Low cost onslaught on Slovenia

Slovenia most uncompetitive in aviation in EX-YU
The Slovenian Tourism Organisation has revealed that Ljubljana will soon see low cost flights to at least five new destinations fuelling much needed competition. Flights to Italy, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and Ireland will soon be established with full support from the Slovenian government. The Tourism Organisation has said that operations by low cost airlines will be subsidised in respect to marketing and promotion. Low cost airlines are looking to cash in from the battered and bruised Adria which will be forced to suspend several key routes. Ljubljana Airport is continuing its negotiations with Ryanair, with the no frills airline expected to touch down at Jože Pučnik Airport sometime during the 2012 summer season.

The Slovenian Tourism Organisation is in talks with the Turkish based IZair to replace Adria on its Istanbul route. The Organisation is also hoping that Maribor Airport will be seen as an alternative by some low cost airlines.

Slovenia has been one of the rare European countries where low cost airlines have, for the most part, failed to attract a following. Adria has little competition on most of its routes, while most of the ones it sees competition on, such as Istanbul, London and Paris, are expected to be suspended this winter. According to a study carried out by the World Economic Forum, Slovenia has been rated as one of the most uncompetitive countries in the world when it comes to aviation placing it 116th (out of 139 countries). In the same category amongst the former Yugoslav republics, Serbia scored highest with a rank of 58 followed by Croatia at 60, Macedonia at 107, Montenegro at 108 and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 115 out of 139 countries.


  1. Finally Serbia ranking high in something good for once!

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Well, i know when i travel i have a choice compared to my friends in Zagreb. Usually we gather here and fly from Belgrade (after party flights)

  3. Anonymous09:34

    Indeed, whenever I pay by myself I fly from BEG because of the choice and better prices, although ZAG is much closer to my hometown.

  4. Anonymous09:39

    where are direct flights from belgrade to glasgow, st.petersbourg, lisbon, malaga, kairo, beirut, kuwait, baghdad, lyon, dublin, hamburg, bologna, kiev.. im sure that people are traveling to these cities. belgrade, as a popular tourist destination should have direct flights to these ones...

  5. Anonymous10:51

    i really hope more low cost and other airlines will come to LJU. what i don't understand is why can't JP cooperate with TK on route to IST, all in all they are both in StarAlliance?

  6. Anonymous12:22

    @ 3rd Anonymous
    well probably because there is no need for those flights. well, at least need for regular non-stop services

  7. Riječanin12:30

    I think Adria and Croatia Airlines will merge after July 1, 2013 time of Croatia entry into European Union.

  8. Anonymous13:58

    I always fly from Belgrade, although living in Zagreb.
    There is nothing to compare to fantastic feeling of leaving Belgrade.

  9. Anonymous14:30

    All the anonymous, what's the point of your posts?! -complitely unrelated to this article, i'd say ok if it was some latest news about exYU aviation, but your posts are a complete nonsense, nebulosis!!if every one of us would put a list of our favourite airports it would be a never ending story.

  10. Anonymous15:35

    What happened with Vueling flights
    from Ljubljana to Barcelona?
    Were they suspended because of low lf?

    Ok Belgrade does it well..but it could better!
    So they should work further...Beg should be an airport for everyone!
    No monopolies on routes!
    Look BEG -DUS, Jat only!
    This I dont call competition!
    I know it is not Jats fault..
    where are the other airlines?

    Most competition in Ex Yu you probably have in Pristina airport.
    Very much competition...I dont
    know how they could do better!

    Then Ryanair...an airline who
    wants taxpayers money?!

  11. Anonymous16:26

    Last anonymous:

    Excuse what on earth are you saying? Ryanair is using tax payers money through subsidies that airport give them.
    As for Jat and Dusseldorf, the cheapest flight is like €115 with taxes. What is your argument?

    Also, this list was done by experts and if they believe that Belgrade is the most competitive then it has to mean something.
    Reading the nonsense you wrote about Jat and Belgrade makes me not take you seriously.

