Jat continues double digit growth

More passengers flying with Jat this year

Jat Airways has reported double digit passenger growth since February, and its statistics for May are no different. The Serbian national carrier handled 96.466 passengers last month, an increase of 17% compared to May 2010. The airline’s Euro-Mediterranean services saw the biggest passenger increase of 19% followed by services to Montenegro which jumped 11% on the same month last year. The airline recorded an average load factor of 70%, an increase of 12 points. While there was an 18% passenger increase in scheduled traffic, the figure is being dragged down by the underperforming charter flights which recorded a 40% decrease, although it should be noted that the airline has cut the number of its charters by 39%.

In the first 5 months of the year, Jat handled 402.894 passengers, an increase of 19% compared to the same period last year. The average cabin load factor since the start of the year stood at 63%, an increase of 7 points. You can review all the results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN70.788 2.9
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33
MAY96.466 17


  1. Good job Jat!! I am really happy to see their numbers go up.
    Let's hope that their financial state is improving as well.

    Actually, funny little fact, Larnaca-Belgrade-Larnaca is fully booked for the entire week!! Yesterday's flight saw a loadfactor 100%! About 60% disembarked in Cyprus where the vast majority of passengers were actually Cypriots.

  2. AirKoryoTU-20409:49

    Scary picture.

  3. Anonymous09:55

    Im very proud. Good work, good organisation (probably)... Just one more thing I need from JAT, to try to find more destinations across Europe. Its a shame that JAT does not fly to Manchester, Glasgow, Madrid, Malaga, Lisbon, Venice, Lyon, Dublin, Salzburg... at least once per week.

  4. Anonymous10:48

    I’m glad Jat is getting back on its feet. Their London flights are fully booked throughout the summer.

  5. Anonymous13:42

    Well done Jat hope you increase your factor load to 85% by the end of the year

  6. Dreamliner14:30

    I wana comment for the picture too, the chick on the right hand side is like Dracula , scary ..... no wonder why they cant have 85% cabin load , the other one on the left , looks like she works on "the street" , hooker.

  7. Anonymous15:05

    @ Dreamliner

    And you are Brad Pitt?

    Very "aviatic" comment from you.

  8. Straya15:51

    What was the amount of passengers in 2010 for JAT? Can't find the number.
    About the physical appearance of the cabin crew.. Not your business to comment...

  9. Seriously what a retarded coment from you Dreamliner.
    Plus the last time I checked passengers were not booking flights on airlines based on how good looking their cabin crew is.
    I guess that you just tried to be funny.


    Last year I think Jat had just around 1,000,000 passengers.

  10. Anonymous15:59

    JU had 1.1 million PAX in 2010

  11. Straya17:12

    Thanks guys, that's cool cuz i thought it was below 1mil :) Btw someone mentioned flights to London somewhere... You cannot book them for the whole end of june. Fully booked. Kinda stupid then that BA withdraw, but i believe that BA will return when GB abolishes visas for serbian citizens, and transit visas also, since i guess it lost a lot of pax to lufthansa who could use heathrow as a transfer point to destination other then US, CD, NZ, and AU.

  12. @ Straya

    Why would someone from BEG use London to transfer to AUS/NZL, Gulf States or anywhere else in Europe??? People were complaining here how it wouldn't have any sense for someone from ZAG to connect in BEG for flights to the US because it adds at least 1 hr extra time flying and you are saying that LHR should be used to connect to Australia. What a waste of time, money and fuel for airlines. The only transfer option for LHR are flights to North and South America. Everything else can be reached in less time and more efficiently from other European hubs.

  13. Sam,

    Jat had an interline agreement with Virgin Atlantic for flight to North America.
    When my cousin went to the US he flew on Jat to London Heathrow and then from there on Virgin Atlantic to New York.

    Actually, if you check out the passengers disembarking from Jat's flight to London you will see that A LOT of passengers had connected from a Virgin flight.

    As for the flights to Australia, New Zealand and Asia Jat has an interline agreement with Emirates via Dubai.
    I think Straya got confused, no need to shoot him down immediately.

