Jat’s numbers climb

Good half yearly results for Jat

In June 2011 Jat Airways reported yet another passenger increase compared to the same period last year, this time amounting to 18%. In the first half of the year the Serbian national carrier saw an increase of 19%.

This June, the airline handled 116.105 passengers, representing 22% passenger increase in scheduled traffic and an overall increase of 18%. The cabin load factor was increased by 7 points and amounted to 72%. The airline saw its biggest passenger jump on its Euro-Mediterranean routes (+24%) and Montenegro services (+22%). The number of flights was increased by 6%. However, the airline’s charter services continue to suffer. The number of charters decreased by 21%, resulting in a 28% passenger charter slump.

From January until the end of June, Jat handled 518.999 passengers (+19%) and had an average cabin load factor of 65%. Jat currently holds a 40% share of passengers using its hub, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

You can review all the results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN70.788 2.9
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33
MAY96.466 17
JUN116.105 18


  1. Good for their loadfactor, it was too low for June last year. Glad to see it improve finally.
    I hope that their finances will improve as well however, since they made no announcement regarding that issue I will not hold my breath!

  2. Anonymous10:15

    Why is JAT flying charter flights?

    Its a national Airline, are they other national Airlines flying charter?

    I think Aviogenex should buy or lease 2-3 A/C and fly charter, as they did before the 90s.

    Greetings from Basel

  3. Anonymous10:25

    why? coz it brings money!
    Simple :)

  4. Anonymous10:36

    Yes, there are other national airlines that fly charters, or have charter divisions within themselves.

    Lauda comes to mind (Lauda - The Austrian way to holidays) http://www.austrianairlines.ag/AustrianAirlinesGroup/Profil/LaudaAir.aspx?sc_lang=en

    As for Jat, they've had several promotions in the past few months. No wonder they got an increase in the number of pax. Ofcourse, those traveling on promotions don't make the airline money, so Jat is getting itself deeper and deeper in red.

  5. Last anonymous:

    Actually the promotions are making money to Jat, especially on the regional routes. This is mostly because they are using turboprops which consume less fuel than the jet aircraft.

    As for the rest of the flights, of course they see money from them. For example to Larnaca the minimal price for them to break even is €170 per passenger. Their promotion was around €176 which means that thye saw €6 per passenger that purchased the promotional flight.
    Naturally there was only a certain number of seats sold at that price which means that Jat was back to ripping off passengers flying to Cyprus!

  6. Anonymous14:44


    when you say €170 b/e per passenger, which load factor do you mean?


  7. Well I am talking about a high load. However Jat's June loads were good enough on those routes in order to make a profit.
    Larnaca is not a problem at all as after the promotion tickets cost €300/€350.

  8. Anonymous16:55

    Nemjee, how do u know so much about Jat?

  9. Anonymous17:52

    @ last Anonymous

    you go to their website...

  10. Well you can check their ticket price on their website.

  11. Anonymous18:15


    What's a website?

  12. Anonymous18:22

    JAT's website, heres a link


  13. PRAGuc00:16

    Btw did anyone notice that Gazpromavia's service to Sochi is basically no longer executed by gazprom avia but last few weeks it was with Aeroflot-Don? And it was boeing 737-500..

  14. Anonymous10:58

    I was more than impressed that jat's passengers rose by 65% on Belgrade-Istanbul segment. Not to mention that they are competing with Turkish Airlines on there!

  15. Anonymous22:06

    Would someone know what Jat's charter passengers total was for 2010?



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