade that takes it all.

    Get off your asses and do something for a change.

  9. Belehrad14:00

    Blah, blah, blah, same old story is coming from the south. you praise so much Montenegro Airlines, yet I wonder would montenegro airlines stay if there weren't subventions by the city government. As far as I recall, Belgrade didnt give any subventions to anyone, and yet many new airlines are coming there. So if you have a problem with

  10. Anonymous14:05

    @ Anonymous 12:38

    This is beyond aviation, but I'm really tired of xenophobic folks from 'krug dvojke' with superiority complex , just because of the fact that they happen to have been born in Belgrade. What is a 'true Belgrader' anyway?
    Purger, for example, is well defined, but 'true Belgrader' hardly?

    Please !!!


  11. @ June 4, 2011 9:19 AM:

    Where did you get that statistics for Wizz?

  12. Anonymous15:06

    Second anonymus, that is not bad at all, wow EIN 154 average, I didn't think it would be that popular, great news. Believe it or not, LOTS of people still don't know about Wizzair's flight, let alone which destinations exactly, so I strongly believe it is more to be seen.

  13. A friend told me BEG-EIN was packed, and he was returning the next day with jat AMS-BEG and there were just a few pax. Not to mention that he payed >150e one way AMS-BEG..

  14. Anonymous16:01

    Great job, Wizzair!

    I'm glad to see that years of 'Jat tax' on BEG airport passengers are nearly over.


  15. Anonymous18:32

    I just checked on Malev's site and their 04:55 first flight is completely sold out. You can only book seats in Business Class.

    I hope that they keep Belgrade as a daily in winter....

  16. Kragujevac City20:34

    I hate to Belgrade because all the best and worth the open and made ​​there, and there burn care less what will work and where people from all over Serbia.

    I hate to Belgrade because all the best and worth the open and made ​​there, and there burn care less what will work and where people from all over Serbia.

    Or we'll all go to Belgrade to live in various villages around Belgrade (mokri Lug,Mostanica, Ovca Borca, Jakovo)or will self-extinguish when he was 5-6 milion poor people..!!!!

  17. Anonymous22:49

    @ Kragujevac City


    I speak fluent English, and had NO clue what you said haha... please explain? Ako ti je lakse na Srpski?

  18. FlyingJack01:26

    I think the guy was using google translate. Maybe we should use the oposite direction to translate and get the point ;)
    Anyway guess behing these few haters is the one and the same anonymous, judging on the "quality" of the text.

  19. Anonymous04:42

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Anonymous04:43

    Haha, yes lets ;)

    And wait mate im confused, are you saying im judging his text? Sorry I am so tired and out of it haha.

  21. There is something I do not understand, how come people in south Serbia can not understand that if there was a need for an airline someone whould have jumped at the occasion?
    They have to understand that Nis can not support an airline at this time. What the hell are they supposed to do during the winter months? Where would they fly?
    How many successful airlines do you know that operate only regional aircraft (as that is the most appropriate aircraft for Nis)?

    I will tell you, none. Let's see the numbers for Montenegro Airlines on their Nis-Podgorica route.

    The government of Nis should get their act together and immediately stop and kind of subsidies to airlines flying into Nis. That million should be then used to fuel the local economy, that is small and medium enterprizes. Once these are developped THEN there is going to be higher demand for air travel and airlines are going to feel the need to operate into Nis.

    Look at Hungary, 10,000,000 inhabitants and only one airport. Same with the CZech Republic. So why should Serbia be any different that we need FOUR and possibly five international airports?!

    Alo bre!

  22. Anonymous08:43

    People from south Serbia can choose between 4 airports (thessaloniki,skopje,Sofia and priština). So, whats the problem?

    I fly often to SKG with easyjet and take the train to Vranje.

  23. Anonymous08:50


    Czech Republic has two active airports, BRQ is pretty much active, over 500 000passangers in 2010. Slovakia has Bratislava & Kosice. Hungary, true budapest is the only airport which really has passangers, they were saying Balaton will re-open.

    Serbia at the moment doesn't need anything more than BEG & INI. INI needs a LCC, Wizz or Ryan.

  24. Last anonymous,

    That is true that Brno has an active airport however the majority of passengers that fly from there are tourists.
    A friend of mine did a semester in Brno and to travel he had to catch a flight from Bratislava.

    As for Slovakia, their aviation industry is a mess. They have Danube Wings which is struggling and can't make it work. Now CSA will base an aircraft in Bratislava and pretty much take over.
    The main problem for Bratislava is that it's in close proximity to Vienna. The airport has been struggling for quite some time attract airlines. Lufthansa withdrew from the market a couple of years ago and recently they only got Aeroflot and from this summer Lot.

