Priština terminal construction begins

New look for Priština Airport
After some delays, the construction of Priština Airport’s new terminal began earlier this week with a ceremony attended by local officials. The investment is worth 120 million Euros and will see the construction of a new terminal stretching over 42.000 square metres, a new control tower, an apron able to accommodate 9 Boeing 737 jets, 3 air bridges, a car park for 1.750 vehicles, a new access road from the city to the airport and the widening of taxiways. The Turkish company running Priština Airport for the next 20 years, the Limak Group, says that the airport intends to handle 4 million passenger per year over the next 2 decades. The group is upbeat about the airport’s construction pace and believes the project can be completed by June 2012 at the latest, despite earlier statements that construction would take 18 months. The new building will be environmentally friendly and will meet all international and IATA standards.

In 2010, Priština Airport handled 1.305.532 passengers, placing it in the top 5 airports in the former Yugoslavia, passenger wise. The airport is continuing to show passenger growth in 2011 as well. Recently, Lufthasa’s low cost airline, Germanwings, announced its newest service to Priština from Munich. Flights will begin on November 02. Details can be found here. Germanwings already operates flights from Berlin, Hanover and Stuttgart to Priština.


  1. Great news for Prishtina!

    And yet again... Germanwings may have low cost (structure), but definitely high prices.

  2. Well done Limak and Pristina. This is good news for Kosovo. Well done to Germanwings too!

  3. Anonymous13:45

    Well done for Pristina airport, and yes, I agree about Germanwings' prices, absolutely nothing "low cost" about it, the same as Air Berlin.

  4. Good news for another Serbian airport, this is the kind of investment that is needed to attract investment in the exyu region

  5. Anonymous00:49

    i'm waiting for all of u from yesterday. " skopje don't need new airport blablabla" so then why Pristina need new one? and 120 mEUR for the new airport:)

    Skopje, PRistina and every other city needs a new airport becouse the current airports that we are using are built by TITO which meens 50 years ago. SO after so much time without investment in airports i think that now is the realy good time. Not only for Skp and Prn but for everybody else. ZAG with more than 2m pax. in a year, nees new terminal immediately. (my back yard is bigger than Zag terminal :)) ).

    Good Luck For PRN and SKP and good luck for everyone else who is trying to get something new.


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