Jat closes in on Adria

Jat’s passenger numbers continue to increase
In the first 7 months of the year, Jat Airways carried 675.507 passengers, an increase of 16% compared to the same period last year. Jat is now less than 2.000 passengers away from overtaking Adria as the former Yugoslavia’s second busiest airline. Adria managed to “overthrow” Jat last year although looks unlikely to do so for a second successive time. Croatia Airlines remains unbeatable with the airline already topping 1 million passengers.

Boosting Jat’s numbers was a strong July as the airline carried 156.508 passengers, an increase of 8%. In scheduled traffic the airline’s figures jumped 14%, in charter traffic they were down 25%, while Jat’s average cabin load factor soared to 80%, an increase of 6 points. In the first 7 months, the load factor has averaged 65%. Jat’s Montenegro network continues to see numbers significantly increase. In July the airline improved its figures to and from Podgorica and Tivat by 14% while Euro Mediterranean traffic saw numbers surge 13%.

You can review all the results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN70.788 2.9
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33
MAY96.466 17
JUN116.105 18
JUL156.508 8


  1. Anonymous09:02

    When do we hear about that new airline to BEG that was supposed to be announced at the beginning of august?

  2. Anonymous10:02

    Adria is preparing itself to close down thats why they are not expecting numbers. closing routes: paris, istanbul, london and warsaw and of course some smaller routes too.

  3. Anonymous10:44



  4. Anonymous10:54

    Good numbers for JAT, mainly due to;
    - High emigration rate. More and more serbs are leaving serbia,
    - Natives are not feeling with foerign airliners,
    - One more ATR42 introduced into the fleet.

  5. @Last anonymous,

    Huh? If Serbs really wanted to flee then they would have done so by using a bus or Wizz Air.

    Plus, this good results for July is mostly due to high numbers of incoming passengers into the country.

    I know I was shocked to see that Air France's numbers have gone down year on year (same as Alitalia) whereas jat's numbers have gone up!
    I know that their LHR route was 91% full throughout the month.

  6. Anonymous11:34

    JAT is up also because Serbia passport holders don't need visa for Eu anymore

  7. Anonymous12:05

    @ Last annonoymous

    Ti si retard

  8. He is probably angry at the result from last night ;)

    I think a large number of these passengers are actually transit passengers, especially from SKP from where the number of pax doubled year on year.

  9. @Nemjee

    do you have numbers?

  10. For Skopje and Ohrid?

    do you want the lf or the numbers?

  11. @Nemjee

    lf. cheers

  12. Hey,

    Jat's load factor in July for Ohrid was impressive 91%.
    In Skopje it was lower, 70%. Naturally it makes sense as Ohrid is served only twice weekly where as SKP was 12 (if I am not mistaken).

    Jat's numbers are up by 10% to SKP.

  13. When I first saw the headline I imagined Jat was purchasing Adria, but then I realized hell hasn't frozen over. Good numbers for Jat. I hope soon all our airlines can turn good numbers into good profit.

  14. Anonymous16:52

    some questions :
    1. What happened with those new national airline wanting to begin flights to belgrade ?

    2.Spanair wanted to fly this summer to mallorca but they didnt.
    does anybody know the reason ?

    3.Why suspended spanair its belgrade service to madrid ?

    4.How is wizzair doing to/from belgrade and skopje ?

    5.How is easyjet doing to/from
    zagreb and ljubljana ?

  15. 3. Spanair has not been doing well recently. They had huge financial problems and even recently SAS cancelled all codeshares they had with them.
    It was probably better for them to direct all the passengers to BCN from there they could offer connections to MAD.

    4. Wizz Air is doing fine. Their average lf ranges from 77% to 88%.

  16. Anonymous21:05

    Dear Nemjee could you go more in detail please ..
    Which wizzair route is most profitable and which least ?
    Have you exact numbers of LF
    for each destination ?
    I have to admit that i am very sceptical about profitability of routes to sweden and eindhoven..
    but maybe i am mistaken ?
    Thank you for any response !

  17. Hey, sure...

    here is the list of their routes and the lfs:

    1. Brussels CRL: 87%

    2. Dortmund: 90%

    3. Eindhoven: 89%

    4. Gothenburg: 93%

    5. Luton: 88%

    6. Malmo: 95%

    7. Memmingen: 86%

    8. Stockholm Skavsta: 90%

    9. Rome: 56%

    Overall average lf was 86% or 150 passngers per flight.

    Looking at these numbers I suppose that they are making a profit since their lfs are quite high. Now, it doesn't have to be a large profit but it still is one.

    Also, doubt that we will see another aircraft in BEG. There aren't enough destinations to be covered with a new machine in Belgrade.

  18. Anonymous22:02

    There is no ATR42 in JAT fleet.