    I do not think that the Hungarians are going to open Balaton.
    The main reason for the opening of secondary airports is so that the lowcost ones can use them.
    Ferihegy 1 is dedicated to lowcost hence why they will not be interested in using Balaton.
    Plus let's not forget that the Hungarians are not going to bend over backwards to suit the lowcost carriers.
    Ryanair withdrew from Budapest (and Prague) just because the airport authorities would not grant them lower fares.

    However I do agree with all of you that a new airport in Serbia is not needed. They better fix the roads so that people can reach Belgrade faster.

  25. I am one of those who would love to see Serbia with more than one airport. It would really be great to have INI, UZC, Ladjevci (Morava), Vrsac, Sombor and Bor have regular flights. However the reality is cruel. In one of the previous posts, when a similar discussion flared up, I put my hopes and wishes asides and analysed the number of booking made by agents in the South of Serbia. On average there wasn't enough bookings to fill a single flight a day operated by a 20-seat aircraft. Of course, that is not the only indicator of the market potential or rather the lack of it. If we look back, we can see that the choice of destinations offered from INI in the last 10 years did not meet the needs and wants of the market.
    On the one hand, there are very few air bookings generated from the market, and on the other hand there are regular coach lines to various places in Europe that operate at prices high enough to support air travel. That's what potential air operators have to look into.
    There is also an issue of incoming passengers and that is what people from places other than Belgrade should do more about. What is being done to promote those places abroad? For example, why would a Japanese tourist choose to come to Uzice? Would the level of service at hotels, restaurants, shops meets expectations of a visitor?
    Instead of constant bantering and whining and accusing others for our own problems, one should concentrate on doing something productive. To paraphrase a famous American politician, don't ask yourself what your count(r)y can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your count(r)y.

  26. Anonymous12:33

    True about Balaton, true abou Brno, I agree about Bratislava to certain point, but because of Vienna they have people flying with FR to/from Bratislava :-) So kind of a deal :-)

    BRNO - Wizzair & FR (Ryanair)have scheduled flights so even if they take only tourists, at the end of the day, passangers are passangers. In the case of our struggling airports(BNX, INI,OMO, MBX,...) we can only wish to have at least that or 10 times less than that, just to have some passangers, who cares if they tourists, gastarbajteri, random visitors or whatever.
    OSI didn't basicly "exist" before FR started, now for an airport which half of the people haven't heard of, it is not doing that bad :-) I think that Wizz could do a big think in INI and for southern Serbia in general in regards of air travelling. Lets hope and see. Whoever has something negative to say about Wizzair is just pure misery. I flew with them a lot of times, but when I flew to BEG from LTN and heard OUR language by crew and pilot(which was understood perfectly by all the passangers on the plane regardless where they were from in ex YU) it was a good feeling.

  27. Kragujevac City12:50

    Aleks NikolicUSA

    Ne kaze se na srpski nego na srpskom!!! Obrati paznju na svoj maternji.

    i opet ponjavljam , ali sada bez vecih argumenata osim:

    I hate Belgrade because he cares for everything under the Mali Mokri Lug, and because all the money goes to Belgrade from the rest of Serbia

  28. @Kragujevac City

    Не исправљај га српски пошто исто тако људи могу тебе да исправљају енглески. Није његов проблем што наше министарство за дијаспору је неспособно. Добро је да зна и оволико.

    As for your comment on Belgrade, get a life and start working on developping your own region. You all hate Belgrade yet when shit hits the fan, who do you turn to and cry??

    If any lowcost airline, be it Wizz Air, Ryanair... decide to expand into the ex-Yu region it will not be Nis or Kraljevo but rather Skopje, Ohrid, Tivat... bigger cities with far more potential.

    Plus for Nis, they have Sofia which is next door so I do not see a problem.

  29. Two additional TK weekly flights are still not bookable through GDS, but there is an additional JU flight to/from IST on day 7 that is still subject to government approval.

  30. frequentflyer13:39

    Looking at these figures has me wondering just how many more pax would be on the books if flights between Serbia and Croatia were serious operations.

    These anticipated 2-frequency DBV services by each airline (OU/JU) are a start but give no indication of success: ideally believe daily service is possible (and profitable) from PUY and SPU if ramped up correctly and with enough advertising...

  31. I wonder if Jat really has that much demand to Istanbul or is it just to counter the growth of TK in Belgrade.

    Do we know the times of the additional flight to be operate by Jat?

