Kraljevo promo flight in October

First flight to Kraljevo at the end of October
Construction work on Kraljevo’s Morava Airport is coming to an end with the first promotional flight to take place next month. It is expected that a Jat Airways ATR72 will operate the promotional service at the end of October carrying government officials and others which have participated in the financing of Serbia’s newest international airport. However, scheduled and charter traffic won’t take off until March next year. Currently, the airport can facilitate smaller aircraft up to 100 seats. Work on the lengthening of the airport’s runway should be carried out over the winter months so Morava can handle larger aircraft come summer 2012. The government insists that the project is worthwhile and that the airport will be able to attract flights to Turkey and Germany. Working in the airport’s favour is its central location. Morava Airport lies between three larger cities - Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Čačak, all of which are industrial towns. Furthermore, the airport is also located close to communities which have strong links with Turkey. According to a feasibility study, the airport has a catchment area of 2 million people.

A total of 32 million Euros has been invested in the project which has seen the construction of a new control tower, terminal, apron and runway lengthening. The Government of Turkey invested 10 million into the project while the rest has been financed by the Serbian government and Belgrade Airport which will also be providing necessary equipment.

In most former Yugoslav states, airports outside of the capital city have had little success. This is particularly true for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. This is not to say that they do not have potential. The airport in Kraljevo is a military base and part of it will continue to be used for military purposes. The airport was badly damaged in 1999.


  1. man, oh man... I think we are seeing yet another Rijeka airport where bunch of people get a job, than cry and bitch about their wages being late etc.

    Plus, Brac airport in Croatia is the kind that also doesn't have necessary infrastructure to accept planes bigger than atr-42s, 72s or OU's Bombardiers...
    I don't need to further say what a limiting factor this is...

    why so much crap and clutter to make things more difficult I wonder.

    What's the pax target ? 5.000 pax in 2012 ?

  2. Anonymous09:59

    Completely unnecessary wasting of money!
    Instead of investing more money in the booming BEG airport and improving its facilities we will have another empty airport which will try to lure airlines with big subventions

  3. Anonymous10:13

    So the city of Nis which is a several times larger than Kraljevo and lies on an important highway can barely attract airlines but the Serb government thinks building a new limited size airport will attract airlines and be cost efficient? Or is it just money laundering?

  4. Anonymous10:46

    good news... we are poor country, but who knows, maybe in 10 years kraljevo airport would have 2 mil pax... airport is always good to have.

  5. Anonymous11:25

    Kraljevo app is not an end of "investments" in airports. Uzice has also big plans. In other hand both cities doesn't have proper bus station or decent public transport but airport will have a lot passengers!?

  6. Anonymous11:50

    Thats why i love this blog, i always have something to laught =) So many airports on Balkan but most peaople prefer there car if they go somewhere in Europe.

    Balkans, profesionals if you speak about hate & war, but business & brains are no where to be found.

  7. Anonymous12:36

    Purchasing power in Srbija will begin to rise, as well as unemployment will decrease and economy will grow. Anyways i would rather fly in CLE - ORD - MUC - Kraljevo than Beograd, than Nis which is 4,5 hours away from my town, beg is 3, and kraljevo would only be about 45 minutes!

    My town is 30 mins from Uzice, which would be even better. But true, if flights begin, depending to what destinations, they could steal some pax from BEG, but i still see many airports in Srbija booming in the near future!

  8. Anonymous13:23

    Up to now, Serbs have been emigrating / running away from Serbia via Belgrade only. Very soon they will have a chance to do it from just about any corner of the country. Sad.

  9. Anonymous13:30

    I love how there are always a lot of people on here waiting to bash Serbia. Makes me wonder how no one else does it for Croatia or Slovenia.

  10. @last anonymous

    You must be new to the board. No one bashes Slovenia and Croatia? Next you will say that no one bashes Bosnia!

    There are much worse things written on those posts than this one.

    The reality in this case is that the government is throwing money they have little of to create an unneeded airport. If the government wants to promote better air travel in Serbia they should improve Belgrade.

    Feasibility studies in the ex-yu seem to be little more than fairy tales.

  11. Anonymous16:54

    Hello people anyone of you actually reading the text ?
    Main investor is Turkey...if there is someone wasting money then them !
    I can imagine Turkish airlines relocating some flights from
    Belgrade to there.
    Why ? Because it is nearer to Sandzhak region...the people there
    commit themselves to Turkey more than to Serbia !
    As those people boycott Serbia in every possible manner...their
    young people leave to Bosnia and Turkey (and probably Afghanistan)
    en masse !

  12. Anonymous18:27

    @ anonymous about emigrating

    False, anyways most people that leave serbia to live in an EU country have gotten rejected visas or whatever, and much of the diaspora is coming back. it will help the most when serbs can afford more so more people can fly out of serbia, to visit family abroad which most would love to do, and go on vacation.

