RusLine to Ljubljana

RusLine to help a stagnating Ljubljana Airport
The Russian airline RusLine will commence 2 weekly flights to Ljubljana Airport this August. Flights will operate to Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and will be in direct competition with Adria Airways’ service to Sheremetyevo Airport. As a result, Ljubljana will be connected to Moscow’s two largest airports. Adria operates 9 weekly flights to the Russian capital. RusLine will begin services on August 15 with a Bombardier CRJ200. Flight details can be found here. This will be RusLine’s first scheduled destination in the EX-YU region.

Ljubljana Airport is in need of new airlines. The airport is recording almost no improvement in passenger figures this year compared to last, with the exclusion of April as the airport was closed due to runway redevelopment last year. Adria Airways’ recent announcement to suspend up to 32 weekly flights from its hub will prove as a new challenge. Ljubljana Airport has seen its passenger figures slide each year since 2008. In 2010 the airport handled 1.3 million passengers. If such a downward trend continues, Ljubljana is in danger of losing its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia to Priština, which is having a bumper year so far with growth of over 10% in the first half of the year (helped partly by Adria Airways' expanding operations from the airport).


  1. Anonymous09:28

    Quote;Ljubljana is in danger of losing its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia to Priština,Unquote.

    To Split & Dubrovnik, as well.

  2. Anonymous09:41

    omg what's going on with Slovenian aviation

  3. Anonymous09:58

    Rusline should open connection Ljubljana - St.Peterburg!!! We need it!

  4. Anonymous10:08

    Rustline good!

  5. Anonymous10:13

    Excellent schedule, excellent days!
    Hope will work.
    What about prices?

  6. Zrak10:21

    Is LJU loosing its third place really that strange.

    a) Adria greatly benefited from wars, corruption and turmoil in other former Yugoslav states ferrying passengers through its LJU hub. Return ticket with Adria through LJU would count as 4 pax.

    b) with Zagreb only being around 120km away I would assume that many pax chose to travel through LJU during the war.

    Anyways in not that distant future (10-20 years) I would expect that PRN, SKP as well as SJJ and TGD will surpass LJU given

    1) higher catchment area of other airports alt. their tourist potential

    2) slovenia's more central location and its by ex-Yugoslav standards better road infrastructure

  7. Anonymous11:23

    RT ticket 400 EUR.

  8. Hmm...DME-LJU is a bit of stretching for CRJ200. Too small airplane for such long distance.

  9. Anonymous16:37

    Off topic: any news on the Austrian Airlines TGD-VIE flight's emergency landing in SJJ?

  10. ^ There was a problem with the air-conditioning. Another plane took the passengers from SJJ to VIE.

  11. Anonymous17:54

    Ljubljana need have more connection not just to Moscow in Russia. St. Peterburg and other cities with a potential to transfer p. to the south of Europe.

  12. Adria's statistics based on 31.7.2011:

    Total flights (JAN-JUL): 14.611 | 2% more than in 2010

    PAX (JAN-JUL): 678.203 | 5% more than in 2010
    (581.498 schedule | +7%; 96.705 charter | -3%)

    LF (JAN-JUL): 62,82 | -4% (less) than in 2010

    A/C utilization 8,63

    Seats 1.005 | 9% more than in 2010

    July 2011:
    PAX -4% 148.931 (charter+scheduled)

    LF -5% 72,23

    Things does not look too good :/

  13. Anonymous20:03

    New Adria Main Base : Prishtina
    We Albanians love you Adria !
    You are our New

    When I fly to Germany than only
    with Adria ! :)

    Adria please fly to more German citys !

  14. Anonymous21:45

    I hope this will help LJU a bit, however I am concerned that it will not help in the long run.

    Slovenia has only 2 million people, it is too close to Vienna, Graz, Munich, Venice and even Zagreb. With Croatia joining EU in a year or so, and with a modern highway (only 134km) Slovenia may become a catchment area for Pleso instead.
    This will also coincide with the opening of new ZAG terminal run by a company which will most likely start long-haul services to North America, Asia,and Australia.
    The future of LJU airport, being squeezed between larger players does not look promising indeed.
    I also think that both Adria and LJU have made some bad decisions in the past few years as a direct result of not properly planning fro the future nor 'listening' to what is happening in their immediate neighborhood. It is time to do so now.
    According to the latest figures and trends it is possible that LJU will fall behind Pristina, Dubrovnik and Split this year.
    I am still a bit amazed that Adria, being a small company, tried to muscle in on Lufthansa, Turkish or Austrian turf and squeeze some business out of their routes. We can see the results of that strategy now, when Adria was forced to cancel such high profile routes as London, Paris, and Istanbul.
    If they wanted to get a slice of this 'air-cake' they should have offered either more leg room, nicer seats, special services AND a cheaper price, or a combination of all of these.
    Whomever is running these two companies is definitely not doing their job.

    Too bad for Slovenia. It makes me sad.

  15. Anonymous22:11

    Albanians in kosov deserve Adria Airways more
    sloveniA is to little,
    prishtina will becom biggest airport in The balcan .experts say that.

  16. Anonymous23:50

    we never had albanian trolls on this blog for such long time. I have the feeling its the same guy who posted something very inteligent in the last Skopje article.

  17. Anonymous00:18

    Anyone knows the load's and total number of pax for Adria flight's out of Priština?

  18. Anonymous01:10

    what about belgrade?

  19. Anonymous17:07

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