  14. @ Nemjee

    I agree. LHR is not bad for the US flights at all. LHR-NYC for example, is only 6-7 hrs long flight and for taller guys like me, makes the cross-Atlantic flight much more bearable :)

  15. Hehehe true, especially coz all the good seats get taken months in advance!
    However I don't know how convenient it is to transit through Heathrow. Seems a bit too chaotic.
    God bless Frankfurt and Munich :P

  16. @ Nemjee

    MUC is good but I would disagree on FRA. My favorite are ZRH and AMS in Europe and DTW in the US.
    Where you from if it's not a secret? :)

  17. Nooooo Frankfurt is my true love! I started loving it the first time I trasited through there.
    Actually Frankfurt is the first trully big airport through which I transited alone.
    Munich is ok, not bad. As for the European ones, I just love Copenhagen, Dublin and for some reason Warsaw.

    As for the US, well I haven't been to many airports but so far DCA holds the first spot.

    I am from Belgrade :)

  18. Anonymous20:16


    The photo illustrating this post is not that of Jat crew. It's from the tv show Serbia's got talent!

  19. @ Nemjee

    OK, you can have FRA, I will take DCA :) Transited through DCA few months ago while flying on US Airways. I flew at dusk and the view of the DC area was amazing. The airport has its charm for sure.
    Never been to CPH or DUB. I have heard HEL is very efficient, especially for connecting to Asia flights. That's why I kind of like less busy hubs as ZRH or MUC. They are still big but not that crazy as LHR, FRA or CDG.
    Pozz u BEG

  20. Straya20:28

    Actually, this is what I've wanted to say:
    If someone holds a CND/USA/NZ/AUS visa they do not need a transit visa for the UK. In all other cases visas are necessary. So when transit visas are abolish (we still need them), BA could become more attractive. I am not saying that it will, but that it could. (destinations in Africa, South America, Central America), since people generally choose Lufthansa when they travel, if not for the price of the ticket itself but cuz of the fact they we didn't need transit visas for schengen even when we needed the tourist ones ;)

  21. Sam,

    You think the approach to DCA is cool, how about that regular sharp turn before landing? That is if your approach was over the Arlington bridge.
    Actually if you live in Northwest you can planespot so easily, as you can not miss a single approach to the airport!
    Did you fly on the only B757-200 allowed to land in DCA? (that is that one and the one of Delta).
    Dulles is pretty cool as well actually...

    I was in Helsinki a month ago. I have not seen a more nasty airport. The cilings were low, the check in area was smaller than the one in Belgrade. The security check was a living nightmare and the airport charges €2,5 for a small bottle of water! Nasty airport...

    Thanks, I will forward your greetings to Belgrade, I am in Cyprus at the moment.

    ps where are you?

  22. Anonymous20:54

    @ Nemjee

    I like FRA too. I HATE LHR and CPH and CDG. I love MUC.

  23. Wait, why do you hate CPH? Ok, the check in area is dirty at times, terminal 1 looks plain sterile but the departure area is quite cool :P

  24. Cause the airport lost my bag twice while I transferred.
    By the way,I am the anon. above. I just forgot to log on when I posted :)

  25. Don't know, I transfered there twice and once flew in but had no problems... where were you conecting to if I may ask?

  26. I hate Helsinki too for the reasons mentioned above.

    Well done to JU.I hope that they get that CLF up and improve the financial situation.
    What they really need now is some new planes.

  27. I was going to ORD.

  28. Anonymous21:05

    Good job! I'd like to see underlying financials.


    I'm sure you 'dream' of much better looking girls


  29. Aleksandar,

    Cool, sorry to hear that they lost your luggage.

  30. @ Nemjee

    Lucky you. I wouldn't mind Cyprus either, especially on a rainy and breezy day like today :) I am in ROC but grew up in BiH/SLO.

    The approach to DCA on my flight had a sharp turn too. We flew right over the Pentagon building. I was on CRJ200. I guess not that impressive as B757 :) It was only my 2nd time at that airport. Few years ago we were spotting planes landing there. It was very interesting to see B757 landing with the cross wind blowing. It felt as they were going to skid off :) I often use IAD on my flights to Europe but it's just always so crowded and simmering during the summer months. If you ever get a chance, try DTW and you will see the difference.

  31. Nemjee,

    Lucky you to be in Cyprus while I am stuck in rainy Belgrade. Thank god I bought my ticket with AirPlus to go back to Chicago earlier on.

