Adria to be sold by 2013

Restructuring begins after Adria bailout
The CEO of Adria Airways, Klemen Boštjančič, has said that the Slovenian state carrier will begin the search for a new owner at the end of March 2012, with the process to be completed by the start of 2013. The comments come a week after the state, together with the country’s banks, bailed Adria from an impending bankruptcy. Boštjančič added that in the next few months the airline will begin a difficult restructuring process which, when completed, will make the airline more attractive to potential investors and partners. The airline cannot be sold in its current state and needs to be partially restructured before any talks with potential new owners can begin. “The restructuring process aims to cut costs and stop the airline from bleeding”, Boštjančič said. He added that Adria has had major problems with its accounting department which has, in the past, distorted the airline’s financial performance by representing losses to be much lower than they actually were.

A new collective agreement for cabin crew will see their wages slashed but should increase productivity, according to the airline’s management. Furthermore, the recently approved aircraft swap deal with Croatia Airlines should see Adria offloading some of its aircraft to its Croatian counterpart in a bid to save money. Adria should announce its destination network cuts this week. Although the airline has for now only confirmed that flights to Warsaw will be discontinued, another eight destinations will also be dumped. It is now believed that these are Paris, London-Gatwick and Istanbul from Ljubljana as well as Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen and Dusseldorf from its Priština base and its Vienna - Frankfurt flights, however this has not been verified by officials from the carrier.


  1. DKinVXO11:11

    As I've understood it, Croatia Airlines are interested in Adria's CRJ900s. Correct? On what routes would they place them do you think? Do you guys think this is a golden opportunity for Croatia Airlines to expand and develop it's network?

  2. Anonymous11:32

    Well I think Croatia needs to expand its network, particularly eastwards. They have had a good year this year and they will soon peak in passenger numbers with their current network so they should expand. Adria’s CRJs would be a good opportunity for them do that.

  3. Anonymous12:04

    CLose all togetegher to stop the bleeding!
    No way Adria can work .. with its mental system and management it's a money eating machine always loosing.

  4. Anonymous12:35

    I dont see the point of the further existence of JP-no connections to the major european cities like LGW, CDG, CPH, IST, and btw. how will they fill the planes to SKP, TIA, PRN, BEG, SJJ, TGD, when they cut the connecting flights out of LJU?!?
    However LJU Airport will be the biggest looser of this story-I can feel that BEG and ZAG are praying for the restructuring plan to be carried out!

  5. S5-AAT is leaving the fleet on 03OCT11.

  6. Anonymous18:51

    Main problem for Adria airways
    is that those times when you had to fly via ljubljana to get to other European cities are gone now !
    Now you can fly from Pristina,
    Skopje and all those other places nonstop to nearly everywhere in Europe !
    That also knows Adria and its reaction are those nonstop flights from Pristina to Germany.
    But problem is too much concurrence
    now with Germanwings who do the same !
    The same will happen if they open a base in Skopje !
    Simply.. today there is no more need for an airline like Adria beside feeding hubs for Lufthansa.

  7. Anonymous19:07

    Adria should change Barcelona for
    Madrid ! Then flying via LJU
    would make sense as there is no direct connection to
    rest of EX YU -BELGRADE !
    Maybe they should consider
    NIŠ ! This city has no single
    direct conection...
    someone mentioned a high
    loadfactor for flights by
    Montenegro airlines via
    Podgorica !

  8. Anonymous19:33

    Yes, you mention Belgrade but Spanair offers great connections to Spain via Barcelona.

  9. Anonymous20:01

    I have no idea which destinations are profitable for Adria, but they should definitely still consider Ljubljana as transit for Skopje, Podgorica, Sarajevo passengers, Nis, possibly. Currently no direct flights to Amsterdam, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Rome, Paris, and also these serve as transcontinental connections.

    Adria should definitely improve the connections from Skopje etc via Ljubljana to AMS, FRA, LHR. Passengers from these destinations are currently relying more on Austrian, Malev and CSA since they offer good transfer schedule.

    I see no point in providing connections to the Eastern Europe, maybe Istanbul makes sense, but Warsaw, Kiev..

  10. Anonymous21:33

    Dear last anonymous !
    Next year Skopje will have so much direct flights to London ,Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe, that there will be no need for transfers
    anymore !
    You are totally right about Eastern Europe ,except Moscow there is no
    interest in flying to/from former
    Yugoslavia !

  11. Anonymous21:39

    Yes...with Skopje-Luton-Skopje
    Wizzair killed Adria transfer
    via Ljublijana !

  12. Anonymous22:26

    Off topic:
    Belle Air Europe starts flights between Skopje and Vienna in Dcember!
    Return ticket is about 150 Euros!
    JP is slowly loosing the market share in SKP-this winter they will have only 7 direct flights to SKP!
    I am also sure that till next year SKP will be connected with all the cities (and even more) in Europe that are currently served by JP!

  13. Actually Adria is increasing winter flights to SKP back to 7+5.

  14. Anonymous07:07

    Surpised to see that Jat has sometimes 2 daily flights to Skopje.

  15. Dear last anonymous !
    Next year Skopje will have so much direct flights to London ,Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe, that there will be no need for transfers
    anymore !
    You are totally right about Eastern Europe ,except Moscow there is no
    interest in flying to/from former
    Yugoslavia !

    Erm.. and you argue this based on which arguments?!

    Belgrade-Moscow is one of the biggest markets!

  16. you got it wrong =P

    everthing EXCEPT moscow is not worth it

    so moscow is good but nothing else on the east

  17. Anonymous11:06

    Adria selling inexisting routes for winter?

    Can anyone here explain WHY tickets (for winter schedule) for the -to be suspended/cancelled (e.g. Warsawa, London, Paris etc.) - flights with Adria from Ljubljana can still be bought via Amadeus etc.?

    FOr sure it's not a professional way of doing business.
    Am I right?

  18. JU520 BEGLAX19:21

    it s for sure very unprofessionell. as afterwards they will have to rebook you on other carriers for full fares and it will hurt them once again...
    as s a ship without a captain...
    in the situation now, there is def no need for a carrier like JP. But Adria Airways is not the only company which was plundered by this thieves. Slovenia is back in the socialist times......

  19. Anonymous19:28

    Hi BEGLAX !
    Adria Airways is government owned..
    .but Slovenia now has
    no government !

    That may explain that chaotic situation now...
    a ship without a captain !
    You could nt have explained it
    better !

  20. Anonymous13:55

    Skopje is currentlu a star wannabe. TAV made a great job with the new terminal, but still no scheduled direct flights to AMS, LHR, FRA, CDG.

    London Luton is not an option for transfer passenger due to very limited range of its destinations, which don't include intercontinental flights.


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