Kraljevo Airport development continues

Kraljevo’s Morava Airport to open this year
Construction of Kraljevo Airport in Central Serbia is continuing with the project recently receiving a financial boost from the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade. The Turkish Government will donate 10 million Euros for the construction of a passenger terminal at the former military airbase to be known as Morava Airport. The Serbian Government believes that the airport in Kraljevo will be able to attract airlines and passengers despite the fact that nearby Niš has been unable to do so for several years. Some 2 million live within 70 kilometres from the airport, a sizeable catchment area in the eyes of the government, keen to profit from the airport’s opening in a pre-election year. Furthermore, many Bosniaks living in the area often travel to Turkey and use Priština Airport. The idea is for them to use the airport in Kraljevo instead. The price tag of the entire project is just over 22 million Euros and the Turkish donation will cover the entire cost as the rest of the finances have been secured.

Once the project is completed it should be able to handle aircraft with a capacity to seat 100 people. Morava Airport is just one of the many airport expansion or construction projects in the region with a new terminal being built in Skopje and Priština, a new terminal expected to be built in Zagreb while the terminal buildings at Pula and Split airports are also set to be expanded, more of which you will be able to read on EX-YU aviation news soon.


  1. Purger10:07

    Perfect, they will build another airport which will not have passengers and will spent tax payers’ money:

    - Kraljevo is just 165 km from Belgrade

    - Kraljevo is jut 135 km from Niš

    - "it will attract passengers from Priština" and it is 190 km from PRN, but in same time INI can not do that an it is just 128 km from PRN

    - much more people live within 70 kilometers from INI airport but still airport does not have enough passengers

    I think that this airport will finish absolutely the same way that phantom Airport Trebnje finished. Money in somebody pocket.

  2. Anonymous12:13

    Spot on Purger, even though that everyone would like there is a objective need for this airport, but there isn't. There is no need at the moment, they MUST get airlines and destinations from/to INI first and then talk about building other airports. As simple as that

    1. Anonymous10:10

      ma ne, najbolje bi bilo da ostatka srbije i nema osim bgd.... da je ap Beograd radio svih ovih godina kako tgtreba dragi gospodine, ne bi liceo na ono sto danas lici... ruzno je kada ljubi sebi dozvole da komentarisu nesto bez opipljivih i valjanih cinjenica. sreca pa se takvi kao Vi i ne pitaju... sta ce vama zoo vrt za koji vam se ceo svet smeje? a evo, ja shvatam da i to ima nekih svojih prednosti jer ne moram da vodim svoje dete iz centralne Srbije cak u Bgd da vidi zirafu... moze i kod Vas! srdacan pozdrav! ;)

  3. JagodinaCITY13:08

    Sramota za celne ljude ove drzave koji podrzavaju jos jedno trosenje novca na stvari koje nece imati nikakvu korist za nasu zemlju.

    U aerodrom Nis Srbija ne zeli da ulaze, a ovamo trosi ogroman novac na aerodrom koji se nalazi izmedju 2 INI BEG aerodroma.

    Umesto napraviti kasvetan 2.aerodrom a srusiti ono ruglo i sramotu od zgrade Konstantina Velikog iz 18.veka.!!!!

    Zato nam tako i ide u zivotu sto nemamo pojma sta radimo i kako radimo!

  4. Anonymous13:50

    Is that Wizz Air in the back? :)
    Ok, so if they plan on opening it by the end of the year, they must have some idea who is gonna fly there? Are they negotiating with someone, or is it going to be opened just for the show? End of the year is getting closer..

    @Purger You are right, but those numbers realistically have much more depth because there are no high ways connecting those cities, so ~150km would take you about ~3 hours on not so much safe roads.

  5. Anonymous14:01


    165km translates into 2.5 car drive at best. If you choose bus that's 3 hours easily. Similar with INI. You can build freeway infrastructure at the cost of EUR 1.5 per km or build an airport for EUR 20 million. If this is wasted money it will be the best wasted money.
    The airport construction is underway and you can see building site photos on some other forums. Airport Trebinje hasn't made it past the idea phase.


  6. PRAGuc14:47

    I don't think that it will be such a bad option after all, if Osijek airport has a route, I don't see why wouldnt Kraljevo airport wouldn't. After all airport is not being built only for passengers but for cargo also. Let's give it a chance, although they are slim to none, but let's see.

