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Adria applies retro livery for 50th birthday
Slovenia’s national carrier Adria Airways is celebrating 50 years of existence and has applied a special retro livery to one of its Airbus A320s (registration S5-AAT) in that honour. Adria commenced flights 50 years ago as Adria Aviopromet with a DC6 which wore the same livery as the Airbus pictured above. It was the first airline, other than JAT Yugoslav Airlines, to be based in Yugoslavia. Operating as a charter airline, Adria expanded not only out of Ljubljana but out of Zagreb and Sarajevo as well.

After the breakup of Yugoslavia it became the national carrier of Slovenia, operating a modern fleet of short haul aircraft. Today the airline has a base in the Slovenian capital as well as Priština. Adria is a Star Alliance member and has been trying to position itself as a regional leader through a strong regional network.

Adria today faces an uncertain future as the carrier struggles with mounting debt and possible privatisation, however, the airline has achieved a lot in the past 5 decades. This year, Jat Airways will celebrate 84 years of existence on June 17, Croatia Airlines 22 on July 20 with B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines celebrating their 17th birthday on August 12 and October 24 respectively.


  1. Anonymous09:24

    congrats to JP and all other carriers. When can we expect Balkan version of SAS???

  2. Anonymous09:30

    Well done Adria, this retro looks very nice, also on A320!!

  3. JU520 BEGLAX10:21

    the airlines are boring me... one started years ago with painting an aircraft in retro look and douzens had to follow..
    no better ideas than just to copy others?

  4. FlyingJack10:41


    Did anyone notice revised schedule for ORD from BEG. Not only departure time was revised, but the launch day as well. July 17 instead of June. Smells on cancellation, it usually goes that way

  5. Anonymous10:46

    wow I love that second photo with the cabin crew and note the JAT stairs :D I presume the photo was taken sometime in the 60s.

  6. @ FlyingJack

    Well spotted!!! :-)

  7. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Unfortunately gone are the days of Braniff and its Calder liveries.

  8. Anonymous13:29


    I only noticed this on's website... they put it from july 16th... hmm I don't know I have friends flying on the first flight and friends coming from bgd end of June, they told me they heard nothing....

  9. Anonymous13:30

    congratulations from greece. i would also be very happy to hear about some new panexyu carrier... it would be great.

  10. FlyingJack13:57


    having a few friends who already purchased their tickets doesn't mean that other potential clients did the same. It is likely that they failed to sell enough tickets to make the first 4 flights profitable, so they decided to move the inaugural flight for a month later.
    As far as I know many people who live far away plan their european trips well in advance while BEG ORD flights were announced beginning of April with ticket sales that begun a month later. I'm afraid that's to short time to promote the flights and to attract enough travelers for the summer. Anyway would love to hear some agent's opinion, if we have any here, so as info on what's been going on with ORD ZAG flights

  11. Congratulations to Adria! I agree with JU520. Instead of painting the aircraft into retro livery, it would be better if they gave Adria a new, more fresh looking one. The old one looks pretty outdated to me.

    About ORD-BEG flights: Didn't someone here say how all the flights were already fully booked and how big success it has been all??? What a bull#$#. I bet they are going to cancel it at the end. Until some normal scheduled airline like Delta or United start operating flights, there will be no success on this or any other North American route.

  12. Anonymous15:59

    Congratulations Adria Airways. It was a favored airline across ex-yu for many. I remember the MD-80's and trips from Sarajevo to Skopje. Sad that it has financial difficulties but it shows that commercially we lost a lot out of the break up of the former country. I am of the opinion that at some point an ex-yu SAS arrangement will be the most sensible development. Otherwise we are looking at a future where foreign carriers will dominate our market. This is my first post on this site, thanks for having such a meaningful forum.

  13. JATBEGMEL16:21

    congradulations to JP...but nice to see that the debted airline still has money to throw away into needlessly painting an aircraft into retro liveries....

  14. JU520 BEGLAX18:31


    u down there at Collins or Bourke Street, you are absolutely right..

  15. Anonymous19:32

    JP just leased additional A320. Painting was needed anyway since the plane have been stored for two years and in TAP Portugal livery.

  16. Does anyone know if this is a short or long term lease? I thought they had problems filling their new A319s and now they added 2 more A320s? For Adria, it would be smarter to get rid of the aging CRJ200s and replace them with DHC-8s, like the ones Croatia got. These would be ideal for VIE/ZRH/MUC/SJJ/BEG/TGD/WAW. They could also be used on potential new routes such as FCO/MXP/DUS/TXL/SPU/DBV/BUD/PRG.
    The CRJ900 can serve good on routes such as AMS/SKP/CPH/ARN/BCN/TIA/BRU/KBP/ while A319 should be deployed on a high demand routes such as IST/LON/FRA/PRN/SVO/CDG and maybe try to introduce DXB and get back to TLV.

  17. Anonymous21:34

    @ Flying Jack

    now I don't think that they postponed the flights, as I heard and know many people who booked on the inaugural flight, i have connections in chicago too ok i know what im talking about. on their website it still says june 17th is first flight. and I know, chill- my point is the airline should have contacted the passengers. right?! well... and they didn't, so i dont know..

    @ Sam

    ok chill its not bullshit.... i said a travel agent told me already one of the flights at the end of June was sold out, RELAXXXX.......

  18. Anonymous22:43

    And for The ord-beg flight, as i said before and lot of people makes me Asshole:) If some body from Cleveland, Detroit or other places have a ticket for ORG-BEG and also he/she had samo other ticket to come to Chicago, and by some reason something is wrong, he/she probably will say goodbye to part of their money. I hope that everything will be Ok. and people wiil fly to/from BEG/ZAG from/to USA, but as JACK said "Smells on cancellation"


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