Belgrade maintains 2011 growth

More passengers, less flights
For a 16th consecutive month, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recorded growth in passenger numbers and has surpassed the two million passenger mark, on track to meet its target to serve three million passengers in 2011. In August, the airport handled 382.787 passengers, an increase of 6.7% compared to the same month last year. This increase is despite the fact that the number of flights operating to the city decreased 4% on last August. In the first eight months of the year, the airport handled 2.102.452 passengers, an increase of 15.3%.

Several airlines have already announced their plans for Belgrade for the upcoming 2011/12 winter season. Tunisair will launch flights from Monastir but will suspend its service from the Tunisian capital Tunis. Wizz Air will be increasing frequencies on some of its flights while Sky Work Airlines from Bern and Flydubai will inaugurate their services to the Serbian capital. During the week, in a press release, the airport revealed that Adria Airways will be increasing their services to Belgrade. Slovenian media questioned how the airline is implementing cost cutting measures and network cuts by increasing frequencies to Belgrade (from six to eight per week). Adria neither confirmed nor denied the news, saying only that they will announce their destination and frequency cuts next week.


  1. Anonymous09:48

    MGX is planning to carry out 34 frequencies per week for W11/12, an increase of 20% yoy.

  2. Anonymous11:22

    Wizzair's Malmo will go from three times a week to 5 times a week. I suppose there is a demand, interesting. I am surprised LTN doesn't go daily.

    Would be cool to see Wizzair flying to Ciampino too, Pisa, Mallorca, Valencia, venice, etc...

  3. My guess that London wasn't increased but Malmo was is some sort of airline deterrence driven primarily by QI's withdrawal from Belgrade and high loadfactors.

    Even if QI had announced their return next summer I suppose that they might reconsider if both JU and W6 increase flights.
    By the look of things Jat will keep on doing what they do best, pass on good opportunities whereas W6 will use this to consolidate their position in the Olesund region and attract around 1,000 additional monthly passengers that used QI in 2011.

    However Jat might record greater passenger numbers as Cimber's tickets were not that cheap. This means that Cimber's clients were people who preferred to fly out of Copenhagen even if it meant paying €250.

    Unfortunately Cimber's withdrawal does not indicate the return of SAS in Belgrade- at least not for the time being.

  4. Anonymous13:32

    W6 stats for MMX for september till 23rd is 160 PAX/flight, better than its any other route from BEG.

  5. Anonymous14:50

    Hence why it has become their priority to add more flights as described by Nemjee.

  6. Anonymous15:17

    EX-YU did not mention OS and HG new daily flights.

  7. Anonymous15:30

    There is going to be much more charter flights from Nikola Tesla this winter season. Air Cairo recently obtained licence to fly from Serbian CAD. Air Memphis and Nesma Airlines also annouced flights. JAT Airways will drop DXB and, surprisingly, STR.

  8. Anonymous16:24

    If Air Cairo does launch flights to Belgrade then we might see Tu-204s at the airport!

  9. Anonymous16:26

    Dear people,
    what means MGX ?What STR ?
    QI is Cimber Sterling ?
    MMX is Memmingen,Germany ?

    Thanks in advance !

  10. Anonymous16:44

    MGX is common abbreviation for Montenegroairlines. MMX is Malmo Airport, while FMM is Memmingen and STR is Stuttgart.

  11. Anonymous16:47

    Air Cairo's first flight is scheduled for 10th of October, touroperator is United.

  12. Anonymous16:52

    Air Cairo flies A320s. Cairo Aviation possesses Tu-204s.

  13. Anonymous17:02

    Air Baltic files for bankrupcy !

    How sad. They did such a good job with opening their route to Belgrade.
    Did you ever expect this flights to become profitable ?

    Thank you Air Baltic !
    Best regards to all people working for that airline !

  14. Anonymous17:19

    Dear Nemjee !
    I dont think that Jat will miss a good opportunity by not increasing their frequencies to Copenhague.
    Their loadfactor on this route is pretty low.
    So they will have to concentrate
    on improving their loadfactor
    first !

  15. Anonymous17:34

    Beograd aerodrom having more passengers but less flights.
    That can only mean better
    loadfactor !