  32. Sam,

    From where were you spotting? Were you at the famous steps next to the Arlington bridge or were you at the Arlington cemetery?
    There is nothing worse than DC in summer, humidity goes up to 90% making it impossible to breathe! However the city is just so damn beautiful that it really doesn't matter in the end! :)
    The B757-200 is not based at DCA but in Las Vegas and it's one of the two 752s that got the persmission from DOT to fly there.
    So you were lucky to experience the sharp turn, it's always so much fun.
    It actually has to happen since the US government doesn't allow aircraft to fly over the Lincoln memorial and the Mall in general.

    I will look forward to transiting through DTW. I am supposed to fly to LAX in December which means I should start planning that trip. Any suggestions? :P

    Well I will send both of you several degrees from down here... anyway we have too many these days! :P

  33. @ Nemjee

    I was next to the Arlington bridge. It's like a park area where many people come just to watch those planes landing. Seems like you travel quiet a lot. I haven't been to the West coast yet. So. it's hard to say, which way is the best to get there. I guess the most convenient is just to fly non-stop from Europe to LAX. My favorite used to be Northwest Airlines with their brand new A330s before they merged with Delta. Their DTW hub is still very efficient and Delta tends to be very accommodating. The furthest West I flew was Vancouver. That's also a very nice airport and a very beautiful city too.


    Hope you have a great time in Chicago. It's a great place to visit. Let us know how the AirPlus flight was.


  34. I just read the news on TV Slovenia's website that beginning next year, Air India will be making stops at LJU on its flights to North America

    I guess this has sense since Air India is a Star Alliance too and might code share with Adria in both directions (US and India). Wondering if this is going to work as Air India has a pretty bad reputation. I might be wrong but I thought this is a good news for Ex YU aviation.

    Here is the link for those who want to read more:

  35. Sam,

    Yes, I travel quite a lot as I mix business and pleasure ... however LA is for my pleasure as I am going to visit a friend I haven't seen in years.

    Actually one of the options I had was Aegean to Athens, United to Dulles and then United to LA. Another possibility was on CSA's A320 to Prague, then on Delta's B767-300 to JFK and then on a 757 to LAX. Final decent possibility was on Lufthansa's A321 to Frankfurt, United's 777-200 to Chicago and then on, I think A320 to LAX... However I heard horror stories of United's trans-atlantic flights so I will consider it well!
    I will have to see what suits me the most :)

  36. Also a small update for Belgrade, soon the removal of the security machinery in fornt of the gates will take place as well as the removal of those 'rooms'.
    Like that they are hoping to provide more space to the passengers.
    Thank God those rooms were nasty and the security check was just annoying.

  37. Anonymous08:26

    If you want to see a small, but very nasty and CHAOTIC airport during summer go to CFU, my goodness, haven't seen smaller but more chaotic airport in my life( and for a complaint about 2.50 euros for a bottle of water, try there to get it for ONLY 3.50!!!!!!!!)

    Regarding other European airports, so far the best for transit for me was CPH, like a small town :-)

  38. Anonymous,

    As for the small nasty airports, I have not been to Corfou but for me the worst is Tivat in summer.

    Glad you liked Copenhagen! :)

  39. Yeap, Tivat in summer, especially on Saturdays. :) Unbearable crowd, no space, passport line is all the way outside the building nearing parked airplanes :) aaah, good summer times in MNE :)

  40. JU 500,

    Well if Belgrade keeps this trend it will become soon like Tivat. This year they are expected to handle 3,2 milion in an airport whose capacity is 5 mil. Very soon it will get crowded...
    Especially after reading the articles you posted related to the flights to Chicago. I wonder how many of those 2,000 are actually going to Belgrade and how many are going to Zagreb.

  41. Nemjee,
    where did you hear the info about security check removal at BEG gates? I guess it will make more space, but it will definitely be more pleasant for departing passengers - one less thing to worry about after passing the passport control ;)

    And yes, the Tivat situation will be reached in a couple of years at BEG. But I think that the 5 mil number is for T2 only. Don't know the number for T1.
    btw-Airport should definitely do something with check-in counters at T1 and with T1 itself. I dont think I should comment about the pros and cons regarding it :)))

  42. Geronimo11:41

    Within less then 5 years it will be very crowded between 11 and 14-security and passport area. They wrote here in May that the Tesla airport will be refurbished and reconstructed in phases to mid of 2014 and maybe will will not notice any stockings at the area i mentioned above.
    Does any one of you know anything more about the reconstruction?
    Thanks in advance

  43. Geronimo11:44

    T1+T2 up to 7mil pax a year,after reconstruction maybe up to 10, but that is a qualified guess.