    OT: regarding Jagodina's comment, how exactly do you think that Serbia should invest in Niš airport? Expand it so that it can accomodate the booming number of flights? That airport has everything that it needs, terminal building that is not state of the art, but so what, they didnt renovate Terminal 1 of BEG, which has much more use then the whole Niš airport. I hate that, that every problem with Niš airport is automatically attributed to Belgrade. We have OPEN SKIES, if you are bitching so much about Niš - Zurich line, and if it is sooooooo profitable, why Swiss (or any other swiss airline) doesn't come to Niš? I do believe that they've done their cost benefit analysis and saw that Niš is an extremely perspective market. Montenegro wanted to fly there from Niš, and they were allowed, but the Swiss said no (I guess cuz of the protectionist policy of Montenegro)..

    Srpska demagogija. Bljak.

  7. Purger17:39

    A person, 2,5 hours of driving is nothing. Much bigger cities in Europe than Kraljevo/Kragujevac etc. have no airport if they are under 3 hours driving.

    At least 50% of my flights starts from GRZ, VIE, MUC, TRS and that is 3-4 hours driving. LCC even have airports with “name” of major cities that are 2-3 hours drive from those cities. For them target passengers are in 3 hours driving.

    "If this is wasted money it will be the best wasted money."
    To waste 20 million in first faze of development is the most stupid think. If you have money better put new asphalt on Zagreb-Belgrade highway where after border you can not drive more than 120 km/h even with jeep.

  8. Anonymous17:48


    Why should we put new asphalt? The one is just fine, and as I recall, 120km/h is the speed limit. If you are talking about imporance of roads, the one to Zagreb is far less important then the one from Budapest, since it's much less used then the one.. But this is not the point, why exactly do you care how serbian money will be spent, if we want to waste it, that's our thing, not Croatian thing. The same reason we are 5 times less more indebted then Croatia to the foreign creditors, I could say "Why did you go to 3000eur per resident debt" but I just don't care.... So leave your advices on financial matters of a country other then your own and stick to aviation.

  9. Anonymous18:11

    Any news about the renovation of Belgrade's T2 and construction of T3?

  10. OT but more interesting than this news:

    Passenger numbers at Belgrade airport for June are up by 27%! Now that's an impressive result...

  11. Purger18:52

    Anonymus 5:48
    I really thought this is EX-YU aviation news, but it looks like it is "Serbian aviation" blog where other don't have right to discuss. Of course it is you right to spent money as you want, even if you with disaster roads and low standard want to build airport that no one needs. But to say "you don't have right to say that is stupid" is so antediluvian and so typical for this blog. My god when you will learn that you are no island and that you are not "god's nation".

  12. Purger,

    Yes but you also have to understand that a couple of you on this blog constantly write the same type of comments which means that you are no better than these Serbian Gods.

    If you are as mature as you want to present yourself then I suppose you will just have to ignore such comments directed towards you.

  13. JagodinaCITY19:10


    Ti da znas nesto malo ozbiljnije o Srbiji i ulaganjima ne bi pricao tako za Aerodrom Nis.

    Drzava Srbija decko nije ulozila ni jedan jedini dinar u aerodrom iuzev bedne pomoci od strane Aerodoma BG samo za placanje troskova oko struje i vode.

    2003 Norveska je investirala u novu pistu a zgrada putnickog terminala je iz 1986god.
    Oprema na aerodromu je stara oprema izbacena sa Aerodroma Beograd i dovezena u Nis, a stara je prko 40-50 gpdina!!!!
    Raspitaj se malo pa pricaj bezveze onda.

    Jedino grad Nis pokusava nekim subvencijama koliko moze da odrzi aerodrom da se ne zatvori a Srbiju briga za drugi aerodrom u zemlji (i to medjunarodni). Sramota

    A trose pare na nove neuspele projekte koji ce propasti pre nego sto se otvore.
    Toliko o ulaganjima Srbije u Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki!

  14. Anonymous21:23

    @purger! And once again ppl from Belgrade are like: no this is not good idea, belgrade is so close..blah, blah.. come on ppl, do you now understand that Belgrade is not centre of the world. You should leave the rest of serbia to develope as well.

    1. Anonymous12:38

      thank u!!!! at least one human being capable to think! amen to that!!! we are more then sick of Belgrade as the capital of the entire world! for those people - there is no other part of the state that needs to be on the map.... just pay taxes for the center of the power, leave them to rule and shut up!am so so so sick of those people who are not born Belgrade citizen but incomers who have never seen anything else but Belgrade. wanna shout now: heeeeeeeeey u, open ur eyes, behind ur street there is an entire brand new world waiting to be built!