    There is 4 ATR72. (one leased)

    And one is always in hangar on jacks, waiting for spare parts, due to JAT money problem.

    No night charter flights this summer.

  19. Anonymous22:04

    There is no ATR42 in JAT fleet.

    There is 4 ATR72. (one leased)

    And one is always in hangar on jacks, waiting for spare parts, due to JAT money problem.

    No night charter flights this summer.

  20. Anonymous22:59

    OMG! loudfactor for Wizz Air is so good.But Rome is very bad!
    There are lot of Destinations for Wizz Air !Milano,Madrid ,Paris-Orly, Hamburg-Lubeck,Cyprus,Turkey .Israel.
    Catania,Valencia !Most needed is Direct Flights to Hamburg!Berlin!That also could do Easy Jet!Increase London Flights to DAILY!

  21. Yeah they could launch those but even the numbers today on those routes are not that great...

  22. Anonymous23:47

    Dear Nemjee could you explain your last post something more in detail..
    As far as i know there are no direct flights to madrid or hamburg.
    And on milan and berlin routes i think Jat has a monopoly.
    For me all those destinations would make sense..

  23. Anonymous00:17

    Where do you get this information Nemjee?

  24. From my experience booking flight via Rome can be very expensive; this could be a reason why Rome LF is so much lower. It is much cheaper to transit via other hubs.

  25. hey,

    Well regarding the route to Hamburg it's covered from Dortmund as it's only about 100 km away. Plus, W6 would rather fly to a cheaper airport rather than a more expensive one such as HAM.

    As for MXP and BER the loads on those routes are not that great. W6 could maybe have two flights per week, , maybe three to Berlin. At this point there are still not enough destinations around to sustain high loads on their flights- like they have now.
    Naturally they could launch them but...

    This is W6s average lf in 2011:

    1. 72%
    2. 68%
    3. 72%
    4. 77%
    5. 82%
    6. 79%
    7. 89%

    During the summer they don't have any problem filling those planes, however once the summer months are gone a problem arises.


    Are you talking about Wizz Air or Jat and Alitalia?
    Both JU and AZ have decent loads between the two cities.

    Actually I have to make a small correction, I was exhausted when I was doing the calculations last night so I miscalculated W6s load to Rome. The correct one is 80%.

  26. Anonymous11:35

    JU started recently with a promotion where TKTs are being sold for 99 eur (incl. tax). On top of that, JU started operating AT7 for BEG-BER flights. Dudes and dudettes, that's almost 3h flying in an extremely noisy and uncomfy a/c. LF must have skyrocketed, since having 60 pax on B733 and 60 pax on AT7 surely ain't the same LF wise.

    I'm almost sure that the moment U2, W6 or any OAL starts operating dct BEG-BER-BEG route, JU is doomed. There was a similar scenario on BEG-STR, where JU is now obviously trying to keep up with 4U fares (but, 4U has way lower cost base)... they will not be able to follow forever...

    I guess DE is the strongest market for JU, but JU allows themselves loosing market share slowly but steadily. Even the ever loyal Serbian diaspora is trying out new possibilities, there is Niki, OS (with their dirt cheap prices), LH...

    JU has dct flights from most important airports in DE, but extremely unstable flt schedule, save FRA. Lets take a high yield business traveler for example. What does he expect from an airline? Direct flight? Correct. He's got no time to waste. What else? Stable schedule. No surprises. And this is where JU fails to deliver. Sched chng, DLYs are not uncommon. And after one such experience what does our business pap do? He switches to an airline which can deliver. e.g. LH FRA-BEG ... And the worst of all is that it seems JU mngmt is still convinced that they still have that guy as a customer. NOpe dudes and dudettes, you've lost him...

    just my 2c.

  27. Srbija12:45

    Hi Nemjee, do you know the loads of Adria destinations from Priština?
    I'm seeking this information for some time already but can't find it.

  28. Sorry, can't help you there. I have got only the loads out of Belgrade :)

  29. Anonymous16:29

    Dear Nemjee !
    Nobody living in and around hamburg
    will fly out of dortmund !
    You are correct when you say that hamburg is an expensive airport-
    but there is also a second airport
    hamburg-lubeck and guess what :
    ryanair and wizz are already flying from there.

  30. Hey,

    Actually you would be surprised to see how many people originate in Hamburg that land on W6's flight from Dortmund.
    Hpwever I do agree with you that a route from Belgrade would be profitable.

  31. Anonymous18:04

    I have read somewhere, some time ago that NIKI intended to fly the route hamburg-belgrade .
    3-4 times a week with embraer would be an interesting idea !
    Actually NIKI`s embraers are top notch -the same as the whole airline !
    When you look at skytrax you can read only positive about them.


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