Turkish brushes off Jat interest

Turkish Airlines’ interest in Jat fades away
Despite the fact that local media has been ripe with suggestions that Turkish Airlines is keen on purchasing Jat Airways or a new national airline Serbia might create as a substitute for Jat, the CEO of Turkish Airlines, Temil Kotil, said that the airline has little interest in acquiring airlines and wants to concentrate on its own operations. “We are not as interested in acquiring airline investments as suggested by media reports”, Kotil told the “Wall Street Journal”. He outlined that the airline prefers organic growth rather than growth based on airline takeovers.

The Serbian Government has sent out facts and figures about Jat to 60 potential bidders but the exact way in which Jat will be sold depends on what the airline’s privatisation advisor, Deloit, suggests. If all goes to plan a tender for the privatisation of Jat Airways could begin in August. However, there is little hope the airline will be sold, as was the case in 2008 when it was also put up for sale. “If this tenders fails Jat will stay in government ownership but the Serbian Government will have to find a way to renew the airline’s fleet”, a government source told the “Novosti” newspaper.

Turkish interest in Jat has been speculated over the past 2 years, with various ministers, Jat CEOs and even the Serbian Prime Minister saying that the Turks are keen on purchasing Jat. One government minister went as far as saying that Turkish Airlines wanted to set up an airline called Balkan Airways which would be the national carrier of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. However, this most recent statement from Turkish Airlines’ CEO is just the latest in a string of similar announcement denying the airline’s interest in Jat. Turkish Airlines flies to every single EX-YU country and owns 49% of B&H Airlines.

In a recent EX-YU aviation news poll, 88% or 258 people said that Jat won’t be sold by the end of 2011. Do you think there is any hope of selling Jat? Send a comment with your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    JAT only needs good reconstruction of management. They realy dont need to be sold. Thats my opinion.

  2. Yes, there is a hope of Jat being sold, but only if the bundle in the airport.

  3. Anonymous11:19

    I hope they not gonna buy Jat, otherwise they will down Zurich, Vienna or even Frankfurt routes. :))) lol

  4. Anonymous13:16

    sorry for OT:

    I just read that this winter there are going to be seven daily flights between Belgrade and Vienna ... dang that's a lot!

    For source freaks:

  5. Aero13:17

    The best option is JAT to be sold to some European airline out of Star Alliance.
    Cause it is highly unlikely to happen, second best solution is to hire proven proffesionals.
    Unfortunatelly, having in mind that the Govt is the single owner, that option is unlikely to happen, too.
    Having said that, I think strugle will continue...

  6. Anonymous14:20

    Jat is in so deep shit that no one wants to buy them...

    To destroy such a big company. To get everything for free (all of republic invest in Jat for 45 years), not just planes but also slots, offices out of Yugoslavia, buses, airport facilities... and to make company on level that no one even wont to thing about buying. That is art of destruction and stupidity.

    This shows that market in Serbia has no importance for anybody and that those big sentences like “hub of southeast Europe”, “capital of Balkans” etc. does not have any reality.

  7. @anonimous:
    This shows that market in Serbia has no importance for anybody and that those big sentences like “hub of southeast Europe”, “capital of Balkans” etc. does not have any reality.

    Well, i guess that the balkan country you are coming from (and I somehow assume that its not Croatia or Slovenia) is the next european tiger... Pls..... If someone doesnt have anything constructive to say, I wonder why do you have to relieve yourself like that.. use more creative methods...

  8. Anonymous17:34

    Look JAT haters,in very basic words, JAT is a badly mistreated machine that can be repaired IF the correct repairman is used. All you who think that JAT is unrepairable, you are wrong!

  9. Anonymous22:02

    hahahahahahaha... the best joke in at least one year...

    if that is so, trust me, at least 20 companies will try to bay Jat and repair it. Stop dreaming

  10. Anonymous22:08

    This is not blog worthy!


  11. AirKoryoTU20403:54

    Because B&H Airlines was worthy of veing purchased by Turkish and has more potential than JAT. All the comments againt JAT are jokes!

  12. ex-yu is a CUNT05:19

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