Golden opportunity for Maribor

New airline to be based at Maribor Airport
A newly formed private airline, Golden Air, to be based at Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport is to commence scheduled flights to Vienna and London from October 6. Behind the new airline is a British businessman of Indian descent as well as the Slovenian company Avio Fun. Golden Air will launch operations with flights to London Stansted via Vienna. The airline has secured rights to sell tickets on the Vienna - London -Vienna sector as well. The service will operate four times per week, from Thursday through to Monday. Golden Air has leased a 1992 Boeing 737-300 for the flights. A return ticket will set passengers back some 150 Euros. Urban Simčič from Golden Air says that the newly formed airline plans to expand next year with flights to Birmingham, Bergamo in Italy and even Amritsar in northern India. “We have a team of young and enthusiastic people with a strong desire to succeed”, Simčič said.

The new flights will give a much needed boost to the deserted Maribor Airport which hasn’t had scheduled flights for three years. The airport promises to continue the refurbishment of its terminal after work ceased following the bankruptcy of the construction firm carrying out the work. The airport is also to be sold through an auction soon. A few years ago, its owner Prevent Global, filed for bankruptcy.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    This is the same guy who founded Air Slovakia and had the same policy. They had a B757 and flew to Armitsar as well.

    Bottom line is, we all know how it ended.

    Plus, they do not need to secure the rights to sell tickets between Vienna and London since it's the EU.

  2. Anonymous10:36

    just a little note to admin, name of the company operating MBX airport is Prevent not Pervent :)

  3. Good luck but honestly?????

  4. Any more news re' Croatia Airlines?

    The 7th Q400, flights to Moscow, leasing aircraft from Adria and A320s going to Cuba as mentioned by Purger the last few days seem very interesting and deserve a mention if true!

  5. Purger11:27

    Air Slovakia destinations were:

    This flights are so stupid:

    - Maribor - Vienna is only 250 km, who will fly on so short leg?

    - Maribor - London via VIE (makes flight longer for 2 hours) is most stupid think whan you have direct flights from Ljubljana (Adria and Easy - 50 minutes by car from Maribor), Graz (Ryanair - 30 minutes by car), Zagreb (Croatia, Easy - 55 minutes by car)
    - 4 weekly flight to Vienna and London will not attract passangers

    - but to fly to Amristar with conections to London, Bergamo, Vienna and Briminghamu via Maribor is the most stupid of all!

  6. Anonymous12:49

    Purger has a right!!!
    Young and enthusiastic people sometimes do not know have good ideas...

  7. Anonymous12:55

    Belgrade airport announced that Adria will be flying 8 times per week to Belgrade.

  8. Anonymous20:45

    How thay can use the name Golden air if there is another European airline with the same name:

  9. Anonymous21:10

    Maribor to Amritsar ! Wow !
    We should rename Maribor
    to Maripore !

  10. Anonymous23:37

    The most interesting is A320 to Cuba.....

  11. Anonymous14:39

    Maribor needs at this moment more airliners!!! if it will be used for connect flights then it has a chance! GO GO GO MBX GO GO GO!

  12. Anonymous20:52

    How can they start connections on October 5th ... and is in the news just now?
    No previous planning?

    It is just a "pressure" for Maribor to justify further investments in Maribor airport.

    Or is it again subsidised by Government money on some development Eu project?

  13. Anonymous21:20

    they say 737-300 ? which aircraft?
    where the slots?same air slovakia,sale tickets and no flights.?

  14. Anonymous11:56

    check this out:
    sounds familiar? no trace of MBX there


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