  44. ЈУ500,

    Hehehe I heard it from their CEO ;)
    They are doing that so that they can make the entire area there more spacious.
    Also soon the replacement of the A gates should start with the same glass airbridges from Spain.
    Hehe he also mentioned some things about Wizz Air but I do not know if I should really mention them here.


    Well, probably not much has been done since they are waiting for the summer season to pass. Imgine the mess that would be created when they would close let's say gates A1 to A5. Probably greater works will be carried out when the winter season starts.
    I do not know if you remember the time in BEG when they were fixing the asphalt around the A gates, damn it was a living nightmare at the time.
    Plus, they did asphalt the area around the A1 gate and they did make the C1 gate functional recently.

  45. On a side note, I just got my flight confirmation for LCA-ATH-BEG tomorrow, and on the segment ATH-BEG I am going to fly on the A320 in stead of the Dash-8.

  46. AirKoryoTU-20413:44

    I guess you're staying in Athens for a night then? Or maybe taking the codeshare for OA with CY 349.

  47. AirKoryo,

    No no, I am arriving on Olympic Air's flight at 12:45 (leaving Larnaca at 11:05).
    I had the option to take Cyprus Airways' flight later, I think it was somewhere around 13:00, but I decided to go with OA coz I have not taken them since they rebranded.
    There are on average 10 to 11 daily flights between Larnaca and Athens on Aegean, Olympic and Cyprus Airways.

  48. 7 million, really? Well, that is good. I think they can replace air bridges in stages not to make chaos at the airport. The only think needed is good organization and good reconstruction plan.
    BTW-What's with the C6 gate? Any new about the repairment?

    Nemjee has some secrets he wont share with us :) pliiiiiz tell us anything you know about wizzair :) pliiiiz :) at least tell us anything about new routes if the CEO have mentioned to you :) pliz :D
    p.s. Have a nice flight! I wish I could fly in and out of Larnaca or Athens or any other airport near sea (except Tivat :))) ). Sea above you seating in the climbing plane :)

    p.s. Yes. A320 on tomorrows OA393 flight! Just checked at beg.aero :) Tell us the load factor when you arrive. Maybe Olympic got lucky on this route :)

  49. @ Nemjee

    Hard to follow all the posts here. It's worse than Facebook :)

    I didn't even know that UA operates IAD-ATH flights. I probably wouldn't choose that option as you lose at least 3 hrs just going through Athens and then fly back again over Serbia to the US. I always hate it when United offers me a connection via ORD. I have to fly from ROC to ORD westward and then ORD to Europe eastward (flying over ROC again). Last year I flew LH's A340-600 ORD-MUC. It's an amazing airplane but I don't like the new slim seats that LH installed on its airplanes. After some time, they get very uncomfortable. My American friend who flew with me, loved Lufthansa as they serve complimentary alcohol drinks :) US carriers usually charge $4-$5 per drink. I always find the service better on European carriers but they always tend to be more expensive than United or Delta. The worst of the US carriers tend to be American and US Airways. American has really old airplanes, especially on the domestic routes and US Airways has the worst customer service. If it's cheaper for you to fly to JFK, maybe you can book separately from NUC to LAX on JetBlue. They are my favorite. Wish they had trans-atlantic flights too :) Also, Virgin America offers many flights out of JFK to LAX and SFO.

  50. hahah, right sam, absolutely! :) well then, lets all become friends on facebook and then comment on ex-yu aviation fb page? that way at least we would receive notification on any new comment :))))

  51. JU500,

    lol well the only thing I will tell you is that second plane is coming to Belgrade quite soon and they will be launching Larnaca. The rest, you will find out soon enough! :P
    Well if you want some pics of Larnaca airport, take offs and landings over the sea send me a personal message with your e-mail and I will mail it to you. I have quite a lot of pics from my travels. Actually if you have facebook send me your details and I will add you. Got pics of Emirates' business class from when I went to India a couple of months ago... A330-200 from LCA and then B777-300 to DEL.