    Maybe the airlines in past were not very happy with their LF on their Belgrade routes !

    Now with better LF they have two
    options :
    Upgrade aircraft while frequency
    stays the same ..
    or increase frequency and use smaller aircraft !

    But which is the better option ?

  16. Anonynous 17:19

    Well, I wouldn't say it was great but it was ok. In 2011 the average loadfactor is 63%. In 2007 they carried the most passengers (2006-2011) when they have an lf of 66%.

    This July they had an average lf of 82% which is very good.

  17. Anonymous18:47

    Ok Nemjee ,
    This summer Jat has improved its loadfactor to 82% which is really good ! Then first let us look at their performance in the coming winter season . If the positive trend continues they should increase frequencies for summer timetabe
    in 2012 !
    Have a nice day !

  18. Anonymous19:09

    JAT will drop STR ?
    Will Germanwings react by increasing frequences?
    Is Germanwings really interested in Belgrade ?
    They connect Belgrade with Stuttgart and Cologne ...but now look what
    they do in Pristina...Germanwings flies from Pristina to NINE German cities !
    Why not Belgrade-Hamburg ?
    Why not Berlin- Belgrade ?
    Why not Belgrade-Dusseldorf ?
    Lufthansa does not offer direct services from there ..
    As a daughter of Lufthansa they should fill the gaps !

  19. Anonymous20:05

    wasn't JAT doing good on flights to Dubai? so now Australian diaspora can't transfer via Dubai?

  20. Anonymous20:25

    Whats happenig with Bulgaira Air flights?
    Could we see any new airline starting BEG except Flydubai and Skywork?

  21. LYBE21:35

    As for JU flights to DXB no final decision has been made and it looks like Jat will keep the flights. For example tonight a full plane went to Dubai from Belgrade with only 20 passengers leaving in Larnaca so around 110 pax to Dubai (all of which are continuing to Australia). They are doing well on the route but have a bad CEO who would rather Fly Dubai take the passengers.

    As for Stuttgart its one of Jat’s worst performing destinations (financially). Jat has discounted its tickets to Stuttgart since Germanwings started flying there that they are losing lots of money.

    As for Air Bulgaria they are considering flying to BEG but can’t get a code share from JU so until they do that it’s unlikely we will be seeing them.

  22. Anonymous23:13

    JAT will drop Dubai for sure, because Emirates will sell their tickets with Flydubai connecting flights as a package. JAT's CEO is not guilty at all. It was simply Emirates' decision.

  23. AussieSerb23:49

    ^Actually EK is already selling tickets with flydubai from March next year. They are 300 dollars more expensive than JU/EK.

  24. Anonymous23:52

    @last anonymous: I’m expecting Jat CEO will drop every single route the airline has competition on since he has done the same thing with Dubai. It is actually cheaper to fly from Sydney to Vienna with Emirates and then to Belgrade than to fly Sydney – Dubai with Emirates and then Fly Dubai to Belgrade.

  25. Anonymous23:59

    Hey Aussieserb,
    if it is 300 dollars more FZ/EK much you pay for Ju/Ek ?
    Does it make sense to increase prices the case Qatar would open Belgrade for less money ?

  26. Anonymous00:08

    This is good news for Belgrade. I hope we finally see some US flight next year.

  27. Anonymous00:08

    If Emirates asks for
    AUS-DBX-BEG much more money than
    for AUS-DBX-Western Europe -BEG..
    then they will shoot themselves in their legs !
    First everybody will go to the concurrence...flydubai will fail miserably !
    300 more is too much !
    Even if they kick Jat out or if Jat stops service to Dubai ...
    nobody will use direct flights with flydubai.
    And then you have Qatar which only awaits such a stupid mistake by its competitor..

  28. Anonymous00:21

    You guys should know that EK does not want to do business with fly dubai and is trying to run away from it as much as possible despite being forced to cooperate on certain routes. Qatar on the other hand is just a circus of an airline without a business plan. They have a list of destinations they will start within the next 2 years without any economic viability for it. Half of their routes are loss making and their only aim is to fly to every corner of the globe. However, they will continue to get heaps of money from the Qatari rulers and the recent Arab uprisings are working perfectly for the Qatari government and their revenues.