  12. Anonymous16:41

    spanair is leaving belgrade???!!!

  13. Anonymous16:51

    An airline which is professional
    does not take subsidies!

    Either all airlines at Ljubljana get subsidies or none!

    Then I said it is not Jats fault
    for being the sole operator of the DUS-BEG route!
    Look,I fly this route so much...
    as member of miles and more of
    Lufthansa...I dont get any miles!

    If I could fly with Lufthansa
    I could have already earned miles enough for a free flight to the US !
    And I wrote no nonsense at all..
    there are too much routes,
    which are only operated by a
    single airline:
    DUS..Berlin...Stuttgart by Germanwings, oh I forgot Milan!

  14. Anonymous17:12

    Look at Wikipedia:
    Spanair - destinations -
    Belgrade...ends 31 january !?

  15. Johnny17:38

    they're not suspending, they're just making a break during february, a month that is rather dead when its about traveling:

  16. JU520 BEGLAX17:47

    BEG-BCN is avbl to book in April and May 2012..

    Nemjee, do u know more?

    Slovenian governments wants to subsidize each and everybody. Adria, Lowcosts. And from where does the money all comes? From the taxpayers.... former socialist governments are worldchampions in wasting taxpayers money.... Slovenia is a terribe example for this..

  17. Anonymous18:03

    I want to express my astonishment about the person that lives in Zagreb but flies from Belgrade because this provokes nice feeling!!Very strange..

    To BEG-LAX:

    It is however smarter to give taxpayers money to airlines flying to your country than supporting a bankrupt country like Greece (whole EU Community does this)

  18. Anonymous18:22

    Of course someone will travell 800 km (400 x2), spend extra 6 hours (there and back) and some 200 extra EUR for gas, toll, parking etc. just because fantastic feeling. Of course!!!!

  19. JU520 BEGLAX18:34

    2nd last anonymous:

    Greece is another story and also a terrible story. Taxmoney should be used to build infrastructure in your own country, safety for the citizens, to secure healthcare/pensions and very important: proper education

    If the politics has it s hand too much involved in the economy, the results are bleeding airlines such as JP,OU,JU,YM etc.

  20. Anonymous18:55

    I HOPE SO!
    STUPID ! ; (

  21. Anonymous21:07

    cross the fingers for MBX!!!! but MBX needs to get low-cost: windjet (italy), Transavia (Netherlands), Air Arabia, some israelian and some russian airlines!!!!!

  22. Anonymous21:26

    Is MBX Maribor?

    Those assholes took all the subsidies from Nish and when there was nothing more money left they pissed off!

    I hope they will never come to Slovenia!
    Although surroundings
    of maribor are extremely beautiful
    (the same as the rest of
    the country),one airport
    in Ljubljana is enough! Do not
    forget Graz airport!
    Maribor is simply too small!

  23. praguc23:26

    regarding Jat's flight to Stuttgart.. they are selling their slots to lufthansa, so most probably they will come in instead of Jat.

  24. JU 520,

    Nope, I don't work at the airport so I find out that an airline is withdrawing pretty much the same time as you guys :)


    Doubt that Lufthansa would launch Stuttgart. It just doesn't make sense for them to compete with Germanwings.

  25. Anonymous16:16


    "Of course someone will travell 800 km (400 x2), spend extra 6 hours (there and back) and some 200 extra EUR for gas"

    If you read what the person wrote, his hometown is closer to Zagreb than Belgrade. That does not mean living in Zagreb. So it may mean that he is 2.5 hours from Zagreb, but 3.5 from Belgrade. If Belgrade has more competition that means lower prices and it makes it worth driving to Belgrade for a flight if one forgets politics.

  26. Anonymous17:23

    Germanwings is a 100% daughter of Lufthansa.
    So when Jat sold its slots to Lufthansa this can mean Germanwings will increase its flights to Belgrade,which would be very good!

  27. Anonymous01:19

    Fab news!! Looking forward to flights to Belgrade from Amman, Cairo, and Beirut!!


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