Better days for Tuzla Airport

Tuzla could become a cargo airport
Tuzla Airport has struggled to attract airlines and passengers since it opened its doors for commercial use in 1998, however, a brighter future is ahead for the airport as flights to Dubai begin next week and the government announces much needed investment. From July 1, flights from Dubai to Tuzla will begin, with Air Arabia being the operating carrier for the local tour operator organising the flights. The service will operate twice per week until the end of October but could be extended if the flights prove popular. Thus, Tuzla becomes only the second EX-YU city to offer flights to Dubai. The new service will provide much needed passengers for the airport which only handled 8 in May 2011. This statistic will also improve with Sky Airlines from Turkey recently commencing charter flights from Antalya.

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina recently announced a 220.000 Euro investment which will be used for the purchase of machinery which will improve the handling of aircraft once they arrive at the airport. There are plans to turn Tuzla into a cargo airport with investors from the United Arab Emirates interested in the project, according to the head of the Tuzla Canton, Sead Čaušević. Turkish Airlines has also expressed its interest to turn Tuzla into a cargo hub.

Flight details for the upcoming Dubai – Tuzla service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    This fine ...but what the hell is this, Skywings from SJJ to Dusseldorf?

  2. Anonymous12:31

    good news, if an airport doesn't have a need for a scheduled flight even charter are better than nothing. Dubai is a popular deestination so I don't see any reasons while it wouldn't work.

  3. @Anonymous 1:

    Judging by the website it is about Macedonian Registered Skywings International.
    However, because of the competition of the New MAT, I thought they had merged into one airline.

    Surely, the flights are bookable through the website you give, but are nowhere to be found...

    I would wait and see, if someone was thinking about booking ;)...

  4. Zrak13:23

    I am actually very positively surprised by how the new entity government has handled airports. Both TZL and OMO have received substantial amounts (440k and 1m BAM) for investments. No "advertisements" by any ministers through news papers, no unrealistic plans, no stupid subsidising that wastes tax money and the most important thing money is used for investments. Good job!

  5. Bosnian13:39

    @ Zrak:

    I completely agree with you! I am absolutely stunned with our new government! I hope they keep up the good work! :)

  6. Well it's good that they are renewing these airports as it's very much needed. However, let's hope that there are additional flights to these airport. If they do not get any soon then we can consider all these efforts as wasted money.

  7. Anonymous15:26

    Skywings is supposedly starting flights DUS SJJ on July 16th.


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