Jat Catering on sale

Jat being sold bit by bit
Jat Airways’ catering division, divided into a separate company from the Serbian national carrier in 2005, will go on sale on September 9. The Serbian Government, the company’s owner, is offering 70% of the catering company, which will be auctioned off in Belgrade. In order to participate in the September auction, those interested must pay 783.000 Euros. The asking price for Jat Catering amounts to 6.6 million Euros while the new owner will be obliged to invest at least 274.000 Euros into the company.

Jat Catering, based at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport, was separated from Jat Airways under the direct orders of the government several years ago. Many criticised the move as it decreased the value of the national airline itself, although the government stressed it would be easier to sell Jat without its additional businesses such as Catering, Tehnika (technical division) and hotels.

Despite being separated from Jat, the two companies have strong ties and Jat Catring depends entirely on the national carrier. The CEO of Jat Catering is named by Jat Airways and its only customer is Jat. The catering division employs 147 people, owns a catering production facility stretching over 7.519 square metres and had a loss of 890.000 Euros in 2010.


  1. Anonymous09:44

    Why would they need 147 employees if their only customer is Jat?

    No wonder why they are reporting such huge losses.

  2. how many people does it take to make crappy, dry sandwiches and stock the fridge with coca-cola?

  3. Peter from Sydney13:09

    Who does the catering for the other airlines coming into Belgrade? I'm guessing perhaps, they don't need catering on short haul euro flights?

  4. Anonymous14:48

    How does this business survive with just one customer being JAT?

    Maybe Sky Chef or Gate Gourmet should invest and expand it to customers flying into or near Belgrade.

  5. Anonymous19:11

    Wait... what??? 6.6 M EUR for JAT Catering??? For a 5 crappy vans and sandwiches that stay on overnight flights in aircraft and then given to the passengers as the meal??? Who would in their right mind pay such ridiculous price for this piece of s*** of a "company"??

  6. @EX-YU Aviation

    I have noticed that you don't report on traffic stats for PRN. If you'd like the figures for the first 6 months of 2011 let me know and I will forward them to you. For many EX-YU airports you report their traffic stats on a monthly basis.

    Now, regarding Jat Catering, the keywords are at the very end "and had a loss of 890.000 Euros in 2010." That means that every single employee is bringing losses of over 6,000 Euros per year or 500 Euros per month. Ouch! I doubt their salaries are much higher than 500 Euros per month. The key information is missing though. It would be great to find out what their annual turnover is to find out just how inefficient the company really is.

  7. Anonymous20:31

    A perfect company to employ family members and friends of our politicians !
    Oh we vote these politicians to bring us more democracy and to join EU !
    On one side they propagate European values and free market ....the other side their economy policy is
    in the same ligue as Pakistan or Nigeria !
    Serbian economy is ruined...
    we are living in a banana republic!
    Who cares....EU membership will solve everything !
    Then those stupid Germs and British will work for us and pay our bills

    ...why doing anything ?!
    EU will do it for us..

  8. Anonymous02:25

    Yea some news and updates on pristina would be nice.

  9. Anonymous09:18

    Jesus, when there is news about Pristina they will post them on here.


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