Strong growth for Macedonian airports

Construction work inside Skopje's new terminal
With less than a month left until the opening of the brand new terminal at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport on September 8, Macedonia’s main airport, together with Ohrid, is reporting strong growth. In July, the two handled 113.819 passengers, an increase of 17% compared to the same month last year when they welcomed less than 100.000 passengers. So far this year Skopje and Ohrid have seen 453.527 passengers use their facilities, an increase of 13% compared to the first seven months of 2010.

The two airports, in particular Skopje, have lately managed to attract new airlines. Only yesterday Pegasus Airlines from Turkey commenced flights. The low cost airline Wizz Air also commenced flights a few motnhs ago while Air Berlin also began flights to the Macedonian capital recently. As a result, Skopje and Ohrid handled 1.349 aircraft in July, an increase of 2%. According to internal sources, the airport is now looking for an airline in the region to base one of its aircraft at Skopje and operate several popular routes from the start of the 2011/2012 winter season.

Construction work at Skopje Airport is entering its final phase, with the new air bridges, which will connect the aircraft to the terminal, installed. Ohrid Airport on the other hand saw a small scale face lift earlier in the year.


  1. and in total (Jan-Jul) there is an increase of 4% in air traffic movements ...

    (lol, i think i found the pdf you have this info from)

    P.S Tbilisi has a growth of 30%. Some "expert" here on this blog said, since TAV took over there, nothing is functioning. Well....

  2. Anonymous13:39

    Very good for Macedonian airports, but why can't we see the figures of SKP and OHD seperately?

  3. PRAGuc13:44

    SKP I was that expert cuz I have been to Tbilisi, and talked with the people who work there, and btw I didnt say that "nothing is working" in terms of passenger numbers, but in term of maintaining the airport, quality of construction.

    So please do not paraphrase my words, or insult me.

  4. Anonymous16:19

    Wait till New Terminal will open..
    It will put every other Airport inthe region to shame !
    I bet Belgrade will rethink their plans...they are lousy in comparison to Skopje !
    Macedonians did in this case everything right !Those stupid in Belgrade are only thinking 70ies style.
    I used begport and it reall ywill be in the middle of city.
    Come on that space left for expansion is so small....they have to squeeze it into a dead hook between highway and Surchin !
    Thank god time will come we dont need to use Belgrade anymore ...

  5. Anonymous17:00

    Come on man, BEG still has capacity for the next 20 years. Plus there is room to expand on the nearby land. Don't be such a sourpuss. And i actually like the 70's style airport, it is real, not like the glass boxes they are building nowadays. The real issue should be does the airport function properly, are you in and out relatively fast, etc.

  6. Anonymous17:20

    WHAT A LUCK for Skopje airport that it is not build by company of Fijat Canoski...
    Because he support Opposition against government his last building project _

    Apartment complex for more than 1000 people _

    gets TEARED DOWN by Gazi Baba municipality !
    mayor is in party of government !

  7. @Last anonymous
    I don't understand your comment and how is that related to the post from today

  8. Anonymous18:46

    Well this is good news but I still think this will be ovecapacity for the number of passengers they handle every year.

  9. Anonymous20:41

    Hi Angel ! Well it was planned that company of Canoski build large parts of new terminal .
    Canoski has good relations with Turkish representatives in Macedonia
    and also with Turkish business people in general.
    But then he switched to another project...obviously he couldn`t handle both at the same time .
    At the End it is the best what could happen...don`t you think so ?

  10. for the "airline in the region" that they want to open a base in SKP, that can only be Turkish Airlines

    Czech airline will reduce their flights to SKP from 6 to 4 weekly

    Wondering if some other SkyTeam member will jump in instead.

  11. Anonymous21:52

    ^That talk is about Wizz air !

  12. Anonymous23:55

    oh right, forgot about wizz.


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