    As for Serbia-Croatia, I think that the market potential has considerably gone down as the Serbian tourists have turned towards the other markets. Not to mention that the younger part of the Serbian population has no sentimental link to cities like Pula, Dubrovnik...
    I think that only Pula could work on a year round basis where as Dubrovnik could work on a seasonal basis. The rest would be just a waste of money.

  32. @ Nemjee

    The schedule is as follows:

    BEG-IST / day 7 / JU420 dep. 0935/ arr. 1215 - 733

    IST-BEG / day 7 / JU421 dep. 1305 / arr. 1350 - 733

  33. Anonymous16:15

    @ Nemjee,

    hvala brate! u pravu si.. ako bi mogao ja bi odgovorio na cirilicom haha... eee ti South Serbia, ja sam rodjen ovamo u USA, tamo sam bio samo 2 puta.. smiri se eee...

  34. @Lento,

    Thanks a lot for the info. However I am still puzzled by this flight. I would have assumed that they would be adding more flights to Germany in order to consolidate their position before Wizz Air moves in.
    I also wonder where did the slot come from...


    No problem. He was an ass anyway.

  35. Kragujevac City17:44

    @Nemjee AleksUSA

    Pa vidi se da si ovamo bio samo dva puta , zato ne bi trebao mnogo da pametujes o desavanjima u zemlji Srbiji, vec da pitas druze.

    A ovaj ass (Nemjee) je vrlo kompetentan da ti pojasni sve sto te interesuje, jer verovatno radi u GSP-u Beograd a prica o avionima, tj,razume se do jaja.
    Ja ovde zastupam stav ljudi koji nisu iz Beograda. Jer kad je pocela Beogradizacija nama svima je krenulo lose u Srbiji. To ce ti reci i seljak iz Vojvodine, i gradjanin Kraljeva, Uzica, Nisa, Leskovca itd.

    Nije poenta ici u Sofiju i leteti odatle vec razviti jos jedan dobar Aerdrom NIS ,van Beograda,(koji uzgred ima veoma povoljne klimatske uslove tokom godine za razliku od Surcina),
    i omoguciti ljudima iz tih krajeva da lete svuda po Evropi.
    I Srbiji bi tako bilo bolje, a primer je svaki oybiljan investitor (a poslednji vlasnik Benetona) je zeleo da sleti u Nis pre neki dan , jer zeli da ulaze u jug,i kupio je Nitex, a ne da ga voze kolima 2 sata samo kroz beogradsku dzunglu + auto putem za 21.vek.

    To je poenta, pa ko razume shvatice. Understand?

  36. Anonymous18:19

    ^ Ne vidim ko sprecava razvoj Aerodroma Nis osim nesposobnog rukovodstva istog? Da nije bilo tog aerodroma Beograd, INI bi danas bio zatvoren zbog dugova, a zimi bi bio zatvoren zatosto nebi imao potrebnu intrumentalizaciju.

  37. Anonymous20:14

    @Last Anonymus

    Sprecavaju oni koji ne vide druge gradove van Beograde kao deo Srbije pa svaka jaca drzavna investicija ide u Aerodrom beograd (u novi VIP Salon, u nove avio mosotve-fingere, u renoviranje zgrade).

    A da li mislis da kad bi Vlada Srbije malo ulozila u potrebne instrumente za sletanje , u renoviranje zgrade, dok je pista nova (iz 2003), da jos neka kompanija osim MGX-a ne bi letela na jos kojoj destinaciji iz Nisa?

    Uz to ne zaboravi da je Direktorat CIVILNOG VAZDUHOPLOVSTVA taj koji odlucuje ko ce leteti a ko ne u Srbiji.
    Oni su odugovlacili kad je trebao Master Airways da krene sa radom u Nisu 2010 god. I onda su naravno odustali posle toliko majmunisanja ovih gore.

    A taj direktorat je slucajno u Beogradu,blizu Aerodroma Nikola Tesla.
    Kakva slucajnost !

  38. @Last anonymous

    Извини а шта причаш глупости? А где би требао да се налази директорат цивилног ваздухопловства? Да можда не у Алексинцу или на Копаонику?

    Чињеница је да је Београд развијен јер највећи број младих и способних људи оде тамо. Како је то наш проблем? То је проблем градова из којих одлазе ти људи.
    Наравно увек је лакше седети и згубиданисати и наравно критиковати рад осталих људи(то јест београђана).
    Зашто градови на југу Србије не раде на развитку привреде? Зашто сами не привуку стране улагаче? Зашто Ниш, Крагујевац или Краљево на прате Војводину и не отворе своја представништва у иностранству? Не не не, зато што је лакше бити дебил и кривити Београд за то што трулите својом кривицом!

