Strong figures for Sarajevo

Passenger numbers increase across Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo Airport handled 81.042 passengers in July 2011, an increase of 12% compared to the same month last year. Driving the growth are larger capacity aircraft foreign carriers are sending, an increase in travel from the diaspora as well as visa free travel for Bosnian citizens to Schengen Zone countries, introduced in December last year. So far this year the airport handled 355.772 passengers and will comfortably surpass last year’s annual result of 563.266 passengers. Although the airport saw numbers slip in January compared to last year, business picked up from February with the airport enjoying 6 months of consecutive growth.

Other airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina also saw their figures improve, particularly Tuzla. Thanks to charters to Antalya and seasonal summer flights to Dubai, Tuzla Airport welcomed over 1.000 passengers in July. Similarly, Mostar, which has been enjoying a flurry of charters this summer, saw over 5.000 passengers pass through its doors. However, there is trouble at Banja Luka Airport which is seeing its numbers decrease as summer progresses. The airport handled just over 500 passengers, putting it in last position for the month amongst Bosnia’s international airports for the first time in several years.


  1. Peter from Sydney10:27

    Something isn't right there. Visa free travel and we've only seen minimal increases in passenger traffic. B&H Airlines is nowhere to be seen, foreign carriers aren't interested, something innovative and practical needs to happen to turn things around.

  2. Does anyone know what lf Air B&H has on its routes around Europe?

    Also, does anyone know what kind of bigger planes were present in Sarajevo?

  3. Anonymous17:41

    I think they are doing great considering that population is small / reasonably poor and tourism just getting developed. Additionally:
    BH Airlines je u drugom kvartalu prevezao ukupno 37.796 putnika, sto je povecanje od 2,2% u odnosu na isti period prosle godine.Broj obavljenih letova je 303 sto je smanjenje za 33,4%.Ipak turci znaju sta rade, broj letova smanjen za trecinu a broj putnika povecan! Popunjenost aviona u ovom periodu iznosi iznosi 124 putnika po letu

  4. Anonymous01:33

    @last anonymous


  5. Anonymous15:50

    I know BH Airlines' LF is going up but closing VIE and FRA may lower the total number. beside Austrian and Turkish used bigger aircraft this year.

    1. Anonymous20:29

      LF now to VIE is very good 👍 OS
      FRA very good 👍 LH flies to SJJ with A320.

  6. Anonymous20:28

    Sweet memories. Years with big transfer airlines as OS, JP, JU, LH, TK( as now but in nowadays we have more capacity than 2011). And B&H Airlines......
    One day Bosnia and Herzegovina will have again new flag carrier!!!!!!


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