Jat extends Dubrovnik flights

Jat to Dubrovnik until 2011/2012 winter
Jat Airways will extend its seasonal summer flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik until the end of the 2011 summer season. Flights were initially meant to operate until September 18 but due to the route’s popularity, the service will now be extended until October 28.

Jat Airways resumed services do Dubrovnik after 20 years on June 18, 2011. It competes directly against Croatia Airlines, which also operates the flights twice per week on a seasonal basis. However, Jat has had more success with the route. The Serbian national carrier on average per flight carries approximately 45 passengers on its 66 seat ATR72, while an average of 30 passengers choose Croatia Airlines. Although figures for both are set to further increase as the peak of the summer season begins.

The final service between Belgrade and Dubrovnik was operated by JAT Yugoslav Airlines on August 6, 1991, before its resumption this June. During the 1980s, the Belgrade - Dubrovnik - Belgrade service was one of the most popular domestic flights in the country.


  1. Well done to JAT and OU. It would be even better if JAT extended the service to a year round service

  2. Anonymous12:11

    great. im very happy. but i would prefer belgrade-pula route, cause in istiria i feel like at home.

  3. Anonymous00:01


  4. Yes, BEG-PUY route would be a good addition as well

  5. I am glad the long awaited reintroduction of the flight is working well. Does anyone know, what aircraft type did JAT use on this route before the war?

  6. JAT used a mix of DC-9-32 and B727-200 on the route before the war. I remember flying there as a child on a B727-200!

  7. @ Aleksandar

    Thanks for the answer. I've also heard that from time to time, JAT would reroute some of its flights from JFK to DBV. Hope to see those transatlantic flights return one day.


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