    @Kragujevac City

    Не радим за ГСП већ завршавам студије и челу сам две студентске организације у иностранству. Рођен сам у Београду баш као и моји родитељи и њихови родитељи.
    У Србији сам сваких месец дана и тренутно спроводим неке пројекте у Београду. Иначе, у овој години сам провео 212 сати у авиону, колико си ти моћни познаваоцу ваздухопловства?

    Иначе мени је мука од малоумних огорчених створења као што си ти. Због таквих као ти Србија не иде напред.
    Притом, и да радим за ГСП шта би то требало да значи? Јел то нешто чега би људи требало да се стиде?

    I apologize to all the foreigners who could not understand what I was saying, but the above written text is mostly directed to the narrow minded vistiors of this blog.

  39. Kragujevac City21:52


    Vidi se da si student, samo potrudi se da to i ne ostanes?

    Tvoje mlade kolege , mozgu, odlaze za Beograd zato sto Vlada i cela drzava ulaze samo u taj Beograd, dok ih ostali regioni i gradovi ne interesuju.
    Zar mislis da u Aleksincu nema pametnih ljudi.???
    Jel si cuo da ucenici niskih gimnazija ostvaruju najbolje rezultate na medjunarodnim takmicenjima, da ne govorim o studentima sa univreziteta u Nisu?!

    Ali situacija je takva da jedino Beograd nudi uslove za prezivljavanje vecini ljudi i to je realnost.

    Ne mogu ti reci gde radim iz objektivnih okolnosti, ali od tebe sam neuporedivo vise u vazduhu,studentu.!

    Dok je takvih "beogradjana" kao ti koje boli uvo za sve drugo sto ne valja u otatku Srbije, nasa lepa zemlja ce biti jos dugo u krizi, ekonomskoj, politickoj,moralnoj...

    Naravno da zelim da imamo vise jednako razvijenih aerodroma, ali treba krenuti redom.
    Nis ima najbolju infrastrukturu. Pa zatim Kraljevo itd.
    Tek tada ce nam biti bolje.

    Zamisli ovu zemlju sa samo jednom autobuskom stanicom . (BAS).

    Jel mislim da je to dobra ideja, sto ne pokrenes to kroz taj tvoj projekat , pa sve ostale u unutrasnjosti da ukinemo.

    Pogledaj Hrvatsku kako razvija avio saobracaj i aerodrome (i koji njihov broj), kako gradi sportske dvorane za evropska takmicenja u svim vecim gradovima,auto puteve itd...
    A kod nas samo Novi Beograd ima novu dvoranu i ponesto u Vojvodini.
    E zato danas Hrvatska ima 750 eura prosecnu platu a mi tricavih 315 eura. Zbog takvih kao ti i tebi slicnima.
    Nadam se da razumes srpski, i ovo sto sam ti napisao. Pozdrav

  40. Одмах да те обрадујем, ово лето ћу дипломирати тако да сам далеко од оних вечних студената.

    Не схваташ целу сврху разговора овде, није да људи не желе развитак осталих покрајина Србије него су људи у тим покрајинама више него неспособни да покрену нешто своје. Да сами раде на развитку.
    Да нема министара из Београда који вам доводе понеку фабрику ви не би ни то имали, тако да вама Београд чини довољно само што сте ви незахвални.
    Да не спомињем то што Европска Унија и САД имају фондове за развитак који су доступни Србији. Што се то не користи?

    Не може кућа да се гради од крова већ од темеља. Зато твоја реторика да треба отворити аеродром у Нишу нема смисла. Цео тај регион нема довољну потражњу да би компанија направила профит. Можда минималан али нико не жели да гуви време са таквим малим пројектима.

    Хрватска не може да се пореди са Србијом пошто они имају туризам и њима је од виталне значајности да обала буде повезана са Европом.
    Већ када си споменуо Хрватску, како то да Дубровник има савременији аеродром од Загреба? Ето ти доказа да провинција може да буде напреднија од престонице када су на правим местима способни људи.
    Ако ово размишљање применимо у Србији значи да није проблем у Београду већ у неспособним људима на кључним положајима широм провинције.

    Не схватам твој коментар за аутобуску станицу. Потпуно је глуп и безсмислен. Као прво аутобуски саобраћај и ваздушни не могу да се пореде а друго онда би то значило да би се само путовало бусом из Београда ка иностранству. Тако да не схватам али ајде...

    Твој став, као и у предходном коментару, је онај кој обезхрабљује младе Србе да остану у земљи. То јест људи са половним знањем који се праве да све знају и који апсолутно немају поштовања за било кога а посебно за оне млађе од себе.

    Пријатан дан

  41. Anonymous17:31

    Congratulations to BEG and greetings from LJU.


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