Big numbers for Belgrade

Strong figures in June and July
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recorded another good month and is on target to handle 3 million passengers by the end of 2011. In June, Serbia’s main hub welcomed 301.782 passengers, representing a 16.8% increase on the same month last year. However, the number of flights operated to and from the airport did not change. By the end of last month the airport handled 1.335.409 passengers, an increase of 20.1%.

July figures are also set to see a big increase. On July 1 the airport broke its own record for the number of passengers handled within 24 hours – a total of 14.320. These figures are expected to be broken again soon. The “Aviokarta” portal reports that the airport now has 2 rush hour periods compared to one last year. The first one begins in the morning when most Jat Airways flights depart and arrive and another one which commences late in the afternoon and lasts until the end of the day. Furthermore, most European airlines have begun sending bigger aircraft to Belgrade this summer, such as the Airbus A321, including Air France, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines and Atlasjet.

One of the most popular destinations this summer from Belgrade is Antalya in Turkey with at least one flight per day. On several occasions the airport even saw 6 daily flights to the city. The airport is also gearing up for the winter season with Sky Work Airlines from Switzerland announcing flights to the city and a new airline will also soon announce services to the Serbian capital. More on this in the next couple of weeks.
The July 1 passenger record was broken yesterday with the airport handling 14.694 passengers.


  1. Firs of all, is the morning rush hour because of more flights or because of more passengers? There aren't that many new flights at that time so I do not see a reason why it would be called a rush hour that all of a sudden.
    So maybe the portal aviokarta should clarify that.

    Second of all, Air France has upgraded Belgrade to an A319 a long time ago and has sent their A321 once to Belgrade in July. Belgrade is far from a hot destination for them with an average lf of 74%.
    TK has been flying their B737-800s which they did in the winter season as well.
    Also, how can Atlasjet send bigger equipment to belgrade when they just launched flights? What are you comparing them to? The non-existent winter season?
    What you should have said is that Atlasjet launched Belgrade with a high capacity aircraft.

    ''The most popular destination this summer from Belgrade is Antalya in Turkey with at least one flight per day.''

    What happened to Vienna with up to 6 daily departures from Belgrade? Not to mention that there are a ton of other cities in Europe with double daily frequencies. So how can a city with a daily frequency be the most popular? Yes, there are days when there are several flights to Antalya BUT they are charter flights. Usually when someone mentiones a popular destination it's thanks to a lot of scheduled flights.
    Not to mention that 9,036 people travelled between Belgrade and Antalya in June 2011. That is in the ranks of Belgrade-Istanbul and miles behind cities like London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna..

  2. Anonymous10:48

    Very nice! Beograd is truly starting to get its PAX back it had decades ago from Yugo, and I wonder which new airline will begin flights to Beograd besides SkyWorks...? I am very happy for Beograd but still believe more needs to be done in other cities in Srbija!

  3. b73712:02


    this is a usually story which airport sells to those part of people who are not familiar with air transportation, and does not have any touch with realty. So do not be upset :)

  4. How can 14.320 pax be a record for Belgrade Airport? In 1987 the airport had over 9.300 pax in average per day, throughout the year, so the peak days must have been maybe even twice as high the number, or closer to 20.000 pax.

  5. Anonymous14:28

    I believe what aca wrote

  6. Aegean Airlines (A3) has started code sharing with Olympic Air (OA) on its flights to Belgrade.

  7. Ratko from Melb15:52

    @nejmi What newspaper do you work for? and why does it bother you??The main point was the passenger increase

  8. @Ratko,

    Why do you think I work for a newspaper?

    It bothers me because it's just bad journalism and they can't write things which are not true.

  9. @ Nemjee,

    I agree but regardless, I am pleased to hear the passenger numbers are increasing. In the article, they mention a new airline that might start flights soon. You have any info on that one? :)

  10. Anonymous20:19

    haha serbians newspaper, one said last year that by new years JAT would fly beograd - chicago, hahaha:)

    and maybe its Air Azberijan or however its spelled.

  11. PRAGuc21:06

    I also thought it could be AZAL :)

    Aleks I just love your azberijan, you are the only one who made the name of a country to resemble like a typical last name of its worst enemy. hehhehe

    (u prevodu Azerbejdžan --> Azberijan --> Jermenska prezimena se završavaju na IJAN). heheh

  12. Anonymous23:20

    And WIZZ 2nd plane at BEG? Will it be based this year? If someone could please answer me, if they know of course.

  13. There were 72 departures yesterday (increase from about 50 per day last year). It means that every ac had about 99,96 pax per flight. There were 20 departures by regional airliners (with capacity less than 100 pax) and 10 with airliners that can accommodate more than 150 pax, plus 12 charter flights. Not bad when you do the math :)
    Hope to see AZAL or any other unusual airline from any part of the world :)
    Skywork, AZAL, plus one more Wizz ac. BEG will easily go over 3 mill until the end of the year.

  14. Anonymous23:49

    and a new airline will also soon announce services to the Serbian capital. More on this in the next couple of weeks."

    hopefully by new , admin means unheard of airline hehe maybe we can see that airline + azal

    and hahaha whoops :)

  15. Anonymous13:59

    Wizz won't base second aircraft at BEG by the end of this year, at the moment they are focused on SKP.

  16. PRAGuc02:43

    Last anonymous:

    Yeah, like SKP has anything to do with BEG :) Biggest problem for SKP is the proximity of Sofia (which has many many routes) not Belgrade which is oh soo north.

  17. Anonymous18:34


    by new airline, do you mean one not mentioned in a while to begin BEG service?


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