  13. Anonymous18:35

    Oh yeah, so JAT is starting Prague flights on November 1st?

  14. Aleks Nikolic.

    It's always amusing to read your completely clueless posts. It's nice that you love your homeland, but don't base what you think will happen based on wishful thinking.

    A lot of diaspora are returning? The only ones I know are those who failed bigtime where they emmigrated.

    Purchasing power is rising?? Says who? When I first came to Belgrade in 2008, average was amongst people I associated with around 500 euros. We're talking professional people - architects, engineers. 3 years later, half of them are unemployed and looking for jobs out of Serbia and the rest are working for around 300 euros.

    Economic situation in Serbia is abject and it's not going to get any better any time soon.

  15. Anonymous21:10

    Hihi ..all those profesionals
    voted for the current government in 2008 !
    The so called "Democrats" will lead them into EU...
    Now situation in Serbia is worse
    than it was with the
    "Evil Nationalists"...huhu !
    Maybe Serbia will come in EU
    if they sell off Kosovo,Vojvodina,
    Belgrade airport and rest of Serbia !
    These so called "professional"
    idiots will love that idea !
    Their votes for the current government in the next elections
    will be secured !
    Of course even after that Serbia will never come into EU...

  16. Don't hate! Congratulate!

  17. Anonymous23:36

    I am happy for it, but i am a bit skeptical :)

  18. Anonymous23:38

    @ Doot

    its also funny how you fight with me a lot. no, how failed big time? they go back to visit family, friends, and their own life.... i can speak for american serbs, german serbs, australian serbs, english serbs, and others... these are people doing VERY well in their new country. what nationality are you anyways? i also go there a lot, see a LOT of diaspora and talk to them, from my town in america they are everywhere! i know what i am talking about.

    and yes it is... things will get worse before they get better however. srbija is excpected to have i think 12 million gdp per capita.... i am not clueless , know a lot about the balkans, serbia, aviation, business, and other subjects thank you.

  19. Anonymous05:34

    12 million gdp per capita...hmmmm

  20. Alex, you said "purchasing power will rise and unemployment will go down"

    The exact opposite is happening.

    When will this miracle you're prognosing happen?

    I'm just curious, that's all.

  21. Anonymous17:27

    @ Doot

    Well you come off offensive, no offence. I am hoping (i have evidence, economy forecast for srbija) that this year gdp will rise about 1%, next year about 3%, and years after 7% a year... Economy watch says that by 2016 GDP per capita should be around 16,000 (us dollars) per capita... point is things are heading in the right direction, serbia has to grow a lot :)

  22. who's economic forecast?

    The Serbian Ministry for the Diaspora?

    Here's my economic forecast based on anecdotal evidence: Serbia's going no where but down. sad but true.

  23. Anonymous18:31

    IMF. Look it up online, im sorry but serbia has been in quite a few recessions and has a lot to look forward to, so much unused land ,

  24. so average wages are going to go up 1% ($5) for a few years.

    That's really great.

    I guess that means that there's need after all for an airport at Kraljevo. I wonder when there will be direct flights to the US from there.

  25. @ last anonymous.

    So, basically, you're saying "the smart people elected their man, it's time to let the stupid people have their say"?

    That sounds like a great idea. recipe for success.

  26. Anonymous20:49

    @ Doot

    Dont play a smart ass. Alo bre. Last year i believe GDP per capita was 5,500 dollars (about).... and in 2016 , 5 years, it should be 16,000... Major improvement.

  27. Anonymous21:16

    No Doot,
    that means that those "Smart
    People" are actually idiots !

  28. Nemje:
    A little lesson in economics for you. First of all learn the difference between nominal GDP and PPP (purchasing power parity). One is real money (GDP) while the other only reflects nations buying power. In other words, a single US dollar is worth more in Serbia because you can buy more for that same dollar.

    Now here are IMF's numbers:

    GDP/capita $ 5,476.65
    PPP/capita $ 10,039.50

    GDP/capita $7,797.34
    PPP/capita $13,953.90

    I think you mixed these two so I will give you the benefit of doubt.

    For a nominal GDP, in this case just above 5000 dollars per capita, to triple in only 5 years is quite impossible even if major cash investments are injected into the economy. Even if Boeing, Airbus, Mercedes and the likes opened huge factories in Serbia!
    This is not likely to happen in Serbia due to many reasons, one of them being poor road and rail infrastructure, poorly educated populace (not too many people have education which is compatible with current industries and services).
    But we can always dream, can't we?

  29. My apologies to Nemje.

    I meant AleksNikolicUSA....

  30. Arturo05:20

    Set up a flight school. Provide the course in English. And advertise it in East Asia. You can get money from those guys (i.e. me) easily.

  31. Anonymous12:44

    Go Kraljevo airport, it's gonna be the biggest one in the region, and the most busiest!!

  32. Arturo, are based at Bankstown Airport?

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.


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