Adria to terminate high profile routes

Adria to cut flights and fleet
While Adria Airways waits for the European Commission to clear its 50 million Euro state aid package and a further loan of 40 million Euros from the banks, it has started cleaning up its own backyard. First on the to-do list is the suspension of several loss making routes out of Ljubljana. The airline also plans to sell some of its aircraft.

According to the Slovenian media, Adria Airways is considering either suspending or significantly reducing its frequencies to high profile destinations such as Paris, London-Gatwick and Istanbul. Adria currently operates 10 weekly flights to the French capital, 5 to London and 9 to Istanbul. The Slovenian national carrier faces competition an all 3 routes with Air France and easyJet operating from Paris, Turkish Airlines from Istanbul and easyJet from London Stansted Airport. This is virtually the only direct competition the airline has from its Ljubljana hub. Adria is still waiting to gain some momentum on its recently launched flights from Priština to Brussels.

In order to gain some extra cash, Adria is planning on leasing its aircraft together with its cabin crew to other airlines, with the Airbus A319s being the likely aircraft to be leased or sold. The airline returned 2 Airbus A320s to its fleet this summer after retiring them last year. Adria currently has a fleet of 14 aircraft with 13 in operations as 1 Bombardier CRJ200 (registration S5-AAD) is grounded at Ljubljana Airport.


  1. Anonymous10:09

    Just trying to show (fake) "we are trying to impprove", "we are doing our best" so 50 give us million Euro state aid package and a further loan of 40 million Euros from the bank.
    Paris, London etc. are not profitable for Adria I agree. But many others Adria connections are loosing too.
    Just shut down and reset guys. You will never win if someone is not feeding you with big money all the time.

  2. sorry OT:

    Pegasus opened the booking for its flights Izmir-Skopje (80€ return) and Istanbul-Skopje (70€). sounds good

    "Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines starting 15AUG11 is launching service to Skopje in Macedonia, offering 2 weekly Izmir – Skopje and 3 weekly Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen – Skopje route."

  3. Anonymous11:30

    ex-Yu aviation: actaually there are 3 airlines flying LJU-CDG: JP,AF,U2!

  4. Stefan11:36

    I can’t believe that an airline that has such a monopoly from its hub and even flies from other countries to third countries (Austria to Germany) is in such deep in sh*t. And the worst of all Adria’s PAX numbers have begun to decline compared to 2010!

  5. @ Anonymous 2: Thanks. I completely forgot about U2 on the CDG service. Added to the article now.

  6. sorry to say it so explicitly, but the only 2 airlines that stand a chance - long-term wise- in this region are JU and CTN. Even those two struggle and will eventually be acquired by either Lufthansa Consortium or Aeroflot or Turskih...
    It's a way for companies to survive now - to give in and make the Mum companies more deversified and stable. I doubt Lufthansa makes money with their "core service", but probably due to their maneuvering and controling their product portfolio (business fleet, low cost companies they acquired etc.)

  7. Pegasus Airlines to launch Skopje, Macedonia service from mid-Aug 2011
    Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines starting 15AUG11 is launching service to Skopje in Macedonia, offering 2 weekly Izmir – Skopje and 3 weekly Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen – Skopje route.


    Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen – Skopje eff 16AUG11
    PC711 SAW1515 – 1545SKP 738 247
    PC712 SKP1625 – 1850SAW 738 247

    Izmir – Skopje
    PC2735 ADB1400 – 1420SKP 319 5
    PC2735 ADB1440 – 1500SKP 738 1

    PC2736 SKP1500 – 1715ADB 319 5
    PC2736 SKP1540 – 1755ADB 738 1

  8. Anonymous12:49

    Pegasus is a great airline, well done Skopje :-) with two new routes and another airline.

    As for Adria, tried to fly with them so many times, they are alway one of the most expensive.

  9. Anonymous14:26

    Not very smart I would guess. If they cancel Paris and London services they will definitely loose on connecting passengers from Sarajevo, Skopje, Pristina what's next? Decrease frequency on these destinations as well?

  10. Anonymous15:07

    Probably lots of us would come with better business plan than Adria’s management. Is seems they do not have a clue how to solve the situation – apart from asking for more money.

  11. If they cannot fill up seats to one of the biggest hubs and tourist destinations in Europe, such as London, Paris and Istanbul, how can we expect they do anything on other routes. A friend of mine and I wanted fly Adria one-way from LON to LJU this August but the price was ridiculous, almost 300 EUR for one-way ticket. When I called them, they said that they have only few seats left and they don't have anything cheaper. I wouldn't mind paying up to 150 EUR but 300 EUR wfor one way ticket was a shame. Instead, we decided to book Croatia Airlines, one-way LHR-ZAG for 70 EUR.

  12. Anonymous21:06

    Spot on Sam, totally agree with you, their prices are just absurd, they loose lots of passengers because of that, YES I am ready to pay more, but what is too much it is too much.

  13. Anonymous00:49

    Sad what's happening with JP...but this could mean a more colourful life for LJU...we'll see...keeping my fingers crossed for JP anyway, the best ex YU airline!!!


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