    The people, rulers, businessmen etc from the newly rich middle east countries have the same mentality as out poor little Balkan satellites. If you think there is no rivalry, jealousy, corruption, bad management, ethnic tension in the rich gulf states you are very wrong. This will eventfully impact on their business.

  29. Anonymous00:37

    Maybe those middle east carriers are rubbish but despite of this ...
    there is demand for single stopover flights from Australia to Ex Yu !
    If with Emirates, Qatar or even
    Malaysia Airlines !
    And it shouldnt be a problem to make this flights profitable !
    And actually I think you are only talking rubbish...maybe are you jealous ?!

  30. Anonymous00:39


  31. Anonymous01:04

    @ second last anonymous - why would I be jealous? I mean I have nothing against these airlines. I would love for both Etihad and Qatar to start flying to Belgrade. I was just explaining as to why it is not surprising that EK with fly dubai is more expansive than EK via Europe to BEG. Don’t forget that EK also has a very favourable agreement with JU. While in some countries a government owned company would normally aid another government owned company, in the Middle East, just like in the former Yugoslavia, they will do the exact opposite.

  32. Anonymous01:19

    Ok,excuse me for being so rude
    to you and calling you jealous !

    Lets wait what happens with
    flydubai..maybe we will appreciate them even much more than it seem to us now !

    By the way .. maybe Arabs and
    Serbian people really share a
    same mentality ?!
    And if it so was..maybe there are also positive aspects of this !

  33. Qatar basher,

    I am sorry but you obviously have no clue what you are talking about.
    Qatar's strategy from day one was to turn Doha into a crossroad between all continents while providing excellent service on board.

    Today, they are a well established carrier based in Doha offering transits and with the ranking of the best airline in the world (quality wise) people can enjoy a high level of service while flying!

    In addition to all that, Doha just like Dubai is trying to attract foreign investors which means that they absolutely need direct air links to major areas of the world.

    Hmmmm... there was another Gulf airline that worked on this in 1985, I wonder where they are now?

    And Gulf Air followed your ideology and look where it brought them, nowhere!

    As for the whole Balkan-Arab mentality, once again it's load of nonsense. If we were anything like the Arabs then Adria, Jat and Croatia would resemble MEA, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Qatar... and not BIMAN Bangladesh or Air India.

  34. Anonymous17:16

    " Wizzair will increase frequencies
    on SOME of its flights.."
    I thought Wizzair will only increase Malmo ? Have they ever mentioned
    something else ?

  35. Anonymous17:21

    Hmmm....Nemjee,Emirates and Qatar
    Airways are owned by Arabs...
    but whole staff and even the
    managers of those airlines are
    foreigners !
    Isnt Emirates chief manager a German or an Englishman ?!

  36. I've read your post, and I read the post you're referring to, last anonymous and I can't, for the life of me, figure out what you're trying to say.

    Who cares the nationality of the employees of a (presumably) successfully company.

    It's pretty sad how balkans people are so attracted to tribalistic thinking. Primitive, savage. It wouldn't be so bad except that people are usually so PROUD to offer such a stupid thought.

    I am seriously interested in an answer. How does it contribute to the analysis what nationality the employees of a particular airline

  37. you even punctuated it with an exclamation point! As though the passport the human resources director holds (or whomever) is somehow pertinent.


  38. Anonymous20:55

    Well my dearest Doot,
    It is obvious you do not have any clue about anything ! (!)

    The reason why Emirates is such a successful company ?
    Well it is because their staff and
    their managers are NOT
    Arabians from the Gulf !

    Have you ever lived and worked in
    the Gulf States ?
    Obviously not !

    Whatever business there is has to be run legally by someone who is
    from there .
    But in the end those people are doing nothing !
    Every kind of work is done by foreigners !

    Every day the owners are coming for two hours into office...drink their coffee...let the others hush around them ..and then they leave .

    Then my dearest Doot..I am not from the Balkans !
    First you want to dismiss others as tribal and racist...
    then you call Balkan people
    primitive and savage..
    Take a look in the mirror !

  39. ok. I get your point.

    sorry, I've spent a little too much time here. Leaving today, thank goodness.

    I think I need to go to a spa to wash this region out of my brain.


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