Belgrade growth continues

Belgrade Airport to surpass 2 million in August
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 384.256 passengers in July, marking its 15th month of consecutive passenger growth. The airport saw its figures improve by 8.8% compared to the same month last year. During August, Serbia’s main airport should surpass the 2 million passenger mark, handling a record 15.000 passengers on August 1. By the end of July Belgrade welcomed 1.719.665 passengers. In order to attract airlines, the airport recently announced that it will once again be slashing its landing fees from September 1, this time by 7%. The airport is looking to attract low cost airlines with Cimber Sterling and LOT Polish Airlines recently announcing that they will turn their Belgrade service into seasonal summer flights only.

Meanwhile, Niš Constantine the Great Airport welcomed 2.739 passengers in July, its best month of the year so far. In the first 7 months the airport handled 12.584 passengers. In 2010 Niš welcomed 26.627 passengers. Since reopening its doors in 2004, Niš recorded its best annual result in 2006 with a total of 35.518 passengers.


  1. Anonymous12:19

    Glad to hear that! GO ON LYBE ♥.:)

  2. Anonymous16:13

    What happened with that national airline which wanted to start
    flying to belgrade for the first
    time ?

  3. Anonymous16:20

    ^That News were Faux !

  4. PRAGuc17:20

    Yeah, actually, well since that didnt materialise, can you at least tell us, what airline it was?

  5. Anonymous17:43

    We will never get the answe from that lazy admin ...

  6. News regarding the airline will be published next week as well as the reason for the delay.

  7. Anonymous18:24

    So delay does not mean suspension ?

  8. Anonymous20:41

    OMG ! People the Tuzla Dubai thread ..someone is threatening
    purger !I am really gutted .
    Obviously threre is someone not interested in that people get informed !

  9. Anonymous13:15

    That is not a threat.
    In wish to impress, some people are giving confidential information not even being aware of.


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