New CEO for Jat

Professional CEO instead of party minion
Jat Airways is heading towards getting its first professional CEO without political affiliation. The Serbian Government has announced that the heads of all state owned companies will be selected through open competitions. Amongst the first companies to get a new CEO will be Jat Airways, as the national carrier currently has only an acting CEO who is the member of the largest party in the ruling coalition. Often, people with little knowledge in the field of aviation are selected as CEOs of the Serbian flag carrier based on their party memberships leading to disastrous business decisions. Jat’s last CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, a lawyer by profession, was brought to the airline only to be run out by his own employees following questionable decisions. Others, who have actually been with the airline and selected as CEOs, were often at the bottom of the hierarchy and with little experience were propelled to the top job.

Whether the process will be transparent remains to be seen. The government announced that it will begin with the open competitions and selections immediately. The heads of Adria Airways, Montenegro Airlines and Croatia Airlines have all been hand picked by the country’s ruling party. B&H Airlines also endured the same process until recently when the naming of the company’s CEO was handed to part owner Turkish Airlines.


  1. Anonymous10:56

    good news for JAT, hopefully things will get much better now, and hopefully turn a profit!

  2. Anybody has any info on these accusations: "Swiss sending planes with defects to Belgrade"

  3. This is great news for JAT. I hope that we can finally see a CEO that will work in the interests of the airline and bring about the much needed drastic changes. A new fleet, new routes, better marketing. I hope he is not as incompetent as the previous ones have been and certainly hope that he is not part of Tadic's corrupt ruling party.

  4. aleki17:47

    agree 100% with nrs. Politicians, regardless from whatever party they come from, are not compatible with airline business. I really can't believe it has been this long of a time for the govt to realize that. But better now than never. lopovi-->zatvor ;))

  5. U pitanju je Press, tako da nema potrebe za bilo kakvim komentarisanjem :)

  6. Anonymous19:41

    RIP Jat.

    This will change nothing at all as long as we have same people in the airline. Money-hungry selfish JAT people.

  7. Anonymous20:25


    Something similar happened to Air Berlin a couple of months ago - they were operating commercial flights with planes that had oil leaking from engines, so the SWISS thing wouldn't surprise me.

    Air Berlin:

  8. Anonymous22:48

    one question, how come 2 Adria airways planes came into Beograd today both from Milan, one CRJ200 and one CRJ900...?

  9. FlyingJack23:55

    @ Alex

    I'm not quite certain but during this week the second Serbian Italian economic summit should be held. It is likely that the organizer asked JP to fly the guests of the summit.

    @ Nemje

    Thanks for posting these figures important to all airline freaks :)

  10. FtheRS-they cost us money w no return on investment03:56

    Finally some hope for real change that may bring the company around.

    However don't hold our breaths as I wouldn't be surprised if this does not actually occur. The temptation is too great for the politicians to insert one of their own.

    I just wish that Serbian politicians would start caring for Serbian business and Serbian people. We have enough problems without involving ourselves with neighboring countries and their politics.

    Good luck JAT. Aviation over politics is the only chance of success.

  11. Anonymous05:16

    Business without nepotism? Ha, good luck with that! It's a way of life in the Balkans.

  12. Funny that it's news that an airline company is going to try, for the first time, hiring someone qualified to run it rather than some political hack.

    First time for everything!

    Too bad it's too late for JAT

  13. Anonymous09:34

    oT: Air Baltic is sending their B737-5 from Riga today


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