    No no, they do not operate it, I would have to fly on Aegean from Larnaca to Paris and then Paris-Washington on their B757. A couple of months ago Aegean based 3 A320s at Larnaca airport. They operate flights to Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris and London Heathrow in addition to the Greek islands such as Rhodes, Crete...
    I will probably go with Lufthansa in the end. They offer the best product out of the whole bunch. I am not too keen on flying on American airlines as they simply suck.
    If I do decide to fly from Belgrade then I will go BEG-VIE-IAD and then stay a couple of days in DC and then take a flight to Cali from there..

    As for OA's flight tomorrow, when I checked in online there were only three passengers who did it before me. I hope that the loadfactor is not as bad as that...

  52. Anonymous18:14

    Wizz second A320 soon soon like this year or next summer season? Just reveal that so that we know when to expect official info. Thanks!

  53. @ Nemjee and JU500

    Sure no problem. I don't follow Ex-Yu on Facebook as we cannot access it at work, so I have to use it this way.

    Send me an e-mail to sxv3381@gmail.com and I will add you. I don't want to post my Facebook info here as I always get attacked by nationalists from all three sides :) Seems like anything I write or comment, it makes them very upset. regardless, I am glad that the majority of us here have a common reasoning and we can exchange our opinions in a civilized way :)


    Once I tried B757 over the Atlantic and had to sit in the middle as I was rebooked due to some delays. The flight was full and I could barely move. I would avoid single aisle plane across the ocean anytime. Maybe BEG-VIE-IAD isn't bad idea and then you can book separately on JetBlue or Virgin America IAD to LAX.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Geronimo23:30

    Hello Nemjee!
    Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions.
    14 phases..interesting but they will make it somehow. But the bagage area has to expand, they have the b.area for former domestic flights unused between T1 and T2 and it is a lot of questions..pasengers not meeting each other(departure/arivals)-maybe they are planning to build a floor above the departure area.
    I would be very thankful if someone knew more about the expansionplans and where i could read about it.

  56. JU500,

    From what he told me Larnaca is not a rumour at all. It's very much planned.
    Now since I do not like the guy, I did not bother with too many questions.
    All that I was told is that they have already begun the reconstruction, that soon (probably after the summer mess) the gates will be 'removed' and that in the end Wizz Air will position a new aircraft in Belgrade.
    But trust me there are several other things that I am not allowed to say that will be more than interesting and will be revolutionary for the serbian civil aviation.


    Well as for the baggage area, the only thing I know is that they are going to finally buy the new carts. It was about time to be honnest.
    The separation of arriving and departing passengers is the plan however removal of gates will come sooner.
    I am flying to Belgrade later on so I will ask more questions myself.

  57. AirKoryoTU-20409:01

    Ok, I guess the OA A320s/A319 to LCA is better choice than the Cyprus Airways A320 alot newer interiors. The flight with CY operate as codeshare with Olympic Air and visa versa now.


    UA doesn't exactly serve Athens, Continental does, they operated under the CO code not from IAD from Newark. Boeing 767-400ER operates the flights daily, sometimes in the new United Airlines/CO livery.

  58. @ AirKoryo

    Thanks for the update. I knew Delta and US Airways have year around service to ATH. Didn't know about Continental.

  59. Air Koryo,

    Well, I tend to fly Cyprus Airways whenever I can as their product is way better than what other airlines around Europe offer these days.
    For example yesterday they have sent their A330-200 to Athens. On all their aircraft they have IFE, decent warm meals and very friendly crew.
    Recently they have phased out all of the older A320s and replaced them with newer ones. The new A320s are named Nicosia, Troodos, Pentadaktilos, Pafos... and can't remember the rest of the names.

    CY and OA have a codeshare agreement that allows CY to see tickets on the vast majority of domestic Greek routes where as OA has placed its codeshare on CYs Damascus route.

  60. AirKoryoTU-20411:08


    Aegean's A320/A321 fleet is much better than Cyprus Airways fleet. As for their A330-200's the two are getting old in terms of interior, maybe a overhaul will be a good idea with some new IFE and new seating. Hellenic Imperial will be opening new widebody services from Athens this month, 3 class A340 will be a nice ride to try.

  61. Have to disagree with you there, the majority of Aegean's fleet sucks. I flew a couple of weeks ago from LCA to SKG on A3 and the plane was nasty. Torn leather and a very dirty cabin.
    On the other hand Cyprus Airways' cabin is always fresh and clean, not to mention that they do no have slim seats.

    Which routes did u fly CY on?


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