Croatia Airlines breaks passenger record

Croatia Airlines sees passenger growth
Croatia Airlines has seen its passenger numbers significantly increase in the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year. By the end of May the Croatian national carrier carried 634.867 passengers, an 18% increase compared to the same period in 2010. Therefore, Croatia Airlines carried almost 100.000 passengers more than last year and recorded the best start to the year since operating its first service 20 years ago.

In international traffic a total of 445.625 passengers chose Croatia Airlines while domestic traffic accounted for a further 176.201 passengers. This represents an increase of 20% on international flights and 13% on domestic services. All indicators point to a record summer season with the number of bookings for Croatia Airlines flights showing an increasing trend. Already 63% of all seats have been sold for upcoming seasonal summer flights offered by the airline.

Croatia Airlines has been the largest EX-YU carrier in terms of passenger numbers for years and the positive trends recorded so far in 2011 will make the carrier unreachable in this domain once again.


  1. Intruder09:05

    My best compliments to Croatia Airlines! Very good results.
    I don't really know if the success is partly due to Mr. Peović, new CEO of CA, but anyway it's a very good trend.

  2. We did have the ash cloud drama last year but since the Croatian economy is still feeling the effect of the WFC then this has to be seen as a positive development!

    Also, I noticed Zagreb airport had an 18% increase in May with 218,000 passengers. This may be the busiest May at the airport ever?!

  3. @intruder
    mr. Peović is the new CEO of Zagreb airport, not Croatia Airlines.
    And yes, he is progressive and seems to be promising.

    yes, this is the busiest May in LDZA's history. It'll be interesting to see what'll happen in the summer months.

  4. Anonymous10:55


  5. Purger12:02

    They break passenger record but in same time debt is even bigger!

    They try to fight against LCC with low price. I fly several times this year with Croatia to London and Paris where return price was as little as 150 EUR. One of the ticket I did not use, and Lufthansa office in Paris show me calculation by which taxes are most of the price, and pure Croatia airlines fee on Croatia flight CDG-ZAG was just 5 EUR!

    On that way it is easy to break passenger record...

  6. Intruder13:56

    I crossed the CEOs of CA and Pleso Airport, sorry for this.
    I feel CA also has some long-haul flights in its mind and for this purpose the Airbus 350 wouldn't be a bad idea..
    :) :)

  7. I booked with them online LGW-ZAG in August. It was a great deal and I rather fly them than EasyJet. Croatia has much better airplanes, nice flight attendants and you also get lunch. Can't beat it.

  8. @ Intruder

    I truly hope it happens one day. If the passenger numbers keep going up, I hope they get a couple of A330-200s and start EWR and YYZ. That would make our travel across the pond so much more convenient.

  9. Purger16:25

    Swift will combine flights from Chichago to ZAG and BEG + departure airport is RFD, not ORD any more.

    Date Flight # Origin Dept Time Dest Arr Time
    June 17 SWQ5131 RFD 21:00 ZAG 13:42
    June 18 SWQ5131 ZAG 14:42 BEG 16:00
    June 19 SWQ4242 BEG 10:00 ZAG 11:30
    June 19 SWQ4242 ZAG 12:30 RFD 12:30
    June 24 SWQ5131 RFD 21:00 ZAG 13:42
    June 25 SWQ5131 ZAG 14:42 BEG 16:00
    June 26 SWQ4242 BEG 10:00 ZAG 11:30
    June 26 SWQ4242 ZAG 12:30 RFD 12:30

  10. @ Peter,

    Well June should be a bumper month too with the pope visiting as well Bon Jovi this week and other events such as the T-Mobile dance festival, could we have 250,000 plus at Zagreb this June?


    Could it also be true that the extra one hundred thousand tickets sold has brought in extra revenue of say some 10 million Euro's for OU??? I mean there average ticket price is still more than 100 Euro's I'm sure?

  11. Wow Purger big news!!!!

    Well at least we finally have our Zagreb to Belgrade flights! :)

  12. @Q400 - I would certainly hope for 250.000 pax, but will be happy even if it reaches 240.000.
    Pax numbers will greatly depend on load factor as I am sure the number of frequencies won't increase that much. On the other hand, SPU and DBK will be increasing both frequencies and load factors like crazy in the following weeks. I was quite surprised with the 18% growth rate for LDZA in May given that for the first 3 months it was 10-11%. I wonder if most pax on the incoming flights continue on to other croatian cities and in what percentage... nonetheless exciting data to follow.
    Perhaps the new terminal investors will get a bit more encouraged now :)

  13. @Purger - wow really? does this really mean that ZAG will be a stopover? what happened to the idea of direct flights to each city ?
    Too small of a market to do that or ...?

  14. Anonymous20:43

    Flight remains direct, just not non stop.

  15. Anonymous20:45

    I agree with Sam, whenever I checked on line OU was always cheaper than EZY. I flew from LTN to BEG with Wizz( I just love their luggage weight allowance :-)) ) and came back from ZAG with OU to LGW for less than £70 one way. Really great news for OU, hope they will sort out the debt.

    And yes great news about ZAG-BEG-RFD flights :-)

  16. Anonymous21:57

    Purger ,

    I have just booked tickets with Swift from Chicago to Belgrade today. Where did you hear this?

  17. Phalanx02:21


    AirBerlin will start the Dusseldorf-Skopje route.

  18. If it is true, I would not be too alarmed with the Belgrade flights being via Zagreb. This is a smart move by the company or the operators at this time and you never know they could end the season with direct flight to both cities.

  19. BTW Purger,

    Was you interview with, I believe you said the Zagreb CEO been published yet?

  20. Anonymous04:49

    @ Q400,

    I do not think for both desintations directly. These charters served also as like a test - Belgrade, passed for sure. Zagreb bookings are not doing as well as Belgrade bookings. Lot of the BEG flights are sold out or about to me, Zagreb does not have as much interest as Beograd. Now we just need one of the big american Airlines to come and fly to Belgrade!

    By the way, there are summer plans next summer for flights from Cleveland, Saint Louis, Phoenix, and Los Angeles to Belgrade, possibly via Zagreb? Not enough interest for just Zagreb.

    @ Purger,

    please let us / me know where you found this information out , as I talked to Air Plus today and they were not aware of this, and I would like to know before I fly next Friday! Thanks... I feel so proud to be one of the 99$ ticket winners! :D

  21. Purger08:48


    Again my answer is: CCAA.

    And if there is not enough interest in Zagreb they will cancel ZAG and just fly to BEG. No one would take extra costs for just few passengers.

  22. Anonymous15:08

    Why they don't fly RFD-ZAG-BEG-RFD or RFD-BEG-ZAG-RFD?

    Doesn't make sence to fly an extra leg, maybe they have to replace a wheel because of this extra landing. :-)

  23. @ Purger,

    Any 'eye brow' rises in the article?

    Do tell.

  24. about the US flights going via Zagreb.

  25. guess it's true, here's another one...


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