  15. PRAGuc21:32

    btw I am sorry that I am replying in serbian, but this is for Jagodinac

    ja ne znam koji je tvoj problem sa mnom, ja sam lepo pitao šta ti hoćeš da Srbija uloži u taj aerodrom da bi popravila njegovo stanje? Tj šta će dodatnih recimo milion, 2 ulaganja u Niš doprineti. Da li će omogućiti da zbog toga što su LCD ekrani na terminalu će strane aviokompanije reći "Jupi, vidi kako lepu zgradu imaju, ajde tu da letimo". Uostalom, INI i sada može da primi 737 koji je veličina regionalnog aviona.

    Ja tebe samo lepo pitam (a ti odmah ti ništa ne znaš ovo ono) šta bi ti konkretno uradio na tom aerodromu, pošto govoriš o infrastrukturi koja mu toliko fali?

    @Purger: Well, look, the fact is the roads are not in a bad shape, but I believe that the airport could bring some benefit to the local economy, whereas the roads of course might be a better solution. But since you are mentioning all these road connections and so on.. how do you explain then the necessity of a airport link Pula - Zagreb since you have 260kms between the two cities?
    Nobody here believe that we are a God nation and so on, but you sometimes with your comments to have a tendency to seem high and mighty.

  16. Purger02:31

    "how do you explain then the necessity of a airport link Pula - Zagreb since you have 260 kms between the two cities?"

    I don't think that line is neccessery. Even oposit, this line is lost-making one, stupid and you can see that with the fact that there is no more than 10 passangers on it.

    Where did you read that I mention something like necessarity of PUY-ZAG line?

    And yes your roads are dissaster. I was in Serbia 4 times in last 2 months and they are the worst in exYU, just Bulgarian and Albanian roads are so bad as Serbian. But it is OK, you will have another airport with no planes instead.

  17. JAgodinaCITY07:33


    Evo objasnicu ti sta drzava moze da ulozi za 2 miliona .
    Moze za pocetak da kupi uredjaj za sletanje po slaboj vidljivosti , i na taj nacin podigne kategoriju aerodroma na visi nivo. Ovo bi uticalo da bude ispunjen glavni uslov zasto evropske avio kompanije ne zele da lete iz Nisa.
    Jednostavno nece da gledaju u nebo pri svakom poletanju ka Nisu i da otkazuju svki treci let. To je prvo i osnovno.

    A da ne pricam da bi ljudi dolaskom veceg broja kompanija putovali iz Nisa mnogo vise nego li odlazili za BG, jos kada bi se zgrada renovirala, dopunili sadrzaji na aerodromu uz vec posotjecu Novu pistu to bi bio recept za uspeh a Srbiji bi bilo generalno bolje...Vise turistu juznije od save i dunava...

  18. Јагодина,

    Чињеница је та да Ниш нема потражње и зато нема летова. Није проблем у лошој техници, пошто су и раније били летови из Лондона са Б752 што указује на то да главни проблем аеродрома није недостатак опреме већ недостатак способног кадра.
    Да људи на тим местима верују да има авиокомпанија које желе да лете АЛИ да опрема није одговараућа онда би једноставно узели кредит и поправили све што недостаје. Пошто то нико није урадио а вероватно и неће онда ће управа аеродрома као и само становништво тог округа да кука како их Београд запоставља.
    Мука ми је од кукумавчења и пљувања по Београду. Ако имате проблем решите га, немојте стално да куцате на наша врата. Уосталом угледајте се на Војводину.

    Најпаметнија ствар би била да се не гради овај аеродром у Краљеву и да се овај у Нишу затвори док се Нишка индустрија не развије до те мере да створи потражњу за летовима.

    As for the comment that a certain Turkish carrier would be interested in operating flight to here using a 100 seat aircraft is next to impossible since none of them operate such planes.
    Maybe Turkish Airlines one day when they place an order for the E-jets but the waiting line for that one is 3 years so...


    You keep on repeating the same comments over and over again in every blong.

  19. JagodinaCITY16:08

    @ Nemjee

    KAo prvo moras da stvoris tehnicke uslove velikim avio kompanijama da dodju da lete iz Nisa , a zatim i putnike koji odlaze za Beograd skrenuti da imaju dobru ponudu i sa juznog aerdroma.

    Naravno da grad i aerodrom ostvaruju kontakte sa svim aviokompanijama, ali niko ne zeli da leti tamo gde nema tof famoznog uredjaja za sletanje u uslovima lose vidljivosti.To je danas standard i svati to kao istinitu informaciju.

    Kao drugo ko ste to vi, Beogradjani?
    Sta mislis da se porez placa samo u beogradu, da ljudi sa juga,zapada istoka severa ne pune budzet ove republike, ne placaju poreze i takse.
    Decace, jos si mali ocigledno i neznas da je centralna vlast tu da razvija podjednako sve regione pa i sve aerodrome, i sl. a ne samo Beograd i da gradi puteve oko Beograda...
    Pomenuo si Vojvodinu..Raspitaj se malo sta misle vojvodjani o Beogradu.Misle toliko lepo da non stop zele da se odvoje ,nazalost je r im Vi,kako ti kazes, uzimate sve a ostavljate mrvice amogu da budu bogatiji od cele zemlje. Ovako dok je takvih sto misle da su nadareni posebno jer su se mozda rodili na Velikom ratnom ostrvu ovoj zemlji niti je niti ce biti bolje.
    A i vama je u Beogradu sve losiji standard, stanovi sve skuplji, guzva sve veca... i puci ce i taj grad vrlo brzo jer ne moze da izdrzi pritisak stanovnistva sa svih stranaa. Zivi bili pa videli a ti samo tako nastavi da mislis i zalazes se za Beogradizaciju Srbije.

    1. Anonymous10:17

      ima monogo aerodroma koji nemaju taj famozni uredjaj za sletanje po losoj vidljivosti ILS pa posluju uspesno. nema ga ni Tivat na primer gospodine. zasto jednostavno ne sagledate i neke druge aspekte tog problema.... turisticke agencije nemaju kome da prodaju karte za letove iz Nisa i u Nis... u tome vam ne moze pomoci ILS> ako turska i americka vlada ulazu ovoliki kapital u aerodrom |Morava, lice li Vam oni na nacije koje investiraju svoj kapital u unapred propalu stvar. da dodam da se osim putnickog saobracaja terminalna zgrada vec prosiruje za cargo centar... razmislite dragi gospodine malo....

  20. Anonymous20:44

    People you don't get the point. This airport will never be built, but there will be a manager, secretaries, company cars, travel to internation congresses, allowances....that's all what it is about. Same like phantom airline Sky Srpska or "Trebinje Airport". It's all about enyoing life for some party people in their "foteljas" ;-)

    1. Anonymous10:19

      shortly, the airport is being built! in front of my eyes and am so happy to tell u that!

  21. Purger00:25

    Let me remind you what I said several days ago:
    "I think that this airport will finish absolutely the same way that phantom Airport Trebnje finished. Money in somebody pocket."

  22. Јагодина,

    Понављам, да стварно постоје авиокомпаније које су заинтересоване да лете за Ниш руководство би узело кредит и набавило би оно што је потребно да се развије аеродром. Судећи по твојој причи велике европске компаније само чекају да се уведу ти уређаји па да крену са летовима. Не, нико и не жели тамо да лети јер нема потражње и свака авиокомпаније то зна.
    Можда сам ја млађи али то не значи ништа, поготову судећи по глупостима које стално пишеш.
    Пљујеш Београд и све што је везано за овај град, и питаш се ко смо ми? Ми смо главни град, престоница Србије. Ми покрећемо све овде и као такви смо најважнији у Србији.
    А што се тиче Војвођана, они не спомињу више одцепљење од када су добили статут. Додуше у тој покрајини има десет пут више корпуције и десет пута мање пара него што је било пре устава. Не би било лоше да се образујеш мало чича. пошто је то ипак земља у којој живиш. А не би било лоше да се и додтано образујеш и распиташ о могућностима за летове са Нишког аеродрома. Али молим те чича, заборави на доба братства јединства када су авиони могли да лете празни, данас мора да се прави профит. По твојим коментарима могу да видим да још живиш у том добу...

    А исто тако да те дечак обавести, мени су у заводу за ваздухопловство рекли да нема заинтересованих авиокомпанија које желе да лете за Ниш. Тако да нема више сврхе да се лупа овде и да се прича како може да се лети за Ниш, пошто очигледно ЈОШ не може.

  23. Purger,

    I am not sure which project will finish first, Trebinje, Kraljevo or Zagreb's new terminal.

  24. Purger08:41

    On that you are 100% right!!!



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