Dubai – Tuzla flights cancelled

Farewell Tuzla
Air Arabia, which was hired to perform 2 weekly summer charters from Dubai Airport to Tuzla has cancelled its service. The flights, which were to mark the rebirth of Tuzla Airport have been terminated due to extremely low loads. According to the airport’s management in Tuzla, on one flight there was only one passenger, representing the difficult the route faced to attract passengers. Before services were launched in July, the airport’s management expected strong figures thanks to tourism and connecting passengers from Australia and the United States.

Originally, a total of 31 flights were planned to operate this summer with the possibility of extending the flights if they proved successful. Last month EX-YU aviation news reported that the airline was experiencing a slow start to its services. Return ticket prices for the Dubai – Tuzla flights hovered between 460 to 700 Euros. Jat Airways now remains the only airline to offer flights from the former Yugoslavia to the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    When will Jats new webpage be finished?

    Well what can i say, BH and sarajevo will never offer directs intercontinental flights beacuse due to low interest and economy. People will always need to travel/ make a stop through belgrade or zagreb.


  2. Anonymous09:44

    It would've been cool being the only passenger on board :) Must have felt like your own private jet :)

  3. Anonymous09:56

    would have been a major surprise if this worked .

  4. Oh man, but they offered flights to the US... Wonder how it didn't work out.

    Maybe they should have considered Ryanair for the job.

  5. Igor10:05

    I'm not sure if they realy expected that will work ?
    No marketing , you can not buy ticket from their own website (Air arabia) and who will now about this flight. They counted on markets in Australia - realy ??? First what Aussies do is to check if there is flight to Bosnia/Tuzla on some almost non existing local travel agency then buy two separate tickets
    from Australia-Dubai and to Tuzla then. ?!?
    This was very amateur attempt.

  6. FlyingJack10:11

    Imagine mental condition and brain capabilities of TZL apt management who expected connecting US passengers! 14+ hours NYC DXB and than 5+ hours backwards to TZL

  7. Anonymous11:45

    US connecting passengers? Who would ever go through Asia to get to Europe from America...that's like going from Belgrade to Moscow via Cape Town.

  8. Anonymous12:41

    To 2. anonymous if you want to be the only pax on board from Bosnia try Banja Luka - Ljubljana with Adria. Still flying.

  9. Purger14:24

    Croatia Airlines is in last faze of negotiation to buy from 1 to 3 second-hand Q400.

  10. Anonymous16:26


    Are you saying that OU is buying additional Q400 aircraft? I know they purchased new ones already
    if they are buying additional ones to which new routes will it be using them?

  11. Anonymous17:20

    Why choosing Tuzla when you have
    Sarajevo ?
    But also Sarajevo could be a problem
    for any Middle East Carrier
    when you see dominance of B&H/Turkish Airlines !
    Then only Belgrade remains.
    If you fly Australia to SE Europe
    one single Stopover in Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi would fit perfectly !
    Everyone has to praise Qatar Airways for what they are trying with Bucarest and Sofia !

  12. Anonymous20:43


  13. Purger23:24

    Yes OU is buying additional Q400. I don't know on which route they will fly.

    In ZAG 3 Kallita's cargo 747 today and on 15/16th August. Export of furniture to Qatar.

  14. Croatian Airports July 2011:

    Zagreb 256.759
    Split 273.021
    Dubrovnik 256.305
    Pula 86.925
    Zadar 53.055
    Rijeka 21.978
    Osijek 4.013
    Brač 3.230
    Mali Lošinj 934
    TOTAL: 956.220

    January- July 2011:

    Zagreb 1.320.837
    Split 698.897
    Dubrovnik 724.020
    Pula 184.909
    Zadar 154.043
    Rijeka 43.787
    Osijek 12.693
    Brač 6.882
    Mali Lošinj 3.003
    Ukupno 3.149.071

  15. Anonymous00:33

    Thank you Ikarus ! :)

  16. Interesting Purger,

    Does OU still hold options for 2 Q400s with Bombardier?

  17. Anonymous18:33

    I wrote today nice about you.
    Be careful to not expose too much. Sometimes you are on the edge in between public knowledge and business secrets.

  18. Anonymous20:30 case of adria and croatia airlines business secrets and
    public knowledge are the same !
    Aren`t both in public ownership ?
    So i think taxpayers should know
    for what their money is spent on !

    I hope that last comment is no sort of intimidation...


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