Zagreb surpasses first million

Zagreb passes million passenger mark, Croatia Airlines to do so soon
Zagreb Airport on Monday handled its millionth passenger this year, 18 days ahead of 2010 pointing to a record breaking year. The millionth passenger was travelling on Monday’s service from Zagreb to Skopje operated by Croatia Airlines. The CEO of Zagreb Airport, Tonči Peović, said that so far this year the airport has recorded a 17% passenger increase thanks to a big increase in the number of flights from the Croatian capital. Peović expects that the airport will see up to 300.000 passengers more than last year. Zagreb Airport set its best passenger figure in 2008 when it handled 2.192.453 passengers, a figure it has been unable to surpass ever since.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Croatia Airlines, Srećko Šimunović, said that the Croatian carrier will carry its millionth passenger within 3 to 4 weeks. By Monday some 829.720 passengers flew with Croatia Airlines since January 1, 2011. The millionth passenger mark should be reached approximately 10 days ahead of 2010. However, Šimunović warns that the positive passenger trend will be offset by large scale losses the airline will once again incur this year. The CEO blames high fuel prices for the loss.


  1. Great news but ZAG urgently needs a new terminal and although things are going ahead they are planning on starting construction at the end of 2012 which is in my opinion too late.

  2. Anonymous10:55

    An interesting fact about this 1 milionth manipulation of statistics, here's why:

    If you take a look at LDZA's stats for jan-May, you'll see 833.904 pax.
    This means that if 1 millionnth passenger arrived on June 27th, that'd mean that LDZA handled only 166.096 in 26,5 days of June.
    This also means that an average pax number per day is 6.268.
    According to that LDZA can expect around 22.000 pax more, tops 25.000 for the rest of 3.5 days in June. that's 188.034 for June - HELLO, it handled 218.000 pax in May and the growth rate is 17% !!!

    Only leads to one conclusion, LDZA had 1 milionth on June 22nd, or 23rd, BUT had waited for croatian holidays to pass and have press come in on Monday the 27th, so that they can take pictures of themselves and spread PR.
    So rotten, and offensive, as if people are dumb and stupid !

  3. Anonymous10:57

    Yeah, it's not fair to advertise rewarding the "lucky" passengers while screwing the "actual" 1 milionth passenger who arrived on June 22nd or 23rd.

  4. I wrote to LDZA's pr person about this illogical data, and received no response :)

  5. Anonymous11:16

    ^Welcome to the Balkans

  6. Anonymous16:04

    hahahaha... awesome :)
    so much about millionth pax on any airport :)))

  7. Anonymous20:35

    Off topic:

    we were talking the other day about empty planes, load factor, especially on LJU-BNX route. I wonder why they are empty, just wanted to book a ticket from London to BNX, prepared to pay more than I noramly do to ZAG or BEG, but to pay 900 euros for European flight, they can just dream about it!!! Outrageous

  8. @Last Anonymous:
    Which dates? i see some tickets BNX-LJU-LGW for 250€

  9. Anonymous23:00

    Hi BEN,

    I am looking for begining of August, quite flexible with dates. Which website did you look at?

  10. @Last Anonymous:
    how many nights in LON?
    send me an email .. we'll find something.

  11. Anonymous13:18


    june 17th